furry friends

by Grace Bonney

If I wasn’t married, I would be well on my way to becoming a crazy cat lady. Every time I walk past one of those sidewalk animal adoption agencies I have to pull myself away to avoid coming home with two more kittens in my purse. When AC leaves town (he’s got a trip coming up this weekend. Uh-oh.), I consider surprising him with a new addition to our fuzz-family but I have to stop myself and remember how little space our cats currently have to play. So whenever I see something cat-related in my inbox, I get excited. If I can’t bring another cat into our home yet, I can at least adopt some of the paper or fabric variety.

The adorable calendar tea towels above were illustrated by Matti Pikkujämsä for Kauniste. There’s a cat for each month and each one has a different expression. I’m partial to the meowing September cat. You can visit the Kauniste site here to see more of their work, or send them an email here to receive an update when the calendar is available (it should go on sale in two weeks for approximately $19).

*Please note: the months are not written in English. I think it’s cute despite that, but if the language issue bothers you, perhaps another calendar is a better fit.

Speaking of animal related, I’m also loving these fox and owl cards from Blackbird Letterpress. Each letterpressed card comes with a patterned envelope and can hold a little picture, letter, or a few extra dollars. These are available for $6 each on Etsy or you can check out more of Blackbird’s work right here.

We’ve got some great posts lined up for today, so stay tuned for two beautiful Sneak Peeks, a new “Best Of” interiors post, a fun color-palette roundup from Lauren and a new “Top Resources” post from me at 10! xo, grace

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  • LOL When I tell my husband that if anything happened to him, I’d become a crazy cat lady, he says “Become?” I only have one cat but I’m pretty sure the crazy cat lady persona would not be that much of a transformation:) Love the kitties! Happy Monday Grace! :)

  • I am a crazy cat lady – and I love it, I only have 1 but if I were allowed more I would have a house full!

    Did you see the Ikea cat advert they have here in the UK? If not definitely check it out, just Google ‘Happy Inside’, it is my idea of heaven, cats running wild :)

  • Totally. I’m single and I’m pretty sure that is the only thing keeping me from filling my tiny house with cats. So I keep it at 2…for now. And volunteer at a shelter to get my “new kitty” fix. ;)

  • Ahhh I love those cat towels!! I’m a total crazy cat lady too, I would have like 5 if I had the time and money lol. Unfortunately my current kitty is sick and it looks like I’ll have to put her down soon :( Very sad, but it’s nice to know I can get my cat fix and feel better by buying/looking at cute cat things like this!

  • I am a bit cat-crazy myself.. it’s a family tradition I inherited from my cat-loving grandmother, aunt, mother, etc! We have 2 very senior (15 yr old) kitties at home, and a number of cat-related decor items. I absolutely LOVE this tea towel calendar. Thank you for posting!!

  • I am so exiting to get the Kauniste cat calendar tea towel in our shop!

    Kim: I am so sorry to hear your kitty is so sick. Best wishes during such a difficult time.

  • <3 cats too! I have 3, one is a rescue and it has taken her a full year to be comfortable enough with my two rambunctious boys to come up on my lap for a head snuggle. I'm SO in love with those owl cards and I think they'd make fantastic wedding invitations … if they weren't $6 a piece that is. Thanks for the candy!

  • Blackbird Letterpress also have a grizzly bear card ; it’s under cards not under the die cuts and oh is he handsome!

  • There are people who would complain that the tea towels are in Suomi? Amazing. I think they’re cool.