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biz ladies: promoting your business (tastefully) online

by Grace Bonney

i’ve been learning so much from the consulting sessions i’ve been doing with independent business and blog owners lately that it’s really inspired me to get a bit more involved in the biz ladies section of d*s. so many of the same issues and concerns keep popping up, and rather than keep the solutions between just two of us, i thought i’d share some of the advice i’ve given clients with everyone. last week it sort of hit me over the head just how much people’s businesses and blogs are suffering from a lack of promotion. and believe me, as someone who rolls their eyes on a regular basis about some of the gross ways people promote themselves online, i wasn’t looking to encourage people to do the same. but there are some great tools, tips, and ideas that i use for promotion that i think help people feel more comfortable about reaching out to bloggers, fellow business owners, and traditional print media. so today i thought i’d share another video slideshow i made last week for my consulting newsletter.

today’s video focuses on the reasons you should be promoting your business and blog, the places and ways you can promote, do’s and don’ts of tasteful promoting, and general “rules of thumb” to follow when doing your own promotion. i’m not going into press release detail like i did in this PR how-to document, but rather hoping to help people think outside of the box in terms of what informal but personal promotion can look like. i’m covering everything from emails and newsletters to twitter and facebook so i hope you’ll find these ideas helpful. remember- no one knows your business or blog as well as you do. and no one can convey the passion and excitement you have for your work like you- so don’t be afraid to be the face of your company’s outreach- people will be thrilled to hear from you directly. best of luck!

*if you want to catch up on the rest of my biz ladies video slideshows, click here for the archives on youtube

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