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before & after: camila’s kitchen floor + andrew’s remodel

by Kate Pruitt

There are numerous downsides to renting, but complying with renovation restrictions is the worst. My kitchen floor is so hideous, it makes me want to scream. If I could have any floor I wanted, I’d be seriously tempted to recreate this amazing paint job by Camila. I love that painted wood floors are making a major comeback; white and black wood floors are everywhere right now and they look super chic. Camila’s unique take on this trend works wonders for the feel of this kitchen. The robin’s egg blue is modern, refreshing and totally unexpected. I’d love to see people’s reaction when they open the kitchen door. I imagine it’s far better than when my visitors walk through mine . . . ugh. You can read more about Camila’s process here. Great work, Camila! — Kate

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CLICK HERE for Andrew’s remodel after the jump!

I love seeing images of complete home remodels, even if the prospect of undertaking one myself leaves me in a cold sweat. I am thankful that I don’t own a house or have sufficient funds to renovate anything large — I couldn’t take the pressure. Perhaps some day everything will fall into place and the timing will be right for me to take on home ownership, but in the meantime, I will store these images of Andrew’s home remodel for when that moment arrives.

Andrew completed the remodel of his home along with his fellow architects at workshop/apd. They decided to keep the existing post and beam structure, but added new materials like rusted steel railings and white oak kitchen cabinetry to modernize the look and freshen up the color palette. I can almost feel the house breathe a sigh of relief. The new space is light and airy and the warmth of the light wood against pale neutral colors is totally reeling me in. You can see more of this renovation on the workshop/apd site, along with some other seriously inspiring images of their other home design projects. Amazing job, Andrew!

Have a Before & After you’d like to share? Shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)

Living room before . . .

and after.

Bedroom before . . .

and after!

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  • oh i am crazy about those colors. perfect for the kitchen.

    and her name is awesome.
    that’s how mine is supposed to be spelled, but my mom was loopy after giving birth to me and spelled it wrong :)

  • We just remodeled a 1940s ranch. The wood floors in my daughters suite had to be removed, so we installed 5″ oak planks unsanded, then painted them white with porch and deck paint. They were a little flat to being with but have separate since being installed so they look amazing and easy to scrub clean. It is so cute with her hot pink and blue walls!!

  • The painted floor looks terrific! That said, I’d still kill to find any rental with a kitchen with the “before” floor– sure beats the usual home depot stick-on vinyl floors that landlords seem to find irresistible!

  • my kitchen floor is also the absolute WORST part about my rental apartment. it’s those horrible stick down tiles that are all wonky to boot so it’s impossible to have the floor look clean. i can’t stand it!

    camila’s painted floor is the stuff kitchen dreams are made of – definitely going onto my “to do when i own a house” list.

  • Andrew’s home is gorgeous! He took a dingy looking place, albeit with good bones, and showed what nice paint, furniture, and accessories could do. It looks so cool and airy now!

  • Wow. So beautiful. The lighting is just to die for. I want to curl up on that couch and enjoy the day with a book!

  • I love the island! I’ve been looking for over a year for one like that. Did you make it?

  • The kitchen floor is beautiful…but it was pretty nice looking before and it breaks my heart to see that beautiful wood covered up!

  • Gosh, I personally love the original natural wood floor better! But great color choice!

  • become more neat, wide and organized. i like the after image its beautiful not only the paint but all of it..

  • Camilla’s kitchen looks fabulous now! A very modern, contemporary and bold choice. I love it! One question though, does it not make the kitchen look a little colder?

  • Wow! The Living room and Bedroom are amazing. Love the beams… For the kitchen, although I love the color selected for the floor, I personally loved the hardwoods.

  • OHHHH! lovin that floor!!! I know hardwood is a hard baby to let go of, but man, what a coat of paint can do! :)

  • I loveeeee the kitchen floors! So many people are opposed to painting wood floors but I think it just brings out the wonderful imperfections of the flooring!

  • Thanks for all of the sweet comments on the floors!

    We love them. They have held up pretty well. They color matched the jade green perfectly.

    Only downside is that now with the light color on the floor you see every single spot of dirt so I need to clean it daily.

    The room actually looks a bit warmer in person. The walls are painted Glass of Milk by Martha Stewart so it’s pretty white in there, but the glass of milk has a warm undertone to it.

    We also had grass cloth passed on the ceiling. It adds a nice amount of texture and warm to the space as well.


  • Camila, your kitchen is beautiful! I wondered if you would share the paint color on your floors. Is it close to green milk glass? I am looking for a vintage color in my kitchen that isn’t too pastel-y. Thanks!

  • I’ve tried to like painted wooden floors, but I hate them. Wood flooring is such a rarity these days…unfortunately. However, if I were going to paint my floor-I wouldn’t choose a light powder blue.

  • I just cant seem to get my walls that white, it always ends up lookig like a hospital. is there a trick im not aware of?