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special edition: dessert with david lebovitz + giveaway

by anne

food and france go hand in hand, but add in an american pastry chef, a fantastic blog, a few books and a dose of great humor and you have david lebovitz. recently, i was lucky enough to spend a day with david where we met up to go shopping at one of my favorite markets, and made a delicious red wine raspberry sorbet from his new book, ready for dessert.  we had a blast putting together today’s special edition d*s video, and are so excited to share a little bit of our paris adventures with you today. we had too much great footage, so along with the recipe, you can find some more great one-on-one answers from david on cooking, his books, living in france and traveling with food in mind after the jump. {a huge thank you to david lebovitz, our amazing videographer christian wilmes, assistant sophie bocqueho, and kali vermes / studio vermes for use of their garden!!}anne

** for a chance to win one of two free copies of ready for dessert, leave a comment with YOUR favorite dessert and why you’d like to win this book in the comment section below! comments will be closed saturday, july 31st at 10am EST sunday, august 1st at 10am EST. winners will be announced monday!**

CLICK HERE for the full recipe and interview with David after the jump!

Red Wine-Raspberry Sorbet
Adapted from Ready for Dessert (Ten Speed) by David Lebovitz

1 cup (200 g) sugar
3/4 cup (180 ml) water
1 bottle (750 ml) fruity red wine
3 cups raspberries (about 400 g)

1. In a medium saucepan, bring the sugar, water, and red wine to a boil over medium-high heat. Let boil for 1 minute.
2. Remove from the heat, add the raspberries, and cover.
3. Let steep for 1 hour.
4. To remove the seeds, force the berry mixture through a fine-mesh sieve with a rubber spatula or pass it through a food mill fitted with a fine disk. Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.
5. Freeze in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tip: You can use frozen raspberries in this recipe. No need to thaw before adding to the warm wine.

To accompany our sorbet, David and I enjoyed some chouquettes from the boulangerie. If you don’t have a boulangerie nearby, David shares a recipe HERE on his blog.

{we had too much to share in the video so we want to give you a bonus interview below!}

anne: Today’s recipe is from your new book, Ready for Dessert. Can you tell us a little about this project?

david: The book is a compilation of my all-time favorite recipes, ones that I’ve been making for years and years, the cakes, cookies, ice creams, crisps and cobblers that I turn to over and over.

Ready for Dessert includes recipes from my first two books (which sadly, are out of print), which I completely updated and re-tested, plus all-new recipes that I came up with for the book. I also couldn’t resist adding a few of the most popular recipes from my blog.

anne: Your blog first started as a website in 1999. Very impressive. You must have been one of the first in your industry – what made you start it?

david: I started the site when my first book (Room for Dessert) was released, so that I could be in touch with readers of the book. I would manually post stories and pictures, changing the content a few times a month, and had forums where people could ask baking questions. Back then, there was no blogging software (at least that I was aware of) but around the time I moved to France, blogging platforms had come into existence and once I installed one on my site, I could easily update my site much more often. And away I went…

anne: How has your blog influenced the way you cook and what you’re doing? Do you think you’d be where you are without it?

david: Since the blog is a dialogue with readers, when I write recipes, I do so with a very broad audience in mind. I’m mindful of using exotic ingredients or techniques, and try to present recipes that have wide appeal and that are easy to recreate in a home kitchen.

Because of the instant feedback I get, I do have to anticipate questions, such as substitutions and how to meet various dietary needs. So as an author, it’s been interesting to get direct responses from readers, which has changed the way I write recipes.

anne: First and foremost you’re a chef, but you’re also an extremely talented writer and photographer. Were those things you were always good at or just fell into?

david: Thanks for the kudos, although I think I just write and take pictures as an extension of the recipe or the story I’m telling. For example, when making a recipe for the site, I’ll just snap some pictures of the process, and insert them into the post. I try to shoot food as I see it, and don’t usually use a zoom lens or anything like that. Living in Paris, I like to show the ingredients either at the market or in their packages, since they’re so interesting. And because there are no space limitations, I can show steps of the process as I am going.

As for writing, I just write as I think and as I speak. The blog is basically a conversation and when I write for it, I speak to readers as I’d speak to someone face-to-face. The main thing when writing for a blog is not to hold back; I will write about anything, from churning up a batch of bittersweet chocolate ice cream, to scratching my head when the teller at my bank tells me they don’t have any change that day and to come back tomorrow.

anne: I must say I’m a huge fan of your book The Sweet Life in Paris and each chapter has me laughing out loud. I especially love the chapter about your tiny kitchen and how you joke that your entire apartment is the size of an American kitchen. What does this mean in terms of your cooking? Does it make you more creative?

david: Having a small kitchen means you have to be concise. You can’t have a battery of fancy equipment or ingredients, simply because you don’t have the room. So you only have what’s necessary. I tried to live without a stand mixer for a year, then I realized I couldn’t, and finally got one. (Which takes up one-third of my kitchen, but we’ve learned to co-exist nicely. My ice cream maker, however, lives in my bedroom.)

I think it makes me a more practical cook, and I figure if I can make it in my small kitchen, people with ‘normal’ home kitchens shouldn’t have any trouble either. I also shop more frequently, buying fruits and specialty sugars and grains more frequently, and in smaller packages, which is a bit more time-consuming, but ensures that I always have a fresh supply at hand of flour, butter, and eggs.

anne: I love when you mention making the pharmacist brownies or giving the plumber ice cream. It seems a particularly efficient way to make things happen in France. Is this something you’ve always done?

david: Bakers are naturally people who share; I know very few people who make a cake or a big batch of cookies and keep them all for themselves. (Although I’m certain there are a few out there who do!) So I make cookies, cakes, and brownies and share them. I’m often testing recipes three or more times, and I’ll have baked goods around me in quantities that are dangerously too-readily available for snacking, so I’m always on the lookout for folks willing to take things off my hands so they’re safely out of reach.

In France, it’s a bit odd for someone to go into the drugstore and hand the pharmacist a bag of chocolate chip cookies and to stop in the fish market and give the young men who work there tubs of rich ice cream, which they can devour without any effect on their impossibly-trim waistlines. Needless to say, I get the freshest fish in Paris. And last time I went to the pharmacy with a foot problem, the pharmacist made me take off my shoes gave me a liquid that cleared everything up within 24 hours. Who says that customer service doesn’t exist in France?

anne: You are hands down one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter. You have a great sense of humor yet share a lot about French culture at the same time. If you had to say something about living in France in 140 characters or less, what would you say?

david: I couldn’t possible condense everything I feel about France in 140 characters…which is why I had to write a whole book about it!

anne: You recently had a great post about your trip to Tunisia. I loved the tip that whenever you travel you find a café where you become a regular and part of the landscape and insider knowledge. Do you have any other travel/food related tips?

david: Always ask locals for recommendations. If you ask the person at the desk of your hotel, they’re going to send you to a place popular with tourists, who expect things to be comfortable and ‘safe’. Traveling, like moving to a foreign country, one has to get used to being outside of their comfort zone. One must be prepared for unusual experiences–like the time I thought I’d do like the local in Spain at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant I discovered, and order what all the locals were eating…which turned out to be a big bowl heaped with steaming tripe. And in Portugal, I was served a coiled up eel on the big round platter, with the head facing up, looking back at me.

You just have to be able to laugh at those experiences…and develop a tough stomach!

anne: Thanks so much, David!

David Lebovitz’s booksReady for DessertThe Sweet Life in Paris, Perfect Scoop, and The Great Book of Chocolate – can all be found online. David also shares tips to make ice cream and a guide to buy an ice cream machine on his blog.


{photos by kali vermes}

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  • My favorite dessert is red velvet cake, and I’d LOVE to win this book because it’d look yummy on my coffee table!! :)

  • I would love to receive a copy of the book! I need to branch out and prepare more desserts, I usually make cookies and though they are delicious, they are also boring!

    My favorite dessert – yikes, that is hard. Probably a proper English Trifle. Perfection.

  • COBBLER! especially homemade by my mom with whatever in-season berries that can be found!

  • My favorite dessert is the Rice Krispie treat. (Even though I love to cook and can operate successfully outside of the microwave-only realm!) I would love to win this book in order to move my dessert palate to a more sophisticated level. Hee hee.

  • I love crème brulée. Having lived in Paris before and loving to cook in general, I really enjoy reading David’s blog. I think his cookbook would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen.

  • There is no way to narrow down all the delicious desserts in this world to my favorite, but currently I am craving cookies :-) I would love to win this book, because I love to bake, and am always looking for new, delicious dessert recipes to try!

  • I am a huge fan of David Lebovitz’s Watermelon Sorbet and Fresh Fig Ice Cream. Totes yum.

    Great interview as well. Thanks for the insight. And such a beautiful setting!


  • There is nothing like my mom’s apple pie!
    I would love to try the recipes in this book – thanks for the chance to win :)

  • My favorite dessert is red velvet cake but I also love red wine sorbets. I’m a huge baker and have tried all the recipes in my current books. Would love to try some new, delicious recipes!

  • Hmm, a tough question. My favorite desert right now is anything that features peaches and vanilla ice cream! Yum. I need this book because I love Lebovitz’s ice cream recipes and I want to impress my friends with some new desserts.

  • Yum, yum, yum, and yum! David Lebovitz is the dessert master. I would love to work my way through Ready for Dessert and pretend I live a delicious life in Paris. His brownie recipes are the best!

  • I’m a simple girl, so berries sprinkled with cinnamon is what my heart sings for. Simple recipes don’t always impress company, so I’m hoping a copy of this book will add to my dinner party dessert ideas.

  • My favorite dessert? Anything made by mom… even if it’s just brownies out of a box!

    I would love to win a copy of David’s new book so I can put my recent birthday gift from my hubby to good use (a KitchenAid stand mixer)! I’m sure he will take dessert as re-payment, right? :)

  • Favorite dessert is the hazelnut dome minicakes served at our wedding, with hazenut sponge cake, hazelnut buttercream, ganache and some other layers. I am a baker, so I’d love to win this book.

  • I love any dessert made with berries right now.

    I checked this book out from the library and it was great. I want a copy to keep and get messy.

  • Its a tie for a classic chocolate chip cookie (always soft in the middle) and home made sorbet. Yum!

  • oh i would love to win this book! my favorite dessert is a frozen treat my mom would make us growing up… a chocolate chip mint ice cream layered with chocolate mousse with a yummy graham cracker crust…ahhhh, summer!

  • Wow, this does looks great! It’s tough to choose a dessert, but I guess my favorites are profiteroles, specially when there’s a caramel crost around them.

  • I made David’s Chocolate Banana cake, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it’s now my favorite dessert. I’d like to win so I can make some more soon-to-become favorites.

  • I love Rhubarb Pie with meringue on top! I’d love to win this book because I love making desserts!

  • He’s so wonderful. My favorite dessert is ice cream…and brownies…and anything combining lemon, berries, and cream…

  • My *current* favorite is tiramisu.

    I’d LOVE to win this cookbook because my husband and I love cooking/baking together – and it would be so sweet to make new desserts together!

  • Panna Cotta is my favorite dessert hands down. It can be flavored a number of different ways, topped with any seasonal fruit, and is the easiest elegant dessert I know. This book would be an excellent addition to my well-thumbed and slightly war-stained dessert cookbooks, taking residence with the likes of Dorie Greenspan and Jim Lahey. Good company indeed! (and then maybe I can toss some of my printouts of past D Lebovitz recipes!)

  • Fan of both blogs!

    My favorit dessert is for sure is quite simple, and is in fact much more as an ingredient than a proper dessert: dulce de lecche. Its similar an butterscott, i guess.

  • My favorite dessert is macaron at the moment, only if I can master egg white!! I NEED to win this book because I am a newbie at cooking and can’t get my mind off of making delicious & creative desserts!

  • My entire family is obsessed with these cookies we refer to as “crack” cookies. They are the ideal combination of soft and chewy, chock full of cocoa, oats, and coconut. The oats make them healthy, of course :-)

    I’m trying to learn how to bake beyond cakes & cookies, though. I think David’s cookbook could help this aspiring foodie immensely.

  • Pie is definitely my favorite dessert, my grandma’s recipe.

    I would love to win this book because I have a huge sweet tooth and a tiny kitchen, but I will battle the lack of counter space to make decadent desserts!

  • Congrats Christian & Sophie! I am so proud of you guys! And thanks to David & Anne for sharing: this dessert looks fabulous!! Talking about desserts, my favourite one is definitely raspberry and lemon curd tartelettes!

  • Brownies. Or cake. Or ice cream. Or cookies. Or anything involving puffed pastry…

  • Well, I officially need to go to Paris RIGHT NOW ;). What a delightful video! Thank you!

