carl kleiner

by Grace Bonney

ok, can i just say wow? i mean, WOW. when i was looking at mrYen’s blog for information on his work (in the post below) i saw a link to artist carl kleiner‘s paper work and was basically speechless. his work with paper is just beautiful. not overly worked or ornate- just the perfect amount of color and restraint. if i could scoop up just one of these and have it framed in my home i’d be a happy girl. click here to check out more of carl’s amazing work online.

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    • d

      i couldn’t find the hairdryer piece in her portfolio- did i miss it?

      i’ll look into the date of creation for these pieces- i take ripoffs really seriously so i want to make sure that we figure this out. if someone did indeed copy something i will update the post, but if they didn’t, i certainly don’t want an unfair charge of copying left hanging around either…


  • grace,

    i’m not sure the hairdryer is in her portfolio but it’s the paper curls that are so distinct and clearly her style. i also looked at carl’s site and his work is really nice actually, but the hairdryer stands out and doesn’t match any of his other paper work.

    i hope you can find more info on the dates the pieces were created. maybe i’m wrong? i love this site regardless hehe i’m just touchy about ripoffs too.

    • d

      i understand being touchy about this and wanting to support an artist you love. i do the same ;)

      that said, did she do a hairdryer? or just paper curls? i could sadly rattle of a list of a dozen artists that do similar paper curls (in the style of hair or wind) that are similar to both ideas, so i’m not sure if it’s something unique to her work. but, if you know she did a hairdryer i can try to find a date for it, but i couldn’t find any examples of copying here based on not seeing anything in her work that looked like the hair dryer…

      carl’s work has a few different styles to it, but he also has clients he works for so it’s possible that someone requested a look similar to hers, or requested a certain style. i don’t think work in a diff. style necessarily means it’s indicative of a ripoff. but we’ll see- if you can send me info on her hairdryer piece or the piece in question that you think his work is ripping off i can research it. but right now i’m at a dead end because i can’t find a piece of hers that seems overly similar to this…


  • The technique used in the hair dryer piece is called paper quilling, which has been around for a long time. Nonetheless, his work is really inspiring!

  • D-

    I am sorry to tell you that neither Yulia or Kleiner were the first people in the world to think of using paper to look like curls, swirls, wind, hair, or anything else that looks intricate or curvy.

    What you are talking about is one person having ownership of an entire medium, and that’s just not possible.

    Calling someone’s work a rip off is serious, and shouldn’t be done without considering the implications of the accusation.