interior design

thatcher’s coffee

by Grace Bonney

ok hold the phone. speaking of coffee…how cool is this coffee shop in vancouver? thatcher’s coffee has chairs upholstered in coffee bean bags, hanging quilts made of coffee bean bags, lights made from coffee pots and some really lovely graphic design going on for their cups and mugs (all designed by fix studio). bottom line? i totally want to go. i never met a bold red stamped design (the cups) that i didn’t love….

*thanks to amy ruppel for the tip!

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  • so happy you featured this local spot! however, just want to point out to folks that it is in vancouver, washington! right across the river from portland, oregon. (so, not the vancouver in canada — the vancouver, bc city guide was linked.) anyway, gotta make sure my usually uncool hometown gets props!

  • I think this shop is in Vancouver, WA, not Vancouver, BC…so unfortunately, the design guide to which you’ve linked isn’t applicable…although you might consider linking to a design guide for Portland, OR.

  • my local coffee shops sells old coffee bags for $2. i am definitely doing this to an old chair!

  • Hey they’ve stolen my name! But it’s all good this place is cool. I wonder if the owners name is Thatcher. I’ve never actually met another Thatcher!

  • how beautiful is this?! it could make me take up drinking coffee again! that quilt is fab too – so gee’s bendish. what a perfectly designed place!

  • I was going to call out this is in WA not BC, since everyone else caught this I just wanted to give props to my original corner of the country! Such good coffee shops/cafes there. What a great place!

  • I actually have a coffee sack chair; it’s an old wing chair that I got re-upholstered. I love it! For anyone interested in doing it, you can dry clean the coffee sacks first.

  • The other cool thing about the place is that one of the main side walls is a big garage door that they open on sunny days. I was just sitting out at the restaurant next door last night with some friends. Thanks for the shout out for Vancouver (not BC!).

  • I feel so lucky to be in Seattle with a trip to Portland planned. Totally stopping by this lovely spot — that quilt is a-mazing.

  • I live in Norith Portland, but work in downtown Vancouver, WA. I am so excited to see that a place as cool as this is actually in Vancouver! I think I may have found a place I might actually like in Vancouver:). Going to check it out on my lunch break today:).

  • Thanks for all the great compliments! We’re the design team that designed the interior and all the custom items in the space: chairs, quilts, light fixtures… And, yes, I designed and custom fabricated our copyrighted Percolator Pendant light fixtures which are available for sale. Just drop us a line… Cheers, Jen Jako : fix studio

  • Wow! I just want to grab a mocha in one of those adorable mugs and curl up in that armchair with my laptop. Looks like a great spot to sit browse my reader and blog. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing Grace!

  • I just popped in there last week with my husband and was taken aback – what a diamond in the rough! I love Vancouver, but many call it ‘Vantucky’ for a reason. Cheers to more class in my neighborhood. xoxo!

  • I will add this to my Portland, Oregon August tour ! Thanks Grace and Amy ! (Amy always finds the coolest places!) *a

  • Hi All! Thanks for the comments. Thatcher is the name of one of the owner’s grandsons. I am so proud of our lovely space and the amazing coffee & pastries we bake. Please come say hello when you are in Vancouver, Wa (or near Portland, Or!)

  • This place is great! The decor just enhances the wonderful coffee and food. Coffee is excellent and they make all of their pastries in house. If you’re in Vancouver (Washington :) ) DEFINITELY check it out. It’s my new favorite spot!

  • I wish we had coffee places like this in the UK. It just doesn’t happen! Well, not where I live, anyway. They’re just big chains and you always come out smelling like you’ve been sat in front of their external air vent. Yuck. I’m sure we must be able to inject some style and taste into the coffee market in England. I just know it.

  • I live a few blocks away, it’s nice not to have to go across the river (to Portland) to find an excellent place like this. Vancompton is moving up! (the owners also have a restaurant right next door as well as an additional restaurant called Roots in East Vancouver).

  • I’m so happy to see a place in my hometown on this blog! I’m going to check it out when I’m home this summer!

  • i come here all the time. i freaked out the first time my friend brought me, i’m pretty sure i made a scene :)

    great coffee, lovely staff, and it’s only a mile away from me.

    and i LOVE the patio!


  • The restaurant next door, Lapellah, also has some really interesting decor. Thatcher’s is a welcome addition to the Couv indeed!

  • My favorite coffee joint. This place is what made me get over my indifference to coffee. Not I can’t drop drinking it (as long as it’s Thatchers, of course).