nautical striped sheets

by Grace Bonney

there are few times in my life when i’m glad we have a full bed. mainly because most fancy sheet companies only make things in queen/full size which means they’re always WAY too big for our bed. but today i’m a happy girl because i found a pair of striped nautical sheets at land of nod (i know, i should not be shopping at a children’s store at my age) that come in a full size! i’m something of a stripe connoisseur and these are perfect. i love the variation in stripe size, that bright dash of red at the top, and the way they straddle the worlds of both adult and child design like a pro. if you’re a stripe-nut like i am, you can pick up a full-sized sheet set right here for $89.

*ps: these (in red) are my favorite striped sheets in the world and they just went on sale. ll bean is always great in a pinch….

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  • My favorite place for sheets is Marshalls. I’ve gotten several sets of 310-count cotton sheets for less than 30$. I have one pair of white with red polka dots that i pair up with a robin’s egg blue and white maimekko-style duvet. The look is perfect for summer.

  • These sheets make me want to have another room to design! And Neada, the pairing you described sounds delightful.

  • ah, I have a full bed too! I guess I do save money by not being able to buy most fancy bedding sets. thanks for the tip!

  • ohh…you are all making me envious.
    I am just now living in Switzerland…and I just outfitted my bed in red and white stripes and tried not to faint because the only crisp cotton ones I could find were about 90 US dollars PER SHEET and HALF PRICE. And…the bed is a different size so I cant order from a Bean catalogue…But I am off to double check dimensions again because that blue and red set is really great!

  • I love those sheets! I find it funny (curious funny) that they are listed under Boys Bedding. I think that nautical stripes are pretty much for anyone.