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sunday sun chasing & picnic bouquet

by StudioChoo

As Bay Area readers already know, San Francisco is in the middle of a serious crisis: it seems we haven’t seen the sun in months. Or at least that’s what it feels like. We’ve been drowning in fog all summer, completely socked in. By last Sunday the pressure had finally got to us, and after waiting until noon to see if it was going to burn off (wishful thinking), we hopped in the car and abandoned the city in search of sunshine, snacks, and some floral fun.

We found out that getting a late start on the day sometimes has it’s advantages. For example, so many people get an early start at the farmer’s market to help them get a hop on the day that they actually miss out on some of the best deals around. We showed up late to the Marin Farmer’s Market and found prices slashed and tons two-for-one deals. Showing up at the end of a farmer’s market is mutually beneficial: the farm-folk get to unload all the goods they don’t want to have to pack up and take home, and shoppers get fire sale prices.

We got great deals on bread, cheese, stone fruit, and flowers (of course). We made off with some fragrant freesia and pretty purple cosmos at a fraction of the price they would have gone for earlier in the day. With our goodies we decided to assemble and impromptu picnic and head up to Russian River to get some sun in our eyes and put our toes in the sand.

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Even though we arrange flowers for a living all week, there’s still something relaxing about arranging flowers for yourself. And after spending the working week assembling flowers in the store, actually getting outside and being in nature is totally revitalizing. Did we mention there was sunshine, too? That may have had a lot to do with it.

We took a few pieces of green from our garden before we left so we could leisurely arrange on the beach while taking inspiration from the surroundings. Working outside means you can be a bit messy, too. If you’re planning on adding a small bouquet or picnic blanket arrangement to your own outdoor feast, be sure to bring a vessel, a pair of gardening snips or scissors, grab some extra odd bits from your own garden to enhance your farmer’s market finds, and make sure you have a little bit of water if you don’t want your gals to get to droopy in the afternoon sun.

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  • A great bargain tip for farmer’s market, thank you! Sending some sun your way, it has not rained here in weeks.

  • you’re right about the fog here in sf! but it seems it is colder everywhere — i went to the russian river for my bday a few weeks back and it was only around the mid-70s. didn’t keep me out of the river though! :) love your guys’ posts!

  • looks glorious. Can i ask what the name is to that purple flower? The first ones. =)

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  • My cousin in Santa Monica has been experiencing the same thing this summer. She even turned me down for a beach trip (which is not like her) because she said it’s just been too cold!!

    What a great tip regarding the farmer’s market. Thanks! I love the Russian River. We stay in Bodega Bay every summer and always head to the Russian River. Glad you got some sunshine:).

  • I’m reading this now, 10:00 Sat. morning in Mill Valley. I have the heater on and a scarf around my neck. Crazy stuff. I loved your post and like the idea of the Russian River. Thanks!