    I have to say my favorite dessert is the chocolate torte that my dear friend Robin (I called her Mama2) used to make. It would turn up at Christmas and we’d have it with cider. It turned up and birthday parties dotted with candles. And the last time she made it, she paired it with strawberries for my wedding shower. I never got tired of it. Thankfully she passed on the recipe so we can continue indulging :).

  • I recently made David’s salted butter caramel for the first time, and I am in love. I think David is a chef who truly “battle-tests” his recipes (all in his tiny Parisian kitchen!) which these days is pretty rare. It’s nice to know at the start of a recipe that you have a decent shot of a fabulous dessert at the end of it! I’ve been thinking I need to pick up a coy of his latest… but it would be even better to win one! :)

  • While difficult to narrow down, if I had to pick one favorite dessert, it would be chocolate bread pudding. Yum!

    I would *love* to win a copy of Ready for Dessert. David Lebovitz has the gift of creating simple yet delicate recipes and he brings such passion to his writing! I think the book will bring further inspiration to my pursuit of perfecting my hostess skills (I bake, cook, and entertain every change I get!).

  • It’s so hard to pick a favorite dessert but I guess I’ll say any kind of fruit sorbet – I love how rich the fruit flavor comes out. If homemade sorbet is on a menu, I always order it.

    This book has been on my wish list for a a while. I love David’s recipes and writing style and can’t wait to read it!

  • My favorite dessert is Tres Leches cake, which seems somewhat rare in popular reference. But it’s so tasty with berries and cream – a great summer treat!

  • Thanks for hosting the contest! It was great to see the collaboration between two of my favorite websites.

    I love fresh berries in the summer, in a pie or cobbler or just on their own. In the winter, I go for creme brulee or pots de creme, which are so easy to make and are always a big hit.

  • Being pregnant, my favorite dessert changes on almost a nightly basis. Sadly last night it was cupcakes and frosting from a box. I would love to win this cookbook so I can have more inspired and delicious cravings!

  • My favorite dessert is sour cherry pie. I think that making one provides a good life lesson–the season for sour cherries is so short, you have to jump at the chance when you get it.

  • i’m in love with macaroons, they make me feel like marie antoinette. mostly because of their colours.

    I’d like to win the book because i want to make other people feel like marie antoinette too!

  • Oh my, such a difficult question. Anyway, my favourite dessert has to be cheesecake I guess. A pure and simple New York cheesecake.

    I already own The Perfect Scoop by David and I’ve been churning up delicious ice creams from it. In fact I turn to that book exclusively when I want to make ice creams. So I would LOVE to see more of his work in print!

  • oh la la!
    So many desserts that I love! But if I had to pick just one, I have quite a sweet spot for chocolate mousse . Silky sweetness.

    I’d love to have David’s book to try some of the ‘small kitchen tested’ recipes in my own tiny kitchen and have some fun baking and sharing.

  • Although difficult to pick, I think my favorite dessert would have to be plain dark chocolate.

  • Ice cream in ALL forms is my favorite dessert.
    I have been checking David’s books out from the library for…forever and would LOVE to own one.

  • My favourite dessert would have to be maple pecan pie or chocolate chip cookies.. its too hard to choose! Being a young baker/ pastry chef myself, I would love to own this book to learn from and to enhance my skills. :) Thanks for the video, it’s great!

  • My favorite dessert is carrot cake. To me there is nothing more heavenly than a moist and perfectly spiced slice lovingly slathered with cream cheese frosting. In fact, I’m in the process of starting a blog dedicated entirely to testing out various carrot cake recipes in search of the perfect one. My first blog post (which I hope to have up very soon) expounds on the difference between cooks and bakers. To me, neither is better or worse than the other, but they are two distinctly different camps of people. And I am definitely a baker, not a cook. I love sifting flour, measuring out exact teaspoons of this and that, licking the batter off the beaters and pulling a clean toothpick out of a perfectly done cake. I would LOVE to get a copy of David’s book to try out some of his *amazing* looking recipes and to be able to draw inspiration from from such an accomplished baker and blogger as somewhat of a novice to both avocations.

  • My absolute favorite dessert is the Christmas cookies my family makes– we call them Shrewsbury Rings, and it’s my Grandma’s recipe. The cookie, the frosting, the memories… can’t be beat :)

    I would adore this book, I’ve been longing for it as much as a deuxieme piece de gateau… :)

  • My favorite dessert… dear heaven, how can I chose? I guess it is my homemade apple pie ala mode. My grandmas toffee bars run a close second. But then there’s key lime pie. I’m hopeless! :-)

  • Would love this book! One of my most memorable desserts was sticky toffee pudding at this magnificent b&b in scotland. AMAZING!

  • my favorite dessert is a tie between my mom mom’s chocolate chip cake and brown butter raspberry tart.

    I’d love to win this book because I am always on the lookout for new desserts to make, and I’m also a regular reader of David’s blog. His restaurant/food recommendations definitely made my trip to Paris one that I will never forget.

  • My favorite dessert is Gale Gand’s Featherlight Chocolate Cake. It just hits the sweet spot with me! As for why I want this book, cause I love David’s recipes, and am always looking for great things to bake!

  • Chocolate mousse is my favorite dessert! Especially the chocolate mousse I have eaten in Paris!! I would love to win this cookbook–maybe I would discover some new favorites!!

  • My favorite go-to dessert is tiramisu, because it combines my two favorite flavors: cocoa and coffee. However, I also love pumpkin pie, possibly because of the holiday and family connotations that it holds for me. I’d like to win this book to spice up my home dessert life; some great recipes could definitely get me out of my frozen yogurt rut!

  • I love warm chocolate chip cookies and cool milk. Ever since seeing the video David made to promote Ready for Dessert – where he made chocolate chip cookies for Parisians to try – I have wanted to have a copy. It would also be great for me to have some encouragement in the sorbet department (haven’t been able to have ice cream for two years now, yet haven’t made enough of an effort to explore and enjoy sorbets).

  • i love olive oil gelato! with a little sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of OO. perfection.

    I’d love to have the book because David is amazing; I have a couple of his other books, and I can’t wait to start baking again once I move into an apartment that has an oven!

  • My favorite dessert is white chocolate bread pudding (with chocolate mousse in a close second).
    I’d like to win this book because I’ve made some of Mr. Lebovitz’s recipes before, like his chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons, and they turned out so well. It would be great to have a whole book of such wonderful recipes.

  • As much as I love beautiful constructed tortes and creme brulees and things with layers and ganache and sugar-spun roses, my hands down favorite desert is warm arm crisp. Rustic and perfect.

  • Right now my favorite dessert is fruit cobblers. Peaches and berries are plentiful and very cheap at this time. I should win the book because in class we made David’s Black Bottom Cupcakes and they were wickedly good!

  • my current favorite dessert is the chocolate almond biscotti– one of David’s recipes, actually.

  • Lemon Basil Sorbet! Inspired by my favorite gelateria in Rome, I have now duplicated the recipe with my spiffy ice cream maker that has become an obsession this summer. I would love to win this book because I just started following David’s blog and love the vibe! Also, I have a crazy sweet tooth but don’t like chocolate (yes, people like me do exist), and I’m always trying to look for more recipes out there that use fruit instead of chocolate.

  • My favorite dessert is homemade cinnamon ice cream, with a drizzle of also homemade very dark chocolate sauce. Yes, I like my desserts rich!

    I’ve been reading David’s blog for some time and I think if I won a copy of his cookbook I’d be so smitten that I’d have to run out an buy all of his others!

  • I am on an ice cream kick lately, and my favorite so far is the nothing-plain-about-it vanilla custard ice cream that I learned recently. Yum! I’m still working with an ancient ice cream maker that I stole from my sister’s house a few years ago and it needs to be duct taped to the counter to keep it from running around and to keep the lid in place, but it does just fine. I’d love to have some new recipes to play with :D

  • Red. Velvet. Cake. I love it – when properly executed with perfectly fluffy, indulgent cream cheese frosting. In fact, I insisted on it for my wedding cake, searching all over town for a baker who would do it. (Way before rede velvet was the cool thing to do!)

  • Chocolate cake is my favorite, and more particularly, I love red velvet cake; once I got in an argument with someone who told me that red velvet cake wasn’t chocolate. Also, I am in the pursuit to make the perfect chocolate cake in 2010; perhaps this book has the winning recipe!

  • Banoffe pie or Lemon Meringue. the bananas and lemons make me feel less guilty :D.

    I love to bake but don’t yet own a David Lebovitz recipe book. I would love to try some new recipes out, besides I adore Paris, if that adds anything.

  • My favorite dessert is a Christmas pudding baked with fruits infused in Sherry! I want this book because one of the reviewers on Amazon says: “Life is short, always eat dessert first. (…) David Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert is a must.” So I can’t wait to have this book in hands (and bake something delicious!)

  • Gougere! I’ve become lactose intolerant in the last year of so, and it replaced my previous preference for profiteroles.

  • If I had to choose one, I would say my dessert favori would be my late Grandmother’s Boysenberry Pie. Simple, refreshing, and to die for delicious! I’d love to have David’s new book to continue the family tradition of being great dessert makers (and not so great cooks). ;)

  • Favorite desert that I have made recently – David’s mint chocolate chip ice cream made with fresh mint.mmmmmmm

  • Currently, my favorite dessert is panna cotta with roasted summer fruit. For cherry season, I cooked cherries with red wine…layered it with the panna cotta and garnished with cocoa-dusted almonds. Yummers!!

  • favourite dessert has gotta be hands down- southern homebaked bread pudding with rum sauce- served WARM!

    I’ve NEVER been able to follow a recipe from start to finish without improvising, but that’s my new year resolution- so I would love to win this book in order to be able to follow a recipe and stay true to it, trusting that the result will be stellar!

  • i am a lover of all sweets, but my idea of heaven is a dish of lavender creme caramel.

    a domestic goddess-in-training, i am always striving to push my boundaries with the dishes, especially desserts, that i create. david’s sweet masterpieces embody the beauty and bliss i love in a perfect dessert. if i could learn his recipes, i would be over the moon!
    sylvie of silver lining

  • My favorite dessert du jour is carrot cake, but I need this book so I can come up with many, many more favorites! It sounds lovely!

  • My favorite dessert right now has to be this honey ricotta cheesecake that a local dessert lounge serves. It’s delicious!

    I would like to win this book because I don’t know very many dessert recipes, but would love to learn.

  • I think my favorite dessert would be chocolate cheesecake. The combination of dark chocolate and cream cheese – yum! Flourless chocolate cake makes me swoon as well. Thanks for posting the great interview!

  • I’d have to say my favorite dessert is cheesecake; almost any kind of cheesecake!

  • What a beautiful little video! The light is wonderful!

    My favorite dessert is my mother’s Strawberry Shortcake! It is divine in the summer! So light and full of flavor! I’d love to win a copy of David’s book because I am on the hunt for some new recipes. I have several events coming up that I would like to cook for and would love some new inspiration!
    thank you!!!!

  • My favorite dessert is anything that is chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. There is just something about dark chocolate that makes everything tastes so decadent. I just recently heard of Devid’s blog and I love his recipes!

  • My mom’s triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate-sour cream frosting is my favorite dessert! YUM!

  • I would rather eat dessert than anything, anytime – that’s why I should win this book!! And my favorite dessert is…how can I pick one thing? Probably apple pie if you force me to.

  • My favorite dessert has got to be a pluot tart with almond cream. So incredibly delicious. I wasn’t introduced to pluots (a plum and apricot hybrid) until very recently and now I can’t get enough of them.

    I would love to try out some of David’s great recipes too!

  • I love desserts with berries, right now a big favorite is a pie with a lot of mixed berries.
    I like prepare desserts in my kitchen, so would be cool to win a copy of David’s book.

  • So hard to choose a favorite dessert! I think it would have to be carrot cake, strawberry anything, or a fresh fruit tart… I just made a fantastic nectarine blueberry one, yum.

    I would love to own this cookbook because I want to make every single thing in it! I just made his strawberry frozen yogurt and my husband and I were in heaven! It’s too bad I am number 15 on the wait list at the library for “The Perfect Scoop” book… oh well, maybe it will get to my before Christmas! :)

  • My favorite dessert is apple pie because I know it was someone’s labor of love (even if it is from my grocery’s bakery instead of my grandmother’s kitchen!)

    I would love to win this book because I am moving in with a few roomates who are far too skinny! I could use David’s delicious treats to teach them what its like to indulge once in a while. :-)

  • I think my favorite dessert has got to be cheesecake. It’s so rich though so I only eat it on special occasions.

    I’d love to get the free book because the recipes I’ve tried on David’s site are amazing and I know there are plenty more in the book!

