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interview: julie hirschfeld of adeline adeline

by Grace Bonney

To kick off today’s bike theme, I decided to interview the woman whose shop inspired my current bike obsession: Julie Hirschfeld of Adeline Adeline! When my 29th birthday came this past June, I took the day off and immediately headed over to Julie’s beautiful bike boutique in New York City’s TriBeCa neighborhood. After testing a few bikes, I found my new best friend: a grey/grey Abici two-speed bike that now helps me get around town. For a newbie biker like myself, Julie was a pleasure to work with. She made me feel at ease, answered all of my dorky “What do I do if I fall off?” questions, and gave me the confidence to get out there on the road and have fun. So today I thought it would be a treat to interview Julie as part of our bike theme. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Julie and her shop while hearing her thoughts on bike style, design, trends, and safety. Thanks to Julie for taking the time to chat with me! xo, grace

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    • d

      lol. i actually thought that when i first met julie, too. so glad i’m not the only person for whom television is a natural reference point ;)


  • I just received a helmet from their business as well. I screwed up the order, but they corrected it with no problem at all. They were so polite on the phone. I wish they had a store here in Springfield, IL so I could browse everyday :)

  • This is totally embarrassing, but… where can I go to learn to ride a bike? I never learned as a kid, and now as a city dweller I really want to learn. Preferably not on the street where I live (see the aforementioned embarrassment). Are there classes for this sort of thing? I’m in DC if it helps. Thanks!

  • This store is so cute! I wish Australia had such variety for cute bike shopping. Any suggestions? My darling little 20 year old sister’s name is Adeline, it’s such a beautiful name. I guess it’s a little old fashioned but maybe it’s coming back in. She’s got good taste in names!

  • Eloise, have you heard of CycleStyle in Australia (www.cyclestyle.com.au) – it’s an online store selling stylish clothing and accessories for urban cyclists that I opened recently. You might find something you like there!

  • I LOVE ADELINE ADELINE!! I spent about 5 minutes picking out a bike then 30 on a basket. Best collection of cruisers and picnic carrying accessories in Manhattan.

  • Nice to see the woman behind the store! I’d only add that a good bike should last way more than the 5 or 10 years mentioned in the interview. I have a bike that’s older than I am — a vintage 1962 Raleigh 3-speed that handles my 9-mile (each way) commute just fine.