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sneak peek: marijke of restored {amsterdam}

by anne

next time you find yourself in amsterdam you have to make restored one of your first stops.  it’s full of amazing and inspiring work by dutch designers, and today we’re lucky enough to have a look into the home of one of the owners, marijke hukema. both marijke and her husband, david have a love of design and decorating and based in a passion for graphic design, and marijke specializing in accessories and jewelry, while david loves photography. their home is a blend of ikea, concept stores and second hand stores, and we hope you love their place as much as we did! by the way, restored has an online shop too if you’re not headed to amsterdam anytime soon. {thanks, marijke!}anne

{photos by jeltje fotografie}

[above: You can see some of the inspiration books and cards David and I have collected. We just got a nice birthday card from the great friend-artist Maartje van den Noort. And above the table you see a painting from a friend-artist Donovan Spaanstra. The upholstered of the ikea-couch I myself. The other pillows I made in the shop. Because we have a small living room it’s great that we can sit in the window still. We built it with a friend and covered it with fake-leather. The high-gloss white table is very big, but because of the position in front of the window-sill, it works perfectly. The giant cow-carpet was a gift from a friend. We have a bird, she can fly around and her name in ‘’Klein’’, that means ‘’Little’’.  The chairs are Charlotte Perriand’s. My Restored partner Petra and I found them at a second hand shop, almost for nothing! Didn’t know that they were classics. The deer lamp is created by, Willeke, one of the designers from Restored.

This great cabinet was found by Petra. She has a really good nose to find the best stuff on the corner of the street. This one she found in the red light district – it must have been used by the girls because there were still a pair of pants inside. You can also see some of the jewelery I designed.

This is mostly David’s place – you can see the white gadgets he collects. The table is an old army-table, we bought a at an army dump store.

David build our bed using scaffolding tubes. Very easy and strong..!

CLICK HERE for the rest of Marijke’s sneak peek after the jump!

We just painted the kitchen, in bright white and real soft pink/coral – the name of the paint is ‘tear.’ The kitchen is from Ikea- very good price and we love it. We love to collected flyers and postcards with nice colours that inspire us. I’m really really happy with our gold faucet, which I think is brilliant, from Ikea.  We love white ceramics, so we picked one size for the white plates, and when we find a white plate from the same size in a (second hand) store we add it to the collection, sometimes white a subtle gold detail. We have some great cups from a designer that we sell in our shop, Mieke Meijer.  Above the door-enter you can see a pretty cross, we both believe and this faith is the foundation of our relationship, and was a gift from David to me. You have a dutch saying ‘every home it’s cross.’

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  • Amazing upholstery work of the IKEA sofa by Marijke Hukema. Her colourful patches and matching cushions make the sofa a true one of a kind. I like the way how they coloured their wall in pink, light grey and anthrazite.

  • I have been eye balling those Charlotte Perriand chair in NYC for some time. I might give in and splurge one day. They are so beautiful. Chair envy! :)

    Great space!

  • So beautiful and refreshing! It’s nice to see homes that aren’t staged and artificial like ones in most magazines.

  • I love the Perriand chairs!! So hard to come by in the US, but they are really beautiful. This whole house is really fantastic.

    I have the same kitchen, but in black…and without that fab gold faucet!

    Thanks for sharing. This is one of my favorite sneak peeks. :)

  • Wonderful space!
    I would love a how-to on the bed. I have been craving a canopy bed and that is exactly what want.

  • amazing home!

    could you share the paint color in the 3rd picture with the black army table? it looks like a very soothing color…

  • Opps broken link when you click ‘CLICK HERE for the rest…’

    Great space. I love Amsterdam. I want to go home and do a little redesign.

  • I love the clean look of this. We’re restoring an old farmhouse, with similar flooring and I’d love to paint it rather than sand and refinish…I don’t know, seems like wood would hide a lot of the dirt we bring in from milking the goats and riding the horses!
    Great job!

  • I would loove a how-to for the bed too plz! I saw something like this in “Your home as a sanctuary” by Josephine Collins and I’ve been wanting one every since!

  • I would also love to get the instructions on how to make the bed–I have a guess, by just looking–but I don’t know if my guess would be as sturdy as she claims…please let us know!

  • I love the bed too. Most canopy beds seem so frou-frouy to me, not something a guy would want to sleep in. But this is lovely, suitable for both genders!

  • loove the pink in the kitchen and the bedframe! wow! i want to paint pink in my house so badly but i have no idea where to put it, but that colour is perfect!

  • Gorgeous aesthetic. I admire the ability to go minimalist–something I can’t seem to do!

    Also–can someone tell me what kind of plant it is in their bedroom? I saw one a year ago in an office and I’ve been wanting once ever since.

    xo, A

  • This is a really wonderful space! It is so funny how it is possible to love something so opposite from what I have going in my own which is wood, leather, collectibles, and oddities… I still love what I have, but this space is such a breath of fresh air. A beautifully Zen place to clear the mind!

  • Everything is beautiful… and I noticed the wall-paper on the computer screen is the same as what I currently have!

    It’s a shot of Chiara Bautista’s (aka Milk) work. She’s an amazing artist!!

  • I’m going to pile on and ask for scaffold bedframe guidance too. Please. (or as my niece says, “pretty please with a cherry on top”)

  • Great for space saver, the design is very cozy very warm and organized.i enjoy it because i love redesining our house.thanks for the idea.

  • How fun: I love her shop, which is on a little street just crammed with great little one-of culinary and design places.

    What a find, those Perriand chairs! And the cabinet, as well. She mentions street corners: in Amsterdam, when you don’t want your old furniture/stuff, you can put it out on the stoop, to be picked up by the “bulky-trash” guys. But unless the stuff’s totally beyond any redemption whatsoever, it’s already been picked up by a sharp-eyed passerby. Some people have a habit of going at the crack of dawn on trash day through the ritzier neighborhoods…

    Repurposing/recycling at its best!

  • Would you mind sharing the name & brand of the gray/green paint color in the photo with the army desk? Love it!

  • great place! where is that white kitchen shelf from? I’ve been looking for something like that for a while and cannot find it. is it from IKEA as well?

  • Love. That. Bed. I’ve always wanted a four-poster bed like that but all those I’ve seen have felt somewhat rickety to me. Those industrial scaffolding tubes sure look sturdy!

  • superhuis!
    somehow very dutch :-) and i like it a lot.
    Sometimes i think dutch design is too ‘gadgetty’ but i really like how it works out in your place. Dank!

  • I love the grey color on the wall by the dining table, behind the gold lamb lamp. Don’t care much for the lamp, but LOVE the wall color! :)

  • Another request for details on the grey/green paint used on the wall behind the desk. It’s perfect!

  • Wauw! Thank you all for the comments, this is soooo nice!
    The grey painting is a metallic painting. And the grey/green, I don’t know the excact number, P0.10.40 (flexa) might be a match, but a little to dark..
    Then the bed.. see next message..

  • The bed: just buy mesure scaffolding tubes, they are 2 meters long. And the connection-parts for the corners and floor. We bought it all at scaffolding tubes wholesale (by google). And when you have all the parts, you can build it up. So the bed is 2m x 2m x 2m. And we just bought regular base slats, and let them rest on the tubes. Good luck! Love, Marijke

  • Tell David he has a design hit with the bed. He could sell loads of them states’ side! Thanks for sharing your home (and the bed instructions).

  • Is there any way I could get a copy of the bed instructions. Everything looks wonderful. Thanks.