pretty patti invites + david lebovitz winners

by Grace Bonney

i love, love, love finding inspiration in wedding and engagement collateral. invites, envelopes, rsvp cards, monograms- all of that is such a wonderful study in creating a customized collection and always inspires me when i think about designing business cards, website layouts, and even the d*s book (i used a lot of wedding imagery as inspiration in unexpected ways). so when i saw this invite set for the wedding of michelle and aaron (sent to me by stacy newgent, thanks!) i was HOOKED. this wedding invite is a tiny work of art. the couple’s portrait, painted at a mexican flea market outside of las vegas, is so striking and unexpected and the little hearts around it just melt mine. the invites themselves are screenprinted on the front and back and envelopes are vintage linen RSVP cards that have been rubber stamped. if i was throwing a housewarming party, birthday party, baby shower or bachelorette party i would totally use this idea for the invitations (sweet portraits with hearts, vintage postcards and stamped paper). my favorite part? the “come hungry, dress to kill” card. so simply and perfectly put. click here to see more images from the set…

in other sweet news, thank you SO much to the nearly 700 of you who left comments for the david liebovitz video + cookbook giveaway last friday! the lucky winners of the book giveaway are: LOGAN (who plans to use the book for a housewarming party) and LINDSEY (who is going to thank her husband for her new kitchen maid by cooking him sweet treats). thanks again to everyone who entered, and to ten speed press for donating the copies!

CLICK HERE for more images from the wedding invites after the jump!

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  • Grace: thanks for a truly wonderful post!!!

    Michelle: we were definitely not miserable when we sat for the photo that later became our painted portrait; rather, we let the artist decide entirely how he wanted to pose us, and his preferred style for his sitters is front-on and stoic, for which we were totally game!

  • RE: David Lebovitz book. I know I already gushed once over Anne, but we spent the better part of lunch today discussing how, after all these years of knowing Anne, we never realized that she was so made of TV. I hope we get to see more of you on screens, Anne!

  • Sooo thrilled to see this here- Stacy purchased her paper from our shop, On Paper, and brought this in for show and tell- by far one of the best DIY invites we’ve seen.

    Congrats to the inspired couple!!

    On Paper


  • I really like the simple, direct nature of the invite, but I have to agree that I wish they looked a bit happier in that photo. :)

  • Beautiful– I’m inspired! I do portraits, and I love the way theirs is incorporated in their invitations. A nice change from the standard engagment photo.

  • Love the invites! I live near King Ave in Columbus and was excited to see C-bus represented on Design Sponge. Even more excited when I saw Aaron Beck- enjoyed reading his music reviews in the paper!

  • I love this post almost as much as I loved working with such a creative, delightful bride to be. Fab job, Michelle!

    I wanna see wedding day pics!

    -Michelle @ On Paper

  • What fun, unique invitations! I love letterpress invites, but it’s always good to see something different– and these invites rock. I also love that they’re packed with a little attitude– “come hungry. dress to kill”?! So cute.