bibliophile + wedding dress clip!

by Grace Bonney

I’m married to one of the world’s biggest technology lovers. So when the iPad came out, it wasn’t long before it appeared in our apartment. I gave AC a hard time for getting one, but I soon found myself killing late night hours (and helmet-wearing pigs) playing Angry Birds on its shiny new screen. Even though it’s not my toy, I’ve already imagined pretty new cases for the iPad. At the top of my list is this “Book” cover from Scott Nedrelow. You can get it in three simple color choices (oatmeal, charcoal, and orange) for $99. Or, if you want to get fancy, you can get custom text or your company’s logo on the front for $109 to $119. If you’re in the market for something to hide your latest tech prize, click here for more info and to shop. Thanks to Stephanie for the tip!

Speaking of books, I love these sweet new book covers for Puffin Classics, the children’s division of Penguin. Much like the amazing covers Coralie Bickford-Smith did for Penguin, artist Daniela Jaglenka Terrazini created custom illustrations for this project. The collection will be out in October/November, so click here for updates about Puffin’s newest series. xo, grace

P.S: In 2008 TLC filmed me, my mom, my aunt and my friend Mindy for an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. I didn’t end up getting the dress or making the show, but they ran a three minute clip of us online. My mom’s accent is making me smile this morning so I thought I’d share the link if you want to laugh at how picky I am. It’s right here, just scroll down to “Magazine Deception”. For some reason they call me a “fashion insider”, but I promise I didn’t describe myself like that ;)

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  • Grace, how neat to see your family bridal dress outing! I’m so glad I clicked on that video – it’s great to see more of the person behind your brilliant blog!

  • The wedding dress clip was so sweet – thanks for sharing that.! They didn’t pick you guys to run because you weren’t nearly loud and diva-ish enough for that show:)

  • grace, can you say a little more about the terrazzini books’ ETA? it’s hard to find anything on the puffin site. warm thanks!

  • Oh, I can relate! Every time Apple introduces something new I get the, “Hey, let’s just walk over to the Apple store and check out ___. Just to look. I promise, I’m not buying anything.” A week or two later and somehow we own the item we just went to “look” at. However, like you, I quickly became a fan of the iPad and how glorious our photos looked on the screen. Did they look that good when I/we took them? So, when I finally acquired a laptop case (http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook/), my husband decided on the Book cover you have pictured above for his iPad. (We often match in ridiculous ways.) In fact, he wrote a post about it on our blog, http://www.thedeanfiles.com. :)

  • I’m enjoying my iPad more than I thought I would as well. And Angry Birds IS pretty addictive. I too ended up getting a book like case but it’s from Pad and Quill (http://www.padandquill.com/the-case-vol-1.html). Wish I had seen ur case as well so I could keep my options open. Haha. But so far, been pretty happy with my choice. I can even tuck a little microfiber cloth under my iPad for the occasional wipe. I’ve got greasy fingers.

    And great clip! Very sweet :)

  • I really love the new book cover designs for these classic books. I love the bright colours used, especially on ‘the secret garden’ book. They yellow and pink works really well together.

  • Side note: Grace, I’ve always thought that you’re Eurasian, but always imagined that you would have an east Asian mother (since your last name is Bonney). I guess I’m wrong and that you’re not one of “us!” :P

    • hi guys!

      the books will be out in oct/nov of this year. i’ll update this post with a shopping list asap.


  • How fun to “know” someone on Say Yes to the Dress (“know” in the sense that I love your blog)! It was a relief to see a family that gets along on a wedding dress shopping trip — you never see that on the actual show, especially when the poor bride is there with 10 or 15 of what must be her meanest friends and relatives!

  • Loved the clip! I really loved the wedding dress you ended up getting, but even more so, I love the image of you and Aaron kissing under the Oak Tree in Orleans Square. It’s such a lovely shot that I saved the image in my [wedding] inspiration folder!

  • Just wanted to pass along some information. Fell in love with these books but was having a hard time finding them, so I’ve been doing a lot of internet detective work. I found six of them on the anthropologie website, but no ISBNs are listed there. I then came across the titles on the penguin australia website. And the ISBNs were listed! Couldn’t pull them up on Amazon though. HOWEVER, they do come up on the Canada Amazon (amazon.ca) with a future release date of Jan 25, 2011. Hoping the US is soon to follow.

    In additional news, much to my delight! I just accidentally came across two more titles in the series that I hadn’t seen anywhere else! Black Beauty and The Call of the Wild. Here is the link to the Puffin Australia site where I found them all: http://www.puffin.com.au/search/products/clothbound%20classic

    Thanks for bringing these to me attention! Hope this information helps somebody out!