  • Sharing favorite deserts is such a joy! The best ones include not only the fresh ingredients that are prepared with love but they also promote good times. My favorite desert is a bread pudding with almonds that an old sweet heart made for us once upon a time. My second fav’s (of the moment) are the homemade chocolate pudding pops that my husband’s childhood memories inspired me make.

    My husband and I took a trip to Paris before we got engaged – that little adventure charmed us down the isle into a life long partnership. David L’s blog takes me back to that magical trip (I sneak peeks at work when I need a break). I have tons of cookbooks (many having desert recipes) but only one devoted to deserts – frankly its not that great. Would LOVE to have David Lebovitz’s latest to be able to make his tried true favorites for my family and friends – because the best deserts are, after all, built with love and then shared :)

  • David, if you’re reading this:

    I actually made your red wine raspberry sorbet a few weeks ago, and it ROCKS! I used fresh berries from my Mom’s raspberry patch in Ohio and a really nice French rose. Wonderful.

    So, this is probably my favorite new dessert, hands down. And my Mom LOVED it too.

    Can I please win a copy of your book?

    I never win anything.

  • Anything with lemon, especially lemon poppyseed cake or muffins with a nice glaze on top. yum!

  • Well, I have a large sweet tooth so nearly any dessert will do. But I must say that fruit desserts (or often just nice, ripe, fruit) are my favorites. And if it is done right – not too sweet, very tart, good texture – Key Lime Pie is my favorite!

  • Hands down, chocolate mousse! So decadent, and perfect served with some beautiful red raspberries! Yum!

  • Definately cheesecake and in many flavors!

    I’d love to win this book so I can expand our desert palate :)

  • My favorite dessert . . . at the moment it’s popsicles or ice cream–anything cold. Last summer I made David’s chocolate sherbet and added cayenne pepper–it was a pretty amazing treat.

    I’ve gotten really apathetic about creating treats at home, and this book would be a great kick in the pants.

  • My favorite dessert must be a macaron-caramel au beurre salé. I would just love the book so I can keep the inspiration going in my kitchen and savor each delicious result from David’s great collection!

  • My current favorite dessert is Cherries in Red-Wine Sauce over vanilla ice cream. Thank you, David Lebovitz, for that wonderful recipe!

    I’d love to own a copy of “Ready For Dessert” because I’m the official maker of desserts for family parties. I’m always looking for new ideas.

  • My favourite dessert is a creamy cheesecake. I can eat it every single day and not be tired.

    I’d love to have this book because I enjoy collecting dessert books and when it’s from David Lebovitz, it’s a no -brainer.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this!!! Anne should do more videos in Paris!! I LOVE peach cobbler and I would LOVE a copy of that book! :)

  • My favorite dessert is a toss up between Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s Torta Barozzi and David Lebovitz’s Atzec Hot Chocolate Ice Cream. Both delicious chocolate desserts!

  • My favorite dessert is a crepe filled with salted butter caramel sauce from Brittany. I want this book because I am a big fan of David’s writing, making dessert, and all things French — but I want to branch out from my usual recipes.

  • can I still win if I refuse to choose a favorite desert! I just love desert. I love ice cream that has been steeped in my favorite flavor all day and then mixed up. I love pie and how you can have it again for breakfast- and cookies- nothing delights a cup of coffee like a chocolate chip cookie And, I love the first berries of the summer with whipped cream (of course not from a can). So I refuse to choose.

  • I would like to thank David Lebovitz for the opportunity to explore deserts and ice creams world. He is amazing pastry chef and entertaining writer.
    His recipes are wonderful and easy to follow, his sence of humor is delicious.
    I am 14 and just starting my food adventure and very greatful for David’s blog and recipes.
    My favorite dessert is an every new one I try from David’s site .

  • I have to choose only one!? This is hard. I can never resist peanut butter chocolate brownies. They melt in your mouth and require an ice cold glass of milk. It was truely love at first bite.

  • Oooh! Picking a favorite dessert is definitely a challenge. I guess it depends on the season. Maybe chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream.

    I would love to win this cookbook since I love baking for others.

  • My favorite dessert is a tie between Red Velvet Cake, Cheesecake, and Pecan Pie.

    I’d love to win David’s book because so far every recipe I have tried of his has been fantastic. I haven’t had one to go wrong yet. I want to try more.

  • My favorite dessert is the trifle that my English grandmother taught my mother to make (and that my mother has since taught me to make). Yum! We eat it every year at Christmas.

    I’d love a copy of the book because there is nothing I love more than dessert!

  • My favorite dessert is probably pot de creme. Yum. I’d love to win this book so I can make more desserts with such lovely pictures for inspiration.

  • What a wonderful interview! My favorite dessert is pumpkin cheesecake with caramel sauce and whip cream, which is a new family classic at Thanksgiving. I am very excited to have a chance to win this book. It would be put to good use with me! I can no longer bake with gluten, but I love to try new things and adapt my recipes based on the best ones out there.

  • hmmmm. favorite desert it’s really hard to think of just 1. Most of the time it will depend on whose home I’m at, everybody has at least 1 or 2 things that they make that are better than anyone elses.
    But if it has chocolate I’ll be happy.

  • My favorite dessert has to be toast with jam and a cup of tea. Mostly because that’s all I know how to make, but hey it’s still yummy! I’m pretty sure that I would benefit greatly from owning such a wonderful book because my new husband :) has a major sweet tooth and I would love to surprise him with a “real dessert”. I’m think the honeymoon needs to be in Paris (wishful thinking)!

  • My favourite dessert since moving to our house in the French countryside is anything made with the fruit from our trees–apple, plum, pear–in our orchard. Nothing is as delicious as when you’ve watched it through the seasons & savour that in the taste! As we are in renovation hell (2yrs) all my beloved cookbooks are packed away in boxes–how nice to have a book instead of running back & forth between the camping kitchen & the living room w/my pc! :)

  • forgot to add why i’d like to win the book – I bought David’s book “The sweet life in Paris” in the beginning of the year, loved it and have been a faithfull reader of his blog since. I’d love to have another of his books.

  • I’ve recently become a big fan of making pies. I started out of hubris — “how hard could it be?” I bought pie shells, got some fruit, cut up however much I wanted to put in and added some sugars (“What? It fits into the pie shell.”) which resulted in what I affectionately dubbed Fail Pie. My strawberry-rhubarb concoction hemorrhaged fruity goo all over my oven. Harumph. So I began actually MEASURING my filling (what a concept!) and making my own shell dough (after discovering ho easy it was, I vowed never to buy one of those too-thin pre-packaged versions again)… And now I CAN MAKE BEAUTIFUL PIES. And it only took a few Fail Pies…

  • Cheesecake sends me to the moon! I recently found a recipe for cheesecake ice cream & can’t wait to try it. Maybe I’ll find another in David’s book – IF I WIN!

  • Lemon, yes, anything lemon. Well, maybe a hot fudge sundae. No, really my favorite is strawberry shortcake. Gosh, I forgot how good my mother’s fresh peach cobbler is. Sorry, the winner really is raspberry. Yes, raspberries, cream and champagne.
    There must be recipes for each of these that need trying in David’s book!

  • I’d like to win a copy of Ready for Dessert because I need some easy recipes to make after shoulder surgery that will leave me temporarily one-handed. My favorite dessert is David’s lemon sorbet from The Perfect Scoop, made by substituting zest and juice of one lime for the equivalent amount of lemon zest and juice and adding 2 tablespoons of good spiced rum and some chopped crystallized ginger. Serve topped with toasted sweetened coconut. A tropical chiller!

  • My favorite dessert is a homemade strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries, homemade sweet biscuit, and from scratch whipped cream. How delightful and beautiful!

  • my favorite dessert at the moment is a homemade hazelnut macaroon coffee ice cream sandwich…deelish! But hopefully about to be surplanted by a recipe from Ready for Dessert…speaking of which I haven’t had mine yet…

  • David mixes and stirs and combines things.
    Desserts that can make peoples’ tongues sing.
    His books are all hits
    And so are his twits
    I would own one if not for my purse strings!

    Aaand…today, pure, creamy vanilla ice cream is my favorite dessert.

  • My favorite summertime dessert has to be fresh berries, cream, and brown sugar under the broiler for a quick summer gratin.

    I live vicariously through David as I follow his Parisian adventures in his blog. He’s inspired me to purchase an ice cream maker- and now I need some delicious recipes from his book. :)

  • my favourite dessert is one I can make right now- Saskatoon berry crisp (made with “old fashioned” rolled oats & slightly warm, of course) and maple walnut ice cream. I make a lot of fruit crisps, bettys, buckles, whatever variation you want. Love the cookbooks, can always use more

  • My favorite dessert is a homemade strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries, homemade sweet biscuit, and from scratch whipped cream. How delightful and beautiful!

    I would love to win a copy of David’s book because I think he is doing something similar to what Julia Child did with Mastering the Art of French cooking. He is bringing an American perspective to French Desserts. The notes and comparisons are endlessly fascinating. Tres bon!

  • I love dessert in general — but if I had to choose the one that gets my mouth watering — just thinking about it….I’d have to go with a classic tarte tatin.

    An absolutely perfect dessert. Tarte tatin is a golden treat for the eyes and there’s just nothing that compares to the buttery, caramel-infused flavor of those luscious, tender apples arranged on a piece of crisp pastry.

  • I’m a big fan of David & his blog :) My favorite deserts are things buttery and caramelized; like butter toffee covered with chocolate & nuts or salt-caramel ice cream (like from Bi Rite in SF).

  • I never turn down dessert, but my favorite has to be a family recipe (has no name). Angel food cake, fresh berries or stone fruit, and a sweet cream (whipping cream, sugar, lemon zest, condensed milk) to top it.

    I would love to win this book because my real joy in the kitchen is baking/creating sweet dishes. More than any other type of dish dessert = love to me, and I’m always looking to learn new recipes and techniques!

  • i l-o-v-e david & love d*s (of course), so the merriment of both this afternoon totally made my week!

    favorite dessert? i’d cry if i had to choose one, seriously. peach cobbler & brownies are definitely in my top 5, though!

  • Key Lime Pie – virtaully anything lemon or lime. Or coconut…or almond…or chocolate…

    I love all desserts!

  • oooo there are too many to choose from, but with all the seasonal fruits right now i’m loving dimple plum cake, any fruit tarts, sorbets, etc! i’d love to try his recipes!!

  • My favorite dessert is sticky date pudding. I would like David’s Book because I have his ice cream book, it’s wonderful and I love his recipes.

  • A favorite dessert of mine right now and just about every summer is a grilled peach. I would be very happy to win this book because even more than I love grilling – I love baking.

  • My favorite dessert is Tira Misu! My fiance and I share a love of it, and it has become a symbol of affection for the two of us to share.

    I would love to win a copy of the book since I am a beginning chef. I am about to become a wife, and hopefully soon after a mother, and want to begin my cooking career experimenting with delicious recipes!

    Thanks for the opportunity and cute video! It made me hungry for raspberries ;)

  • GAH! I celebrate all desserts.. but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d say banana pudding.

    I would LOVE to win this book because currently my cookbook selection contains no dessert focused books! And quite frankly, it’s the best part of a meal.

  • Who could possibly have a favorite? Well, OK, maybe tarte tatin. Or maybe David’s dulce de leche brownies, which I once took on a five-day hike in the Grand Canyon. Or maybe his chocolate raspberry ice cream that I made a few days ago, or maybe . . .

  • It’s incredibly difficult to pick a single favorite dessert, but if I’m pressed to choose, I’d select fudgy chocolate brownies. I’d love to win this book because I’m a big fan of David Lebovitz’s blog and love his dessert recipes.

  • I love David’s blog and my favorite dessert is his Panna Cotta.

    I saw him in Paris once but was too shy to say hi.

    I’d like to win this book so I can make all his yummy desserts and have a reason to approach and talk to him if ever I see him again!

  • Definitely cheesecake.

    I finally got a bigger kitchen last month when I moved and I am aching to try out a lot more baking ideas. (Previously I had a studio that did not even have a full size fridge… and no freezer!) I need recipe books and ideas… please!

  • I just got back from Paris last night, and my favorite dessert of the moment is the CASILLON SORBET i had on flight! I don’t even know if that’s the correct spelling or exact word, but it was this delicious creamy sorbet lightly scented with orange and almonds. True French specialty.

    I love to learn of new desserts and hear of their ingredients. It is so inspiring, and I’m sure David’s book is just as inspiring!

  • Oh dear, my previous comment got cut off. I’d love to win this book because I’m such a fan of David! I have his The Perfect Scoop, and I can just imagine what great recipes this book contains.

  • A toss up between lemon tart and strawberry-rhubarb pie.

