2011 animal calendar

by Grace Bonney

Have you ever had one of those nights where no matter how hard you try to fall asleep you just can’t? That was me last night and now I feel like a total grump. So I’m in the mood for something cute, upbeat and fun to cheer me up. And these standing animal calendars are just the ticket. Well, maybe not the bear. He’s an in awfully awkward-looking position. But the bunny and goat are definitely good for lifting my mood this morning. The calendar has six animals because each one represents two months. Each animal measures roughly five by three inches in size and can be reversed to show a non-calendar side if you just want to have the shapes on your desk. Either way, they make for a nice piece of Friday morning eye candy and certainly get my mind off feeling sleepy. Click here to check them out on line or to place an order ($28 for the set). xo, grace

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