before and after

before & after: the bartlett’s bed + alain and julie’s bench

by Kate Pruitt

recent newlyweds jamie and her husband jake went searching for a bed, but were  disappointed by the options they saw. they decided to make their own headboard out an old door. after some sanding, patching, and painting, they have created a gorgeous headboard that compliments their bedroom style perfectly. i would love to hang out in that room! the color scheme is sophisticated, neutral and relaxing. total cost of headboard, around $20. um, yeah…i think that’s a pretty good deal. great work, jamie and jake! –kate

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

what i wouldn’t give for an entryway…i just love the way benches look in halls and entryways, but sadly i have absolutely no room for a bench in my apartment. if i did have room, however, i would love to have a bench like alain and julie’s greet me when i come home. i love the combination of pattern and color. i see so many old coffee tables like this out there in dumpster/salvage/thrift store land, so i know i can snatch one up when i get the space and use this clever transformation as inspiration. thank you for sharing, alain and julie!

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  • Love that headboard, but really I love everything about that bed! Love the black and yellow, the quilt, the silhouettes! They must not have any pets with light-colored fur… Absolutely beautiful!

  • It’s amazing what they did with that table! Great way to recyle the old to new. =) Very cool.

  • That bench is SO awesome!!! I can redo with paint and wood filler but this totally inspires me to learn how to do upholstery!

  • Ok, so this might sound like a dumb question, but I am new at this DIY furniture. How do you keep that headboard in place? Do you attach it to the wall? Help, I’m clueless! I really love the idea!

  • Love that bench! Could you please tell what you stuffed it with and how you got it to look ‘tucked in’ (for lack of a better word)? I have done this with an old coffee table, but I just put a recovered foam pillow on top which doesn’t look nearly as fabulous as yours!

  • Love the bench!!! Can you tell me how the wood detail on the front was created? Is it a piece of decorative molding cut and attached or was it carved in? Its hard to tell from the pic. Thanks!

  • To hang the head board we treated the door as if it were a heavy frame. Hardware stores have picture hanging kits that can support 100lbs and they come with wire, hooks and everything you need to hang the door. That is what we bought. Then we cut 3 pieces of 2×4 lumber that measured the distance between the floor and the door for added support. We got brackets to mount them to the bottom of the door. That’s it!

  • I love both of these! The door turned out so sleek; I’m impressed. And the bench is just a really good use of a broken table. Great work!

  • Yes! I second the request for the bench tutorial! I have the same table languishing in storage, waiting for its reincarnation as an upholstered bench… and I would love to read Alain & Julie’s advice re: this. Please post something on D*S soon. Thank you!

  • Wonderful job on the headboard…and ditto the whole room! I didn’t see any hinge or door handle marks on the unfinished door…were there none there or did you fill them? With wood putty? Absolutely lovely.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the silhouettes above the head board — did you buy those or make them yourself?? I must know – have been wanting to have some of these for me and my husband! Thank you thank you!

  • I would love to make a bench like this! Any info on the carvings/details that were added to the side of the coffee table would be greatly appreciated!!

  • The door did have a hole where the door knob was. We just filled it with wood filler and also turned that side down towards the floor which made it so you couldn’t see it anyway.

    The silhouettes we painted ourselves.

  • Gorgeous bench! Love the red. The headboard is simply beautiful, so is the bedroom. Thank you for sharing!

  • Details were already on the table but we were not certain, at the beginning of the project, if they would fit with the fabrics. We gave 6 coats of red paint on the table. Then, we cut a board of plywood and pre-drilled it for the upholstering. We used a 3 inches high density foam and a layer of 1 inch Kodel Fiberfill for more softness. We then tacked the fabrics under the board. We made prepare buttons with our fabrics and firmly fixed them behind the board after having threaded them in the pre-drilled holes (you can use a long needle to break trough fabrics from under the bench). Finally, we fixed the seat to the bench with screws.

  • Both are beautiful! I’ve been wanting to make my own ottoman since I can’t find one I like and your bench is great inspiration. What did you use for the cushion itself? Also, where did you get the extra detailing you added to the table and how did you attach it and make it look like it was part of the original table? Thanks so much!

  • Oh oops, I see your post already answering my question. I was looking for the wrong username in the comments. Thanks for the details and for sharing!

  • I have the exact same coffee table….with two matching end tables! I’m trying to convince my husband to let me repurpose…I think I’m getting somewhere…maybe =P