amy azzaritoceramics

toni park: wall pillows

by Amy Azzarito

don’t get me wrong. i love living in new york. but sometimes, i could do with a little less skyscrapers and a little more sky – i’m talking about that big huge, all-consuming sky that you find in places like colorado and montana… so it’s no surprise that i’ve fallen in love with these ceramic cloud-shaped wall pillows by australian artist toni park. each one is unique and handmade. i would love to hang a few of these above my bed. see more of toni’s work here. the cloud pillows are sold through udessi – an online gallery dedicated to australian crafts (and a new bookmark for me!)   –amy a.

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  • Hey kids. Thanks for the interest and support. I love making this work and I’m so happy to see people get caught up in it’s child-like wonder.

    I assure you these will be perfectly dreamy above your beds as long as you know how to wield a hammer and nail. It’s where I have mine :D

  • Those are adorable. The only other place I’ve seen them is on Etsy. Someone named Stepanka makes some that are just lovely.

  • They’re nice, I also noticed that as well as clouds, for a long time Stepanka Horalkova has been making pillows for walls, with very similar decoration to those made by Tony…Hmmmm

  • Gazing at the sky is one of life’s joys. From my window I see the Arabian sea and a glorious expanse of the sky. It’s like a kaleidoscope that changes every few minutes.

    It was therefore lovely to see the cloud like wall pillows. These will definitely uplift any space :)

  • For those worried about hanging ceramic clouds above a bed- I certainly don’t want to detract from Toni Park’s fabulous work, but you could put these in other parts of your home as in the top photo, or make textile clouds to put above a bed.

    I make pillows that hang on walls and from ceilings- mainly clouds, birds and butterflies. They’re very easy to make. I’m an artist, and I paint on mine (You can really personalize them too! I paint little birds’ nests into mine), but you could also just use a textured white fabric.