heath ceramics winter 2010 collection

by Grace Bonney

I can’t believe it’s almost October. Seriously. Where did the year go? My brain is still warming up to the idea of winter coats and impending snow storms, but product launches like this one make it a little bit easier. Heath just released images of their new winter 2010 collection* and those deep cherry reds make me long for a hot cup of cocoa and a pile of marshmallows on top. I can already imagine curling up on the couch with these mugs and watching a holiday movie, so if you’re looking for something to nestle up with this winter, click here to check out the collection online. xo, grace

*The collection will be available for purchase on October 1st.

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  • Love Heath too!
    (noticed that this is the 2nd mention in a week–last was for their tiles). My only objection? Why, oh why, did they cancel some of their early designs last year? I so miss those pool blue glazed plates with clay body backs (bring ’em back Heath!)

  • to Mary about the price – we at Heath understand our ware is expensive but the price of the product is really how much it costs to make these pieces by hand in Sausalito, while providing full heath care and fair wages to our workers. We also dispose of waste properly and don’t cut corners if it will affect our quality. There are no marketing people determining what the price should be, or shareholders demanding a high margin. It’s simply what it really costs to make things this way. We hope enough people will save up for our products and savor them over a lifetime so that we can continue to make them in this way. Thanks for the comments, and to Design Sponge for sharing!

    -cathy (owner of Heath)

  • As soon as this page opened I lost my breath for a second-stunning color-and from my understanding red glazes are hard to master-thanks Heath for making beautiful things in this world…