painterly mood + desktop calendar note

by Grace Bonney

good morning! i’m blogging from beautiful portland, oregon today and the jet-lag has me up bright and early. i can smell the stumptown brewing below our hotel a room so before i crawl down for some coffee i thought i’d start off the morning with something i’ve been feeling a lot lately: painterly designs.

when i was in my college printmaking i always admired people who were able to pull off a look conveyed movement. especially with watercolors- that was impossible for me to do (my own artistic style is far more rigid and geometric) and i was always envious of people who had a style that felt fluid. as i’ve gotten older i’ve found myself drawn more and more to this style, especially when the pieces themselves feel like paintings. anthropologie’s fall catalog came in the mail this weekend and these pieces were right on target for that painterly look i’m loving. the chair especially is calling my name, but perhaps the knobs would be a more affordable way to re-create the look on a small scale. either way, today something colorful and fluid seems inspiring….

*ps: i’ll be tweeting throughout the day this week about what we see during our trip to portland. i’ll be posting like normal here, but if you want to catch a more real-time look at what’s inspiring in portland, you can follow the feed here. also, if you’re in town come join us tomorrow night for a meetup!

*pps: there will be a d*s desktop calendar for august but we hit a slight delay and it won’t be ready until mid-week. but i promise i’ll get it up and downloadable asap!

[image above, clockwise from top left: blazing poppies wallpaper $148, zinnia plate $12, soren chair in painter’s palette $1598, streets of paris pillow $88, firework florals journal $14, tiny composition knob $12]

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