    I’ve been searching for Room for Dessert (David’s earlier book that is sadly out of print) at used bookshops for a while now, but no one seems to want to part with their copy! I would love to get my hands on some of its recipes in Ready for Dessert.

  • I think….if I just HAD to choose only ONE dessert :) It would be frozen chunks of chocolate-covered fresh pineapple in a bowl with a caramel/rum simple syrup poured over top!!

    I’d love to read this D.L. book …#1 b/c I can’t get enough dessert! and #2 b/c The Perfect Scoop was such wonderful sweet-tooth treat that I’m sure this new one is just as exciting.

  • Chocloate chip cookies- I can make a batch start and to your mouth in less than 18min, all while tip- toeing in the kitchen so I don’t wake the baby- my boyfriend has no idea how lucky he is.
    This book would be awsome as I own no books by David Lebovitz and love his blog, he makes me laugh!

  • That is a lovely conversation with David. I love his blog and would really like a copy of his new book. My favourite dessert is probably tiramisu, but David’s chocolate yogurt snack cakes are my most common stand-by, baked as minis for convenient snacking and sharing.

  • A really good, rich but not sweet chocolate cake with ganache filling/frosting. Although David’s burnt caramel ice cream is a darn close second.

  • My favorite summer dessert is a custard-based margarita ice cream. When it turns cool, I prefer cobblers, tarts, buckles–anything with warm fruit!

    David’s blog is a favorite, so it was a treat to see the clip in this post. I can’t wait to try this sorbet recipe!

  • My very favorite dessert, seriously, is David’s matzoh crunch because it is SO addictive, and you can have one little piece or a mess of it at once. I would love to get this book, as it’s the only one of his I don’t have.

  • Favorite dessert would be ice cream with fresh fruit. Bonus points for homemade ice cream. I’d love David’s book as I’m already a fan (best ice cream book EVER), I would love to try out more of his recipes and I am in need of some new dessert recipes.

  • My favorite dessert would be ice cream! any flavor, if it involves chocolate and caramel even better.

    I would love to have the book and try the recipes. He’s got amazing recipes in his blog which a lot of them I’ve done. Every time a success.

  • my favorite dessert is probably my mom’s rhubarb upside down cake. i’ve made it many times, but it will be forever hers in my mind.

  • Sour cherry cobbler. I actually adapted the recipe from one of David Lebovitz’s recipes for the biscuit topping and smitten kitchen’s for the filling with a bit of my own preferences thrown in. So perfectly summery.

  • My favorite dessert is a dense plain cheesecake with fresh berries on top. Mmm! I would love this cookbook because I love all things French and all things food! It would be amazing to try perfected french recipes one after another!

  • Dessert is my favorite part of any meal and I would have to say that chocolate pots de creme are my favorite at the moment. They are so rich and delicious, I always make extra to take to my friends. I started making desserts and food from different places so I can taste the cuisine of places I’m dying to travel to. France so happens to be one of those places. This cookbook would open doors for me and probably add fuel to my desire to travel. Which is perfect for me, just as long as I get a little taste of the food. :)

  • My favorite dessert is from David’s Perfect Scoop book: basil ice cream. Its color is cooling in and of itself, but the flavor is indescribably good…better than basil itself.

  • I am huge fan of David Lebovitz’s ways of baking/desserts. Premium natural ingredient with classic updated technics…
    My favorite dessert is almond ice cream on top of french style apple tart. I hope I will win this book as I know I will use it on a regular basis (and will have lots of friends and family enjoy the stuff I make out of it).

  • moelleux au chocolat, or strawberry sorbet. and most ice creams out of ‘the perfect scoop’ that i’ve tried so far!

  • That’s difficult! But my favorite desert is Cupuacu Pie made by my grandma. I would love to to have this book because the best part of every meal is the desert, and I’m sure the recipes would make my family’s meals taste more yummy better!!!

  • So hard to pick a favorite dessert! I really love Kentucky Derby Pie, and even more so since I live where it was founded!

    I’d love to win this book because I’ve recently learned how to begin to cook well, and I love making desserts. I also just found this chef’s blog, and recently made the Tomato Tart (wonderful!)

  • Not to suck up to David Lebovitz, but his cheesecake brownies are my go to recipe and my favorite things in the entire world. Love them!!

  • Sooo many. But to choose one for the summer, I’d have to say fresh glazed blueberry pie.

    I would love to win a copy of David’s book!

  • I am obsessed with making my own Chouquettes ever since recently visiting France and polishing off an entire bag by myself. David’s recipe in The Sweet Life was so easy to follow and I would love a chance to win his newest! PLEASE pick me! Merci beaucoup!

  • My favorite dessert is a blueberry pie concoction my mom used to make. It had a graham cracker/cream cheese crust, canned blueberry pie filling on top, then whipped cream over that… mmm so creamy crispy good! I’d love to win this book because I always go with store-bought dessert and want to get inspired to cook dessert from scratch!

  • My favourite dessert is a piece of moist old-fashioned chocolate cake that goes so well with a glass of milk.

    I’d love a copy of this book and try out all of David’s recipes!

  • My favorite desert of the moment is ice cream. Feels like there is much more adventerous, adult flavors out there now. I’m an avid baker and would love a copy of David’s book.

  • Vanilla ice cream–goes with everything, I eat it in every season, even in the dead of winter.

  • My favorite dessert is chocolate mousse. It’s so simple, but it’s only once in a blue moon that you find mousse that’s REALLY DELICIOUS, and that perfect airiness.

    Apart from just loving to bake, I’m about to move into my first post-college apartment – hoping to have many dinner/dessert parties for my closest friends! Ready for Dessert would be the perfect jump-start to my cookbook collection, and a great inspiration for my first housewarming party!

  • I hope I’m not too late!

    I have two favorites- the first is Raseberry Pot de Creme and the second is Chocolate Basil Creme Brulee.

    I hate to cook but love to bake and since I will be hosting our first Christmas for my in-laws I would love to wow my southern MIL.

    Thank you for the chance!

  • I’m a dessertholic!!! Picking one favorite dessert is near impossible for me. I’d like to win this book – to try some new recipes and share the sweetness with others.

  • Like so many commenters, I have a hard time naming one favorite dessert. I do love my mom’s chocolate chip cookies. Also ice cream — love ice cream! I would like to win the book because I enjoy making desserts to share with friends, and I’d like to try DL’s new recipes!

  • Ooh I would love to have this book… I love simple sophisticated desserts.
    My favorite dessert is simple: raspberry sorbet with dark chocolate shaved over the top. Maybe a mint sprig and a dallop of whipped cream if I am feeling fancy.

  • My favorite dessert? That is an excellent question. I think it’s chocolate cake with icing that my mom makes! I also love anything with caramel. I’d love to try David’s new book!

  • So hard to choose, but my favourite dessert right now is salted caramel sundaes, made with homemade vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, sprinkled with a few grains of fleur de sel. Sweet and salty and creamy and crunchy and delicious!

    I’d love to win this book because I’ve learned so much from David’s other cook books, and because I absolutely love dessert.

  • My favorite dessert is peach pie with ginger ice cream (home made by me last night). I would love to wine this book cause david’s work is so inspiring and i would loooove to expand my repertoire. i worked at chez panisse this past spring for a month and fell in love with pastry even more so because of it…thanks for the chance xo

  • Lemon. Lemon ANYTHING. Just so long as it’s LEMON. Pie, cake, cookies, bars, tarts, anything lemon – can’t get enough.

    Would love this book, maybe to learn to venture away from the lemon :)

  • My favorite is chocolate souffle. I would love to win a copy of this book because dessert is not celebrated enough! We don’t have nearly enough restaurants/cafes/lounges with amazing dessert and more often than not it is disappointing when ordered out.

  • For Spring and Summah time: pavlova with lemon curd and fresh berries. So very delicious.

    I’d love the book to add more favorite dessert recipes to my list!

  • My favorite desert is whichever one is in front of me at the moment- love the one you’re with, people!

    And PLEASE, I need David’s book because there is a recipe for dark caramel in it that I am unable to sleep for want of- restless nights, tossing and turning, thinking only of dark caramel…

  • Can you use any berry for the sorbet? My husband isn’t the greatest fan of raspberries, but I would love to try this recipe in this summer heat.
    I’m a beginning baker and have had good success with cookies and pies, I would love to have a copy of David’s book to add to my collection and repertoire. My favorite dessert would have to be apple upside-down cake. I baked it for the Fourth of July as a nod to the classic American apple pie, and it was gone before dinner was! My Grandpa, who is very picky with his sweets, even came up to me and asked if he could keep the second one I had made as it was “so darn tasty”… anything for you grandpa, anything for you ;)

  • My favorite dessert is icecream. Pretty much any kind and at any time (not just dessert!). Which is why I already have a copy of David Lebovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop.” I would like a copy of “Ready for Dessert” because I am trying to amass my collection of his books. And since his earliest books are out of print and hard to find this book would be a great addition and substitute! I also know that based on my experience with “the perfect scoop” any other book of David’s would be absolutely amazing and worth having. Although if I were to win, I would probably just start having dessert all the time, so that I could cook all the recipes in the book.

  • My favorite dessert was a perfect blueberry macaron that I had in, of all places, Bloomington, Indiana. It was the most perfect and luminous blue color, with little pieces of blueberry in the cream. The little feet were precise and charming. I have not been able to recreate them despite my efforts.

    Perhaps with David’s book?…

    I love David’s website and recipes. Always beautiful and inspiring. I hope to have a gorgeous book to accompany my lonely kitchen.

  • My favorite dessert, by far, is chocolate molten cake served with either a coffee-flavored custard or homemade vanilla ice cream.

  • Hmmm, I think my favorite dessert would have to be anything that has cream cheese frosting on it.

  • Banana bread, because it’s lovely and homey and delightful.

    I’m a big fan of David’s blog, but I have yet to own one of his cookbooks!

  • My favorite desserts are macarons! And there just so happens to be a little story behind it…

    While I’ve been reading Design*Sponge for years, I just discovered macarons for the first time about a month ago and fell in love! On my internet search to find out more about these wonderful treats, I came across David Lebovitz’s blog. His humor, love of food and experiences in Paris made me immediately bookmark the site. So, now, it seems like fate that I find him here, too! Maybe this is a sign that I should win this book!

  • My favorite dessert is Mont Blanc, it’s a lot of work, but totally worth it! Oh boy, I want some NOW!

    I’d love to get my hands on David’s new book. Thanks for the chance!

  • I love anything chocolate, macarons, and pate de fruit. I’d love to win this book b/c I’m a D.L. fan and want that recipe for red wine sorbet!

  • Wow, this book looks amazing, thanks! If I don’t win, I will have to find it at my local bookstore. My favorite dessert is a tart lemon meringue pie or minimalist blueberry crisp, both great for the summer.

  • My mouth waters when I think back on the delicious homemade fried apple turnovers my sweet late grandmother used to make when we’d visit. She mastered and embellished old homestyle recipes, an art I have yet to get a good grip on. That’s why I’ve gotta have this glorious publication.

  • Ovenwarm Bohemian apple strudel with fresh whipped heavy cream, like my mom makes it for winter dinners – its a typical family recipe she learned by my grandma just by being patiently enough to always peak over the shoulder. Thats how you get “tought” cooking in my family, and though we have a couple of good (imported) cookbooks to widen our reportoire, I love how David Lebovitz shares and educates (without preaching) pastry skills and cant wait to try more of his fantastic and elegant recipes!

  • I can’t see the video well at all. Please compress your videos better! We don’t all have super-fast iBooks.

    • shawna

      the video has nothing to do with you having an ibook. it’s on youtube, which is sometimes slow this time of day. give it a few and try again- it’s been running well today on a number of different computer types and speeds, so it should be fine ;)


  • I don’t even know if this qualify’s as a dessert, but I love biscuits or sopapilla’s and honey after a meal. So amazing!

  • Ice cream is my favorite! If I got David’s book I would want to try my hand (and tongue!) at every recipe inside.

  • My favorite dessert is lemon berry tarts, and I want the book so I can make more and more desserts obviously! I regularly make recipes from David’s website.

  • My favorite dessert is still a little something my mom and I whipped up when I was little… We bought Angel food cake, and then soaked strawberries in milk and whipped them up with whipped cream and cream cheese for a yummy icing… then we’d cut the cake in half and icing the middle and add fresh strawberries to the middle, then mush it together and ice the whole thing, and put strawberries on top!
    I’d love to have this book, because my favorite thing in the world is to have friends and family over to my house, and I’d love to have more tasty delights to keep them coming!

  • My favorite dessert is chocolate eclairs.
    What a great interview. I love David’s blog but I don’t have any of his books yet!

