yoostore chopping boards

by Grace Bonney

i’m going to keep it real and admit that i have a serious addition to the game angry birds. as if don’t spend enough time in front of a screen, i now seem to spend my breaks desperately trying to lob animated (and angry) birds at devious pigs who wear helmets and steal eggs. i know, it’s an exciting life i lead. but back to the pigs…whenever i see pigs now i immediately smile and think of my new favorite game. so when i saw these adorable new cutting boards from yoostore i was hooked. designed by wireworks designer lincoln rivers and artist matthew lauder, this cute new series of cutting boards is based on vintage animal shapes and made from sustainable beech wood an sealed with oil for protection. my favorite part? each one has a great name: carmen the sheep, mildred the hen, horace the pig, bird in the tree and darcey the cow. click here for more info on this sweet collection and to shop online. thanks, tom!

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