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d*s at currency: smart spending

by Grace Bonney

Good morning, guys! I’m happy to start the day with some fun news from two of our Design*Sponge editors, Amy Azzarito and Kate Pruitt. For the past month, Kate and Amy have been working on a series of fantastic guest posts for a new personal finance site called Currency. Some of my favorite bloggers will share finance tips there, and Amy and Kate will represent Design*Sponge by writing about great design that’s worth investing in (a lot or a little!). Currency did a soft launch, so several posts on the site have been live for a few weeks. Today I’d like to introduce the set as a whole! If you’re looking for affordable home goods, these lovely ladies have you covered! I hope you’ll check out their posts below; they’ve found some amazing designs that won’t break the bank. Congrats Amy and Kate! xo, grace

**You can view all Design*Sponge for Currency posts on one page right here**

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  • This is a great idea, thanks for adding this to the line-up.

    How does the numbering of the items work? I see that there is repetition of some numbers. Is there a way to access information or links to individual items?

    • Hi Sarah – The collage is from multiple posts that Kate and I wrote. Just click on the links to the individual posts on the Currency site (above) and you’ll find all the sourcing information! :)

  • Hello,
    At first I thought the link to the American Express site was a mistake, but then I saw you guys in the blog roll there! As a reader, I have to say that I don’t respond well to links to corporate websites. (And this is a particularly sloppy and confusing one!) I expected to be linked to a cool, useful site run by independent individuals, not a company ultimately interested in getting people to spend more money (albeit under the semblance of “money managing.”) I would really prefer content that focuses on individuals and small businesses (as you often do) not corporations. Thanks for the feedback opportunity, as always.

    Sorry if this went through twice -possible browser blip.

    • minna

      i understand your concern about a corporate website, but what excited me about this opportunity was giving our writers a chance to bring what we do at d*s (which is an independent, small-budget focus) to a different audience. i don’t think our content there is being compromised by the parent company, so i’m excited to be able to share our viewpoint and love of indie brands with a more mass-market audience. i get why some people won’t like being involved with a larger company, but i’ve always felt that the only way to get those companies to understand our viewpoint is to share that viewpoint with them, and their customers- many of which won’t be familiar with us or our beliefs about design.


  • Thank for your post. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to share the d*s aesthetic with a wider audience, and I can’t wait to check out the round-up of products!

  • ACK. I love this site, but I am trying to find that calender on top with the fruits and without a useful link I am lost on that Currency site. Link please?

  • The first rule of personal finance is not to spend money unnecessarily. The idea of “investment design,” like “investment dressing” is a bogus and a little insulting. I read this blog because I like the ideas, but I don’t kid myself that it’s an opportunity to save money.

    In addition, why are females over 18 being referred to as “girls”?

    • amanda

      i’ve always preferred the word girl to woman or lady. to me it feels more personal and laid back, as in the definition: “a friendly informal reference to a grown woman”.