  • Hmmm, if I’m making it, my favorite dessert is an old fashioned chocolate sheet cake (My friends in France always giggle when they pronounce it.) If I’m in a restaurant and it’s on the menu, I order Bananas Foster – it’s old school, but I love it.
    Huge fan of David’s Sweet Life in Paris and I’m drooling at the thought of adding his book Ready for Dessert to my cookbook shelf.

  • Oh my goodness that red wine and raspberry sorbet looks absolutely amazing. My favorite dessert, hands down, are vanilla bean cheesecake squares with blood orange. My friend Heather made them for my baby shower 2 1/2 years ago and I haven’t been able to get enough since!

  • A confession: I look forward to birthday parties primarily because I know cake will be served. Last week, I had a piece of my sister’s leftover birthday cake when no one was watching, but my husband caught me coming out of the bedroom with cake plate and fork in hand. So later, when my sister asked if I wanted a piece of cake, I pretended I hadn’t had any, then scarfed it before husband saw me eating a second piece. Otherwise, I’m perfectly normal.

    I love David’s writing. I made the mistake of taking “The Sweet Life in Paris” to a surgery waiting room and had to put it down after I kept laughing out loud, surrounded by worried loved ones.

  • I’m a sucker for Pecan Pie. What can I say, I’m from Texas, it’s in my blood.

    Despite popular belief, not all Texans hate France. Well, at least we don’t hate delicious French desserts. Hence, why I’d love to have a copy of David’s new book.

  • What a wonderful video! My partner declares that if I ever get pregnant, he’s going to have to live in the ice cream aisle of our market.

  • My favorite dessert to make would be almond meringues. Not only do they melt in your mouth, they are relaxing (at least to me) to make.

    I would LOVE the cookbook because I need to get past my meringue making ;) And I’M READY FOR DESSERT!

  • Oh, my. I can never turn down a fudge-y brownie. Never. I would love to have David’s book because I’m a devoted follower of his site and he has a wonderful way of making seemingly difficult recipes easy and accessible. Yay, David!

  • My favorite dessert is most anything with some chocolate or full of chocolate. I’d love to win David’s new book because today is my birthday and I think it would make a great present.

  • I love truffles: they’re everything good about the world without any unnecessary distractions. Mmmmmm, chocolate and cream!

  • This is hard since dessert is my favorite food but if forced to choose it would Coconut Cream Pie.

  • What is my favorite dessert? That is an impossible question, but I’m going to have to say anything with chocolate or fruit. I’d love to win a copy of the book; big fan of David Lebovitz! Thank you!

  • I love all things sweet. My absolute favorite is almost anything with fresh berries. Right now I’m all about brandied peach parfaits.

    I would love a chance to bake my way through David’s new book. Mmmmm.

  • I’m would love to have a simple rootbeer float right now! It’s cold and summery and delicous. And I would love to get David’s new book to try all of his desserts!

  • My favorite bought desert are macarons, but my favorite homemade desert is from scratch is angel food cake with fresh strawberries and my great-grandmother’s homemade icecream. Mmmmm.

  • My favorite dessert, hmmmm…. I’ll go with tiramisu. I don’t get it often though, I like to mix things up. I would love to have this book!

  • my favorite dessert is nothin’ too sexy – simply homemade vanilla pudding with sliced not-too-ripe bananas. mmm.
    for the longest time, i’ve wanted to make candies – i even bought a candy thermometer! now i just need ‘ready for dessert’ to get cookin’!

  • I love ice cream –preferably homemade with fresh fruit. It’s my favorite dessert by far!

  • fav dessert: fruit cobbler
    i have onlyy recently started to follow david’s blog & i love it – i would love the cookbook to learn even more!

  • My favorite desert is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I would love Davids cookbook because I’ve so enjoyed cooking off of his blog (going to try some cookies from there in a bit!) and I think having wonderful recipes all in one place would make me smile!

  • Favorite dessert growing up was Mom’s chocolate/heath bar trifle. Favorite dessert to get in Boston’s North End is Florentine cookies (from Mike’s Pastries). Favorite dessert to make for dinner guests is Tyler Florence’s Peach Cobbler Skillet. Favorite box dessert (gasp, I know!) Ghiradelli Double chocolate brownies – they never fail. That’s a lot of favorites, but I don’t stray too far from those few except to make chocolate chip cookies or sugar and spritz cookies at Christmas. that is exactly why I need a copy of David Lebovitz’s’ new cookbook! I’m sure it’s gorgeous and inspiring and well…pick me! thanks :)

  • Wow, I just recently discovered david’s blog and read it back to front in one (very long) evening! I would love to own one of his books!

    Favorite dessert? Well, panna cotta. :)

  • My favorite dessert…hmm…I love a really good tiramisu. I also love pies and make them frequently (usually blueberry). Love David too and follow his blog religiously.

  • My favorite dessert right now is David’s salted caramel ice cream from The Perfect Scoop. Incredibly rich and so delicious. I’d love to win this book to see what other great sweets he’s concocted for us! :-)

  • David is a-ma-zing. His book is gorgeous and I’m drooling already! Dessert is my favorite course and I’d love to try his recipes. And my favorite dessert? Salted caramel bread pudding. Oh, man…. :)

  • Wow, I absolutely loved watching the video, I envisioned myself in Paris the whole time! My favorite dessert is definitely a fresh seasonal fruit tart with summers best fruits heaping on top. It is a must for everyone to have! Just thinking about it makes me smile!

  • I bought an ice cream maker because of Dave. My favorite dessert is usually chocolate cake, but i would love to make the red wine sorbet!

  • My favorite dessert is probably banana cream pie….yum! Thanks for this chance! I would love a copy of the book.

  • My favorite desert is probably the pear tart I’ve been making seen my graduate school days in the early ’80s. I use to bring this tart to seminars when they were held in our gallery director’s fabulous art-filled home. Her husband loved this tart, so she made sure he got his slice long before anyone else did. I would love a copy of Room for Deserts. Everything I have made off David’s blog has been spot on and finding good fool-proof recipes is not so easy.

  • My favorite dessert is homemade apple pie (my mother’s recipe of course!). I would love to get this book because I check David Lebovitz’s site out every day and I love his work!

  • Probably a cheese tart (from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking I) with a rosemary crust, a little lemon zest in the tart, and pomegranate seeds on top.

  • My favorite dessert is warm sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream.

    I’ve been following David’s blog for two years. I love his recipes, of course, and I would love his book because it includes more than just recipes: It is also full of the history and culture behind the desserts, useful tips and techniques, and it is merely a pleasurable read all by itself.

  • I loved your video! I have been following your blog and I follow David on Twitter, so I felt like I knew you already.
    My favorite dessert is peach cobbler. It reminds me of my grandmother and growing up in rural Arkansas. We had lots of fruit trees and when my grandparents came down to visit we would always pick peaches and make cobbler. It is still one of my favorites. Thanks again for the opportunity to win David’s new book!

  • Favorite dessert? A fresh, ripe peach sliced atop a bowl of vanilla ice-cream. I’d love this book to expand my dessert recipe repertoire… plus the book looks absolutely beautiful!

  • I love chocolate and it’s hard to beat really excellent chocolate chip cookies. I follow David’s blog and really enjoy his recipes.

  • My favorite dessert is a *good* cannoli. I blame sunny afternoons in the North Beach district in San Fran; Stella’s will always have my heart.

    I would *love* to have the book by David because I want to live vicariously through him via his recipes! Plus, we should always eat dessert first. :)

  • I’d love to start making desserts more often and this book would be a great start!!

    my favorite dessert are cookie dough eggrolls. delish!!

  • I love carrot cake. I enjoy making special treats for friends and family, and I’d like to add this book to my collection.

  • I read David Lebovitz blog regularly and like his sense of humor and Paris stories. My favorite desert are sweet, ripe, juicy and seasonal fruits.

  • Anne, you could not be more talented and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • any super chocolate dense cake but on a more day to day oatmeal cookies make me very happy. i am always looking for new and better recipes most of all when it comes to desert.

  • Only one favourite dessert? What a difficult task. Today the answer would be creme caramel (but only if the custard is silky smooth and the caramel overflowing).

    Having just discovered David Lebovitz after reading THE SWEET LIFE IN PARIS, I am eager to learn more from this man and have an opportunity to try his fantastic (or so I’ve heard) recipes.

  • Anything with LOADS of whipped cream is a favorite for me, my all time favorite being the Norwegian whipped cream and berry cake, blotkake.

  • My favorite dessert at the moment are ice cream sandwiched between two cookies–the perfect summer treat!

    I’d love to win the cookbook, because my husband cooks all the savory foods in the house, and I would love to return the favor and cook him something sweet and delicious!

  • My favorite dessert… today, anyway… is Chocolate Fire Cake. It started with an old Cooking Light recipe of the same name that intrigued me with chocolate plus cayenne, and was adapted to include a little more cinnamon, some coffee, etc. I top it with chocolate ganache. (Which, yeah, obliterates the whole “lighter” idea. Oh well, it’s delicious!)

    I’ve followed David’s blog ever since he taught me how to make jam, sans recipe. I found his blog via a search for “tart cherry jam recipe” a year or two ago, and have been addicted ever since. I feel like I’m learning how to cook–and sometimes, how to eat–when I read his posts, and that we’re all (author and readers alike) part of one big community of real food enthusiasts. I love that–his is easily my favorite food blog. I’ve given David’s books as gifts, but have never bought one for myself yet… and that’s why I’d love to win Ready for Dessert.

  • my favorite desserts always involve cool cream in some form- sometimes hot chocolate with whipped cream, cherries with whipped creme fraiche, or a tart accompanied by ice cream?? i love david’s recipes and blog because he embraces simple yet elegant desserts, has a similar soft spot for ice cream, and always suggests a great pairing for maximum enjoyment of all the textures and flavors involved…i’d love to have more of his amazing recipes to experiment with! the perfect scoop is already a well stained, permanent part of my cookbook shelf. =)

  • I would love to win this book – it’s been on my wish list since it came out!

    As for my favorite dessert, I favor rustic over frou frou so I would have to go with the classic chocolate chip cookies.

  • I love David Lebovitz! My favorite dessert lately are the summer fruit and yogurt popsicles that I found thanks to his blog.

  • Ooh I am such a dessert person that when I dine out I look at the dessert menu first before choosing my entree!!! So that makes it hard to pick my fave as I love lots! But if I have to pick – you can’t go passed a good Australian Pavlova.

  • I’ve been reading David’s blog for years, having first stumbled across his recipe for individual flourless chocolate cakes online (and they’ve become a staple in the house, a dessert I whip up for unexpected company).

    My favourite dessert? depends on the day. Seasonal fruit. Strawberry ice cream. Rhubarb compote. Chocolate-hazelnut meringue cake.

  • My favorite dessert has to be potica. It’s a Slovenian dessert that is similar to a nut roll and takes around 4-5 hours to make. I love David Lebovitz and want to try some more of his recipes!

  • right now, i’d have to say that my favorite is homemade ice cream-anything from “the perfect scoop.” my husband would choose dessert over dinner any day, so i’d love to have this book (especially since today is our anniversary)

  • Fruit topped cheesecake is my downfall. I’d like to own David’s book as I have a library copy that needs returning.

  • My all-time favorite is German chocolate cake- either as is, or in the form of ice cream!

  • My favorite dessert is anything involving ice cream, preferably homemade, and I would love to win this book because David is a culinary genius! I made his tomato tart last night to rave reviews…

  • I am a bit of a pumpkin-phile. If it’s made with an orange gourd, and some cardamom or cinnamon, it will pretty much be a favorite. I recently had a pumpkin ice cream/basil ice cream duo. Yummm. C’est magnifique!

  • My favorite dessert is bread pudding with white chocolate sauce. I would like to add this dessert book to my collection!!

  • My favorite dessert (so far!) is actually David’s malted milk ice cream from page 51 (yes, I have the page # memorized!) of The Perfect Scoop.

  • My fav dessert is tiramisù, as I am Italian I love the way that coffee melts with the mascarpone cream!sooo tasty!

    And thanks to David book I’ll learn to do the perfect macarons too!That are second in my list of fav sweets!:))

  • I will forever be a sucker for a flourless chocolate cake. Yum. I would love to win David’s book because I can’t think of anything more enjoyable then making frozen treats on a Sunday afternoon.

  • It was a treat in itself to watch David Lebovitz demonstrate a recipe from his book! I’m so excited to try out his red wine raspberry sorbet recipe!

    My favorite dessert happens to be a filipino dish called, “Halo Halo”. What makes this dessert so amazing is its many ingredients that surprisingly blend well together when mixed up like the name suggests in tagalog. Traditionally, candied fruit, jello, leche flan, ice cream, sweet beans, condensed milk, and puffed rice are piled into a bowl of shaved ice.

  • Whatever dessert I make is my favorite. Tonight: an open faced bluberry pie, scented with lime and mint, in a cornmeal crust. Tomorrow: who knows?

  • My favorite dessert is lemon sorbet, and I’d like a copy of the book because David’s recipes are great, and I’d like to read all of them.

  • Hands down, my all-time favorite dessert is a chocolate layer cake, with layers of chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse, and fudge, with a bit of whipped cream on the side. I had this at a restaurant once, and sadly, I cannot remember where! I would love to win, because I like David’s style, and making dessert is the only thing I like to do in the kitchen! ;)

  • I think asking a baker to pick her favorite dessert is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child, but I will never say no to a homemade chocolate chip cookie!

    And I NEED this book, because clearly I need to expand my repertoire. Also, I have a DL crush.

  • My all time favorite is actually the Black-Bottom Cupcakes from David’s “The Great Book of Chocolate”. Sinfully moist and creamy, cannot be beat! David is a culinary genius and a delight!

  • My two favorite blogs have joined forces to discuss my favorite topic – dessert! My mind almost spontaneously combusted upon seeing this posting. As for favorites, I would wholeheartedly vote for David’s Dulce de Leche Brownie recipe, which will have you creating brownie temples in its honor. It is so deliciously gooey, dense and fudgy at once and the smallest slices pack a mega chocolate TKO. Totally worth the can-boiling efforts of making homemade dulce de leche.

  • My favorite dessert, most days, is ice cream–something caramel-y would be ideal. Bananas foster? I also love a simple panna cotta.

    But what I really want to know is where Anne got her dress! With a summer of 5 weddings to attend and 3 rehearsal dinners, I could use something effortless and winsome like the one she has. PLEASE TELL!

  • Hands down: a cannoli. I cannot resist it. Ever. I would love to win this book because I’m just starting to collect things (only special things) that will one day go in my home, when I finally get my own space. This would be my first cookbook, and what a better way to start than with desserts!

  • Gateau St. Honore au chocolat wins it hands down. (Or should I say les doigts dans le nez?)

    A major David L groupie.

  • what a joy to watch your video. my daughter spent her fall semester in france and truly fell in love with the city and people. she enjoyed all of the bakeries. sure would be great to win the book and to make some of your desserts. i will be looking for your other book as a surprise for her. thanks!

  • My favorite dessert is profiteroles because they are so simple, but they really showcase well-made components. I would love this book because I have been reading David’s blog for a couple of months now, (I’m a newcomer), and I would love to have his recipes all in one place.

  • My favorite dessert is Apple Cake with Gravy. Yum…gravy is technically a caramel sauce, but when we were little, it looked like gravy, and thus the name! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I am very excited about his recent posting of Caramelized White Chocolate Cakes. I can’t wait to make them!

  • There was a dessert my mother used to make, a chocolate-caramel trifle with gooey brownies, canned cherry pie filling, and a deep, dark caramel with just a bit of salt added, and we would eat it as children with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate fudge sauce and there was nothing better. It was made for the after-church luncheons and I would always be sure to grab a plate of it before I loaded up on casserole because I was sure that it would be gone by the time I got through the line properly.

    The book looks to be a helpful one. From his blog posts, Mr. Lebovitz’s recipes seem to be creative yet classic and refined, and, perhaps most importantly, the ones I’ve tried have all taught me something new and tasted good. My budget says I shouldn’t buy the book, so perhaps the internet gods will smile down on me.

  • I made my first chocolate souffle for July 4th, and want to keep expanding my dessert repetoire. And i’m jealous cause my best friend just bought DL’s book..

  • My favorite dessert is (hands down) chocolate gelato! Being a newlywed, I’d love to win this book because dessert is one of the best parts of a marriage.

  • I love David’s lemon tart. The crust is perfect and simple while the lemon filling has a wonderful tang.

  • My favourite dessert is either a lemon tart or raspberry and chocolate brownies. I’d like to win a copy of David’s new book, because I love desserts and I thoroughly enjoyed The Sweet Life in Paris.

  • choosing a favorite dessert is a ridiculous venture but I’ll say….anything chocolate. I love Lebovitz and I would love to have a copy of his latest book.

  • It depends on the season, at the moment, it’s a light vanilla sponge cake with strawberry and rose cream. yummy!
    This book has been on my wishlist, so i’m crossing fingers :)

  • My favorite dessert is simple vanilla custard. It’s so multi-functional! Good on top of fruit, shortcakes, stuffed into Boston cream pie, or just enjoyed by itself. Oh, and perfect in eclairs, too. I’d love a good eclair recipe to use an excuse to make some custard soon…

  • My fave dessert is Lemon Delicious – so tasty! Spongey lemony cake with lemon curd style sauce, you can make it as sweet or as tart as you like, or mix it up by adding lime or orange to it.

    And I would like to win the book because I only recently discovered David Lebovitz and need to know more!!

  • My favourite dessert would have to be anything cheesecake! I love any dessert that has a hint (or more than a hint!) of cream cheese. I would like to win a copy because I love to make desserts and I think dessert is a key ingredient to good hospitality!

  • raspberry peach pie has been a favorite for about 15 yrs now (i first made it when i was a nanny for a lovely family on a boat…if you’ve never made pie from scratch in open seas with a toddler you are missing out!)
    I’d love a copy of this book though because i bake with my own kids weekly for our desserts, and i need to up the ante! Plus I’d love to hand off some stellar desserts to the various handymen in my life!

  • I love sweets! My favorite dessert is peanut butter fudge brownies… so dense and decadent.
    I’d enjoy having more recipes for sweet things!

  • Current favorite is actually David’s chocolate-raspberry ice cream. That stuff is heaven and I’m already on batch 3. But overall, I’d have to go for chocolate peanut butter cake.
    I love David’s books and blog and have been eyeing this book for months! It would be awesome to win a copy.

  • i love my aunt fontaine’s blueberry pie. the secret is you only cook half of the blueberries, so it tastes really fresh. yum! i’ve heard so many great things about David lately, so i’m really interested in checking out his books. great video by the way!

  • Since we’re in the middle of a scorching hot summer, I’d have to say panna cotta with raspberries. It’s so creamy and not too sweet. I would love to win David’s new book because I love to cook and I love to bake. Pretty simple!

  • There are days when I would kill for the perfect brownie fudge sundae (ha, I combined like THREE desserts in there!) – don’t worry, never actually come to death threats. I would LOVE this book because I love David’s simple and elegant ideas! Yum yum yum.

  • My favorite desert is either a chocolate turtle cake, or a homemade berry pie. I want to win the book because I love David Lebovitz and all of his books!

  • My favorite dessert is a blueberry tart–I found the recipe in a magazine article on French bistros. I’ve been making it for 18 years, and it always gets raves. I would love to win David’s book because I’m trying to catch a husband with a culinary trap, and new weapons are always welcome :^)

  • what a great book. I like the section on frozen desserts. my favorite desserts are flavored creme brulees and german chocolate cake

  • My favorite dessert thus far is the Spiced Apple Cake that David shared on his blog a while back. Whenever I make it friends come running to help me eat it! It’s one of my favorite cakes to give away.

    I’d love a copy of Ready for Dessert because I’ll be spending about 16 months in Northwestern France come December, and I’d love to have more recipes to share while I’m over there.

    Thanks for posting this video and dialogue!

  • Ohhh… I have two favorite desserts…one from my childhood (homemade angel food cake with whipped cream chocolate frosting) and the other from my favorite bistro in town (chocolate caramel nut tart). I’d love to win the copy of David’s book because I am a huge fan of his since stumbling upon his blog. I have it bookmarked and check it everyday.

  • I’d love to win so I can make some of David’s fabulous desserts for my family and friends! My favorite dessert is devil’s food cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

  • I’m a big fan of s’mores ice cream pie. I need David’s book because I’m low on cookbooks and cash!

  • I once had cinnamon ice cream while on vacation in Savannah and it was the best ice cream I had ever tasted. I haven’t come across it since, at least not other than my own homemade version.
    Would love this book because desserts are some of the few things I actually can make in the kitchen.

  • Picking a favorite is soo hard! I love almost all sweets and anything with chocolate in it! But to pick a favorite I’d have to say Chocolate double layer cake with chocolate frosting/mousse in the middle and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to compliment it.. mmmm! I’m almost drooling thinking about it

  • My favorite dessert? Butterscoth pudding as prepared at The Hudson House, Nyack, NY. It’s sheer perfection. I’ve been working on a butterscotch pudding that perfect for several years now.

    I would love to win David’s new book as I adore him, and would love to have his latest fabulousness to bake from!

  • I’m not sure I have a favorite dessert. Black Forest Cake is always good. Anything with chocolate, really. I’d love to win the book because I’ve been enjoying David’s blog and would love to try more of his recipes.

  • My fave dessert is probably Charlotte Malakoff au chocolat from Mastering the Art.

    I’d love a copy of David’s new book because I’m a pastry chef stuck in a rut–I need some inspiration! Thanks.

  • My favorite dessert is either creme brulee or bread pudding topped with fresh fruit. I would love to win this book because I baked at a wonderful bakery in San Francisco for three years and I am obsessed with anything Paris related.

  • it’s almost a tie between earl grey tea cake and dark chocolate sour cream bund cake with orange honey whipped cream….the tea cake wins!

  • My favorite dessert is the classic chocolate chip cookie. I’d love to win a copy of Ready for Dessert because I enjoy David’s writing so much and his recipes are amazing!

  • Favorite dessert: hmmn, just one favorite? A great hot chocolate.

    Winning a well-written cookbook will make using it all the more delicious. I buy few cookbooks and like to have books that will hold up for many years. Mr Lebovitz newest book will be an appreciated Paris-touchstone on the bookshelf.

  • My favorite dessert is Carrot Cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting because it is so moist and the texture is out of this world. I like the blend of earthy sweetness from the carrots with just a touch of spice from the cinnamon. The smell alone from the frosting is enough to make my mouth water.

    I love your blog!! I check it out almost everyday.

  • I’m a recent fan/reader of David’s blog. I find his Paris stories both entertaining and informative. I recently tried an Oatmeal cookie recipe that he adapted from Nick Malgieri. I took David’s advice and added some spice, and they were not only lowfat, but loaded with flavor. I will be making more of David’s recipes as it takes an appreciation of simple things to truly appreciate the finest things.

  • my fav dessert is any kind of cake but especially chocolate! i’d love to win a copy of david’s book b/c his blog is so awesome.

  • I have a couple of friends, Desire (14) and Vanessa (8) who say I make the BEST cookies, this being that I made them a YEAR ago!! Classic chocolate chip cookies, they make you famous!

  • my favorite dessert is Crepes with Nutella. When I lived in France, there was nothing more delish to me then one of those. Why wouldn’t I want to win David’s book! Amazing!

  • My favorite dessert of all are freshly chocolate chip cookies topped with sea salt –yumm! I would love to win David’s new book, because baking is my most favorite pastime passion. I love to share my baked goods with everyone in my life, and enjoyed what David said about how bakers love to share –it’s so true…

  • My favorite dessert at the moment is lemon raspberry tart! Oh it is so good! I would love to win this book so that I will have wonderfully yummy opportunities to find new favorite desserts :) Thank you for the chance to win this book!

  • Lemon Bars! I would love a copy of the new book because I secretly dream of opening my own bakery.

  • My latest favorite is my Blueberry Basil Crumble Pie with Goat Cheese Creme Fraiche or Sage Plum with Orange Glaze. Would love to win your book for more ideas and great desserts!

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies are my fav dessert and I would love to win this book so I can try new recipes!

  • I love the mix of hot, freshly baked peaches topped with oatmeal, cinnamon, butter and brown sugar. Add freshly whipped cream with a hint of vanilla and it’s divine.
    I’d love to dig into David’s recipes. Dessert s’il vous plaît!

  • My current favorite is the Butterscotch Budino at local Austin restaurant Texas French Bread. The pudding is layered with caramel with sea salt and topped with whipped cream! Fantastic!

  • I quite recently chanced upon the most amazing dessert. In order to include a dear friend who is wheat free, I made Tartine’s shortbread recipe with rolled oats made pulsed into flour instead of AP flour. I proceeded to add rosemary and lots of lemon zest. I paired it with lemon cream and blackberries from my garden. It was divine, and she was very appreciative. As for Davids book, I adore his blog, and it would be lovely to cook from his book.

  • Not being very good at deserts, I could use the help especially from someone as talented and spot-on as David.
    My nonna’s bread pudding has to be my favorite desert to cook……and the one to eat that I dont make would be a decadent chocolate mousse.

  • Cold creamy desserts of any kind!! Like ice cream, sorbet, etc… Luckily I just bought myself an ice cream maker, so I need a cookbook for it! Lime sherbet in it as I type. But this Raspberry Red Wine Sorbet is going to be next! Yum!

  • My Grandma’s Apple Dumplings are my favourite. My sister can make them just like she used to. Dessert was always our favourite part of a Grandma meal, she had a lot of staples, but she loved to try new ideas. Her recipe books are a motley of handwritten recipes, always with a note of where she got them from. I would love to have a copy of ‘Ready for Dessert’ because well – I always am ready for dessert, and I would just love to be able to get together with my sister and make a whole pile of new puddings to celebrate our Grandma.

  • My fav dessert? oh so difficult, but for right now at this moment in time, it’s got to be creme brulee. Oh gosh I need this book, that’s why I would love to win it. Truly need it. I can cook up a storm, but am not so great with desserts. I need the help!!!

  • I just got home from studying in Paris for the summer, and I miss the food there soooo much. It would be great to wind this book so I could learn to make it myself!

    My favorite dessert is creme brulee for sure.

  • I am so excited about this David Lebovitz feature today! My favourite desert is Chocolate Guiness cake. I would love to win a copy of David’s book because I just moved back from Europe, where I found out about David Lebovitz. Reading his blog got me through some sad and lonely times as well as inspired me to bake and cook!

  • My favorite dessert is probably a simple fruit sorbet, which is why I would love to win David’s book, since it incorporates his favorite recipes for them.

  • My favorite dessert is Pavlova with strawberries. A friend came over from Australia and made one and I got hooked on them. Oh, yummy!!!

  • Creme caramel with fresh raspberry sorbet on the side…

    sounds a bit too much but just sooooo good..

    I’ve been lusting after David’s new book since I cooked his salted caramel ice cream and went to heaven.

  • I’m a huge fan of David Lebovitz! I’m excited to try the sorbet recipe. My favorite dessert right now is a classic cheesecake with fresh local berries.

  • I guess my very favorite is my Tiramisu from scratch. But I have so many others from childhood that my Grandmother always made me, such as Coconut Cream and also Blackberry Pies. But I will stick with the Tiramisu.

    I have followed Dave’s success with admiration, love his books and would like to add the newest to my collection.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • I always seem to go back to my childhood favorite. Dame blanche! Really good homemade vanilla ice cream with melted luscious dark belgian chocolate drizzled all over! now i also add some crushed crunchy cookies for contrast. But it’s so incredibly good and I have so many fond memories associated with it!
    j’aimerais tellement ton livre de cuisine :)

  • My favorite dessert is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I never get tired of eating this for dessert! yum

  • Gingerbread! Fresh ginger in David’s recipe makes this the best cake. Here in DC the farmers market has freshly dug ginger in the autumn and thats when I make this dessert. Somewhere on my web site you can see the finished cake.

  • oh, and I’d also love this cookbook because I’m passionate about baking and making desserts! If your blog inspires me than i’m sure that your book would too!

  • I have been making the chez panisse/david lebovitz vanilla ice cream for years! It is my favorite. If it wasn’t for him i’d would be half the pastry cook i am today! He has inspired/saved/ and taught me so much. And I’m so excited by his new book! I was going to buy it with the perfect scoop recently but i only have enough cash for one, So please make my dream come true. And then come to chicago to try my desserts inspired by him and all ya’ll!

  • I’m a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie. I would like to win this book because I love trying new baked goods and bringing my whole family together with them. Not long into the baking process do people start to flock to the kitchen, eager to see what will come out of the oven.

  • I’d say my favourite dessert is probably (unbaked) cherry cheesecake. Mm.

    And I’d like to win the book since I’m trying to move from eating way too many processed foods into the making-food-myself realm, and hopefully the book would help me with that!

  • My favorite desert is Tiramisu, and I’d love this book because I’m a huge fan of David Lebowitz’s the Perfect Scoop (and his blog!)

  • At this time of year, blueberry and peach crisp served warm with David’s vanilla ice cream, in season strawberry rhubarb compote with crystallized ginger and orange zest served over slices of pound cake.

  • My favorite dessert is whichever I am preparing at the time…which happens to be fresh peach ginger pie with a crumble crust (in the oven now)…This pie is extra special since it contains the first crop of peaches ever harvested from our trees. A true taste of summer mingled with wide-eyed three year-old memories of standing in my great-grandmother’s peach orchard in Hungary. Full circle, even though I am in Kansas (am I?).
    I would very much like to receive a copy of David’s book because I really, really need all the help I can get! I was literally just hired as Pastry Chef at the Free State Brewing Co. in Lawrence, Kansas — yesterday! I am an intermediate baker (returning to school this fall for pastry baking associates degree…) — I have been hired specifically to develop the simple country-euro rustic dessert menus David is already famous for, from which my roots are drawn and to which I always aspire. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • My favorite dessert is bread pudding, especially chocolate, preferably with dried Michigan cherries that have been macerated in some yummy, jammy liquor. I’d love a copy of this book because I’m dating a wonderful man who shares my affection for both Paris and dessert – finally, someone I can cook for who also embraces carefully-crafted sugary richness! Thank you for sharing this enjoyable interview.

  • My favorite dessert is the lemon icebox pie from Clyde’s in New Orleans. Yummy, easy to make at home and impressive-looking!

    I have been following David’s blog for a few months now and would love to win the book.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. I knew David said he had a small kitchen but now I know he wasn’t just trying to be humble.

    My favorite dessert is profiteroles with whatever ice cream suits my fancy at the time. Chocolate sauce is a must, of course.

  • My favorite dessert, hands down, is homemade (from scratch) chocolate layer cake. David’s recipe’s are wonderful — I’d love to have a copy of my own of his newest book!

  • I so deserve a book! I’m pregnant and have been months without wine, brie cheese, and my favorite dessert is CHAMPAGNE SORBET!
    Love David Lebovitz!

  • My current favorite (summer) dessert just happens to be David’s vegan strawberry ice cream. It was almost too easy to make. I don’t normally eat vegan (I added some heavy cream to my version), but I truly enjoy having different options available, and thanks to David I now have a new favorite summer dessert.

  • I don’t think I can pick one favorite dessert – I’m definitely not picky when it comes to sweets! I love desserts- which is why I’d LOVE to win this book! I think I go through phases – for a while it’ll be anything lemon, then pie, then cupcakes, then ice cream. Right now, I think it’s probably chocolate cupcakes with strawberry icing…or maybe pudding with fresh berries from the farmer’s market… or grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream… choices, choices, choices!

  • My current favorite summer dessert just happens to be David’s vegan strawberry ice cream. It was almost too easy to make. I don’t normally eat vegan (I added some heavy cream to my version), but I truly enjoy having different options available, and thanks to David I now have a new favorite summer dessert. I’d love to win his book because when I’m not eating desserts, I’m making them and David’s book would only facilitate that endeavor!

  • My favorite dessert is chocolate cheesecake, and I would love to win a copy of the book because one can never have too many recipe for treats!

  • My favorite dessert is white chocolate chip cupcakes! I would be delighted to win David’s new book because living as a “starving” young artist, there is no room for spending on cook books! haha

    Great video and the sorbet is a must use for me here on out!

  • My favorite dessert is Pierre Hermé macarons. I could eat 100 of them—if I could afford that many.

    I would love to win David’s book so I could learn how to make some of David’s yummy recipes for my girlfriend.

  • As a proponent of the “life’s short; eat dessert first” motto, I would love to win a copy of this book. My favorite dessert is hard to define with any precision, being that I love desserts generally, particularly if they are chocolate in nature, but lately I’ve been craving a piece of French Silk pie from a place I used to go to with my family, back when I was younger. A nice piece of French Silk pie, piled high with chocolate curls and whipped cream sounds divine right about now!

  • I love a simple, rich tiramisù. And I’d like to win Davíd’s book because he is my go-to resource when I need to make something delicious!

  • My favorite dessert is a white frosted doughnut topped with colorful sprinkles. Who said a girl shouldn’t start her day with dessert first thing in the morning?!?!

    I’d like to win Ready for Dessert because it would justify my ongoing sweets obsession for just that much longer!

  • I love David’s recipe (from the Perfect Scoop) for toasted coconut ice cream.
    It is the best ice cream ever! I also made his chocolate ice cream recipe and my kids said it was better than Haagen Dasz. His recipes are the best!

  • I pride myself on preparing and sharing great meals – but desert has never been my forte.
    Perhaps by the end of shopping and cooking I petered out.

    After watching this video I am off to buy raspberries!

    David presents deserts as if they were plates of pure love – sweet, delicate . . . forget the entree!

    I would love to explore the rest of the recipes in David’s book . . . bring on the lemon tarte!

  • My favorite dessert is home made bread pudding- rich, sweet, delicious!

    I would love to win Ready For Dessert because David Lebovitz’s blog is the first place I go for desert recipes. They super easy to follow and turn out perfectly!

  • my favorite dessert is cantonese style egg tart. i think i might be salivating. better bake something fast!

  • Oh, I LOVE David Leibovitz! And his dessert book is AMAZING! I’d love to own that book. My favorite dessert is anything he makes with kumquats … My favorite fruit! I’ve been meaning to add a good dessert book to my collection, and THIS would be perfect!

    Wow, I’ve never wanted to win a blog contest so much. Ha!

  • Blueberry crisp! With only fresh blueberries. I would love to win this book because a little romance, beauty, love, AND sweetness are necessary for a blissful life <3

  • My favourite dessert is crème brûlée, although I’ve never tried to make one. I love David’s insights into French culture, his delightful sense of humour, and his recipes – whatever I try comes out wonderfully. Indeed, I’m eating the Eggplant Caviar that was just posted on his website right now! I need to become more diverse in my dessert repertoire, and I think having a copy of Ready for Dessert would be a great way to do that.

  • Dessert is my favorite dessert! Any and all things sweet, no discrimination. And The Perfect Scoop on my shelf needs a DL sibling.

  • My fav dessert is very uncomplicated… honey ice cream with fresh sliced strawberries or raspberries. Velvety, smooth ice cream spiked with tart, juicy bursts of berries. Yum.

    As for the book, I love reading anything that David wrote. Add scrumptious recipes and it can’t be beat!

  • After waiting almost two months to get “Ready for Dessert” from my local library here on Bainbridge Island WA, I was able to check it out! Being gluten free, I was ready to just drool over the desserts – especially the pictures, and … so many recipes were naturally gluten free – Buckwheat Cake w/Cider-Poached Apples, custards and frozen desserts – no need to worry – and tarts, pies and even sponge cake – I can make my own gluten free cakes and pie crust – I”ve died and gone to Paris – David where shall we meet to start the tour? Oh yes, I’ve read “The Sweet Life in Paris” a – smothering laughter in the middle of the night – and I will impress those French folks!

  • My favorite dessert is cheesecake with all the richness and silky goodness. This book would be great as I explore the wonders of baking and decide if I want to make a career out of this passion of mine.

  • My favorite dessert is anything with ice cream! I would love to win a copy of David Lebovitz’s book because I have enjoyed his blog, his humor and his books and know this new book will be another much-used and loved one in my house.

  • I do love pie, cake and cookies but my absolute favorite is ice cream.
    I am working my way through the perfect scoop and have become more popular with my friends. I have some favorites so far Leche Merengada, Banana Sorbet and Peanut Butter Ice Cream. Please give me a chance to widen my social circle by working through
    another amazing David Lebovitz book. I will be trying out the sorbet tomorrow.

  • Ice Cream. I just started making my own (with David’s book, The Perfect Scoop). I have many new friends now, and many containers of delicious ice cream in the freezer! :)

  • My favorite dessert is a 3-layer fluffy white cake flavored with coconut cream layered with a luscious buttercream frosting that has a dash of coconut extract and frosted and sprinkled with toasted coconut.
    I would love to win a copy of David’s book if not only for that delicious looking chocolate cake (as I am looking for the perfect chocolate cake recipe) but for all the wonderful adventures I would have using it!

  • I love David’s Absinthe Cake recipe; when I can’t get my hands on the green fairy liquid, Pernod stands in quite nicely. Its been a solid go-to dessert for me since he published it. I’m a grad student who hasn’t bought a cookbook in ages, so winning one is having my cake and eating it too!

  • Peach anything: peaches n vanilla cream, crisp, cobbler, ice cream . . .

    Loved the video and David’s blog.

    Thank you.

  • My favorite dessert is southern blueberry coffeecake made with fresh blueberries we have in our yard here in OR. I’d like to win Ready for Dessert because I have a huge crush on David and want to make everything he cooks. I read every entry in his blog and loved Sweet Life in Paris.

  • Oh, I need to add that I would love to win the cookbook because I live for great cookbooks.

  • My favorite dessert is fresh, Sour Cherry Pie. I’ve made several of Davids recipes, mostly from his blog and from Perfect Scoop, they are all wonderful. I need Ready For Dessert so I can try the ones I can’t get online.

  • My favorite dessert apple frangipane tart yum!
    I really admire David and his cooking, I have learned some much from his books Ripe for dessert, Room for dessert and The great book of Chocolate. I would love to have this book to complete my collection and see how his recipes have evolve. Thank uou

  • Wow. Watching that just made me log onto itunes, download some french music, and whip out my ice-cream maker that I bought 4 years ago, and never used.

  • Wow. Watching that just made me log onto itunes, download some french music, and whip out my ice-cream maker that I bought 4 years ago, and never used.

    My favorite dessert is a simple strawberry shortcake. BLISS

  • My current obsession is replicating the simple but amazingly delicious dessert we had at Le Reminet in Paris a few months ago–some sort of absolutely heavenly sauce (a zabaglione perhaps?) with a “perfect scoop” of pistachio ice cream and a French lace cookie-type shard on top.

    The item at the top of my wish list for several months now has been this new cookbook from “The Leb” (as he’s fondly known on the Paris forum I frequent). My b’day came and went…but no “Ready For Dessert” was unwrapped. David’s tips for macaron making are great, and just what I needed to perfect chocolate macarons (after lots of trial and error!). I know his new book will follow suit and introduce me to a whole new world of deliciousness! It would not be wasted in my kitchen. Pick me! Pick me!

  • My favourite dessert is a generous slice of chocolate brownie with fudge or ice-cream.

  • I once got a job by sending homemade brownies with my thank-you notes for the interview, but my favorite dessert is homemade sorbet, thanks to David’s book, The Perfect Scoop — so I’d like to add another of his dessert cookbooks to my collection!

  • Dark chocolate bread pudding. It takes two days to make and its divine. My husband requests it every year during the holidays. this year I will be able to use my own, backyard organic eggs!

  • mmmmmn, that sorbet sounds delicious! Can you just freeze it and then blend it if you don’t have an ice cream maker?

    My favourite dessert would have to be my mom’s french fruit tart. Decadent butter crust, delicious custard and fresh fruit = heaven on the tongue.

  • I love a good Tirimisu because I love anything coffee flavoured. Dessert is my most favoured course when visiting a restaurant and David’s book opens up so many delicious choices to savour !

  • There is no dessert tastier than a warm crepe! Especially if made with eggs fresh from my chickens. Top it with boiled-down home-grown strawberries and rhubarb, and perhaps a dollop of whipped cream… and I am in heaven.

    I had not previously been aware of David Lebovitz’s cookbooks and now, after stumbling upon them on Design Sponge my interest is greatly heightened! I would love to be introduced to him via winning a beautiful cookbook.

  • My mum makes this lemon loaf, that I can never replicate, and no other recipe will ever taste as good. It is both crisp and moist, i haven’t had it in years but I think eating it would make me feel 6 years old again.

  • My favourite dessert is ever changing inspired by whatever is seasonal & at the peak of perfection. Last week home made raspberry ice cream with berries picked from my garden. In winter hot caramel self saucing puddings….. I would of course love to win this book it looks amazing.

  • Lately, my favorite dessert is a mixed berry crisp cooked on the gas grill outdoors! It’s berry season in the Delta as well as heat and humidity summer weather, so my husband and I have been cooking outside as much as possible. I’d love a copy of David’s new book because I’ve been seeing snippets of some of the recipes on his blog and it looks like an amazing book–creative but simple combinations of fresh, high-quality ingredients-my idea of deeee-lish!

  • My favorite dessert would be tiramusu. It’s a real treat to eat out after a nice dinner out! I’d love the cookbook because I’d like to learn how to make desserts, instead of just buying them. Thanks!

  • I will willingly eat any chocolate desserts…the exception being, a brown-butter hazelnut cake…a delight for the senses. Otherwise, in the summers I like nice juicy peaches.

  • My favourite dessert is Sticky Date Pudding with caramel sauce! Why would I like to win a copy of David’s cookbook? I just love collecting cooking books and this would be a wonderful addition to my collection!

  • My all time favorite desert is an apple almond tart inspired by Simone Beck. My mouth is watering at the thought and if apples were in season I’d make one right now. David’s book would sit happily in my kitchen library!

  • An affogato after dinner is my favorite dessert right now, but I LOVE a watermelon paleta on a hot summer’s day.

  • Creme brulee — the best I had was a basil creme brulee with a layer of strawberries.

    I’ve never cooked a failure with David’s recipes so I’d love his new book.

  • My favorite dessert is warm molten chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream( home made, of course!) I would love David’s new book because I just love everything he does. I already have The Perfect Scoop and would love another one of his books in my collection,

  • Hi! My favourite dessert is peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie and I’d like to get his amazing book because I love David’s blog, I red his “Sweet Life in Paris” and it’s almost impossible to buy his books in Hungary.

  • My favorite dessert is a very dry coconut cake that my mom used to bake for my birthday. Now I’m looking for ways to improve the recipe so I can show her it doesn’t have to be so dry. ;)

    I’d love to receive a copy of David’s book since you can’t buy them in Israel and shipment from amazon and such is VERY expensive though it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • My favorite dessert is, undoubtedly, chocolate bakba. Soft, sweet bread…chocolate curves clinging to the crisp crust — perfection. I’m picky about it though, for me babka is something that must be eaten hot. Thanks to microwaves this is never really a problem, though of course it’s always best fresh out of the oven. When warm, babka practically melts in the mouth, the nostalgic taste of homemade bread overwhelming. Not to mention the aroma, which is simultaneously like walking into a bakery and peeling the wrapper off on a chocolate bar.

    Aaaah, I could go on forever! In short: babka is the edible equivalent of getting a hug from an old friend or family member. It’s encompassing in its warmth, gently sweet and reassuring in its familiarity. As for why I want the book, it’s because I’m scared. I’m heading off to college this Fall, and I can’t help but expect the worst. I’m shy, hard as it may be to believe reading this monster textblock, and making friends isn’t something that comes easily to me. But cooking is something that relaxes me, something that makes me feel at home, and ice cream is a treat everyone loves. Maybe by giving out little gifts like cones of fresh ice cream I can get closer to those around me, maybe I could make a place for myself.

  • My favorite dessert at the moment is chocolate mousse. :)
    I’d like win the book because, also an American living in France, I would like to see what his spin on the desserts in his book. I recently started following his blog and am definitely hungry for more. :)

  • My favorite dessert must be ice cream, I like any flavors, but I have to say I haven’t yet tried bacon ice cream :) (I think I should try David’s recipe)

  • My favorite dessert is my Sicilian grandmother’s cassatta cake. It’s light, delicious and perfect for the summer.
    I add fresh summer berries to the top
    and fill the center of the angel food cake with the extra cannoli filling. My kids love it! I would love to win this book. David’s recipes are wonderful!

  • My mom’s cherry pie has been my favorite dessert since I can remember. I’m a big fan of David Lebovitz, a long time reader of his blog and I’m a ‘starving’ grad student to boot with little extra money to spend on cookbooks. I’d love to win a copy of “Ready for Dessert”!

  • My favorite dessert is Mexican Wedding Cookies. I just love the texture and the flavor. I would love to win a copy of David’s book to experience his best recipes. It looks wonderful.

  • I cannot decide between flan caramel and iles flottantes. Both very easy to make but/and very often unedible if you eat them in a restaurant. I wonder why.

  • Summer favourite? Kate Zuckerman’s honey and yoghurt Pannacotta in a sparkling fruit soup – VERY beautiful and absolutely delicious. Winter? A pear tart with almond frangipane, accompanied by David’s stellar pear and caramel ice cream. I’d like a copy of the book because David’s recipes are absolutely wow and he’s great to cook by – feels like a mate in the kitchen rather than an chef barking instructions.

  • Hmmm… After long thinking.. its got to be tiramisu. I found new favorites every now and then but I always love a good tiramisu. Its like my first love..!

  • My summertime fav has to be anything which makes use of the beautiful fruits of summer…in galletes, cobblers, pies or ice cream!

  • In the summer, berries with cream is a favorite dessert. I’d love to add his book to my cookbook collection so that I can learn some great new recipes.

  • I would love this book… being a francophile and a sweet tooth makes me especially partial to David Lebovitz’s work. My favorite dessert for sentimental reasons, however, is Swedish Cream. Anything that involves copious amounts of sugar and sour cream can’t be bad, right?

  • Hi from Brazil!
    I ´m an everyday reader of your blog. It´s really inspiring!
    My favorite dessert is a chocolate mousse with crunchy almonds.
    I´d love to win this book as desserts are the best part of a meal to me!
    Sorry for the English mistakes!
    A kiss,

  • that video is soo amazing!!! i want to go to paris right now…
    my favorite dessert these (hot) days is granita – esspecially earl grey granita. but since i love every kind of dessert this book but be perfect for me!

  • My favorite dessert would be the cake my sister made for my birthday last year. It was chocolate and peanut butter and so sweet I was the only one who could manage to eat a whole slice! It was fantastic.

  • WOW! You know David?! Lucky gal. I have been a fan of his blog… made some wonderful desserts with his recipes in my day. As for my favorite dessert… I have no favorite of all time- it depends on the day. My favorite yesterday was fresh, locally picked (by me) peach and blueberry cobbler. The kind with little biscuits on top that are flaky and delicious sitting atop juicy fruit. Two days ago, when it was 90 degrees, chocolate ice cream ala David was my fave!
    Why should I win his cookbook? Well, I really should buy one of his books…. with my cookbook collection lacking his name. I do use his blog for recipes, but all my friends that see my collection don’t see David. With his book on my shelf, they will know the secret to that lovely devil’s food chocolate cake!

  • My favorite dessert ever is…. really tough to decide. Currently I think an incredibly rich, moist brownie topped with cheesecake ice cream and some strawberry sauce would really hit the spot. Oh, now I’m craving that. And it’s only 7am. Thanks.

  • My favorite dessert is pie – especially strawberry-rhubarb and pineapple.

    I would love to win this book because the reason I make desserts is to share them with my family and friends.

    I am also the grandma who makes the best chocolate chip cookies!

  • I forgot to write why I’d like to win this book – I’m a huge David Lebovitz fan and I’ve had his book on my Amazon wishlist forever. I’ve had to resist buying it because I buy far too many dessert books because I love to read them for the stories (and his stories are always amazing – he’s a great writer). I already have The Perfect Scoop and the ice cream always turns out magnificently. I read his blog religiously and have tried out a ton of his recipes, it would be great to have a copy of his collection of BEST recipes. My mouth is already watering at the thought.

  • Hard to name a favorite but perhaps my all-time favorite would be chocolate pound cake. Would love to have David’s book!

  • My favourite summer desert is a bowl of strawberries that are halved and have had about half an hour to either soak up a spoonful of limoncello or elderberry syrup. Both boost the strawberries’ flavour!

  • Right now, my favorite recipe is a Chocolate Filled Cookie Pie recipe I invented for Pi Day 2010 at the request of my husband. (See here http://penguinxing.com/ChocolateFilledCookiePie.html) I’ve been reading David’s blog for a few years now and own his “Ripe for Dessert” book. So far the “reject” recipes have been incredible and I really want try some of the recipes that made it. Over the years I’ve become rather adept at creating my own main course recipes, but dessert is still rather unfamiliar territory to me and I know David’s book would help spur me on.

  • I love any dessert but a cake would be my favorite kind of dessert. For my husband’s birthday my daughter and I made a fantastic chocolate cake called Wacky Cake. It was a big hit, everyone wanted a copy of the recipe because it was moist and delicious. Now, I would love a copy of David’s new book because the bits I peeked at looked awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  • My favorite dessert would have to be my southern aunt’s homemade peach cobbler. She’s now deceased, and I never got the recipe, but she made a butter-rich crust that was flaky and also sugary and just ridiculously good. Top that with vanilla bean ice cream and OH! I want David’s dessert book because I recently finished reading “The Sweet Life in Paris” and I fell in LOVE with his writing! Humor and dessert both go a long way towards rounding out my blissful moments and now that I’m subscribed to his blog, I can’t get enough!

  • Virtually anything with dark chocolate will do it for me, but if forced to choose, I guess an “omelette à la norvégienne” (what we think of as a baked Alaska) done with graham cracker crust and chocolate ice cream – sort of a frozen s’mores – would be my ideal dessert. But if I had David’s book, maybe I could be persuaded to reconsider!

  • Truthfully, it depends upon the seasonal offerings at the farmers market and what recipes I haven’t tried before since I’m most interested in expanding my repertoire. Your book – which seems personal and imaginative – would further me along in my dessert discovery journey . If I had to choose one fave dessert, though, I’d say my ancient recipe for, “Kansas Rice Pudding,” heavy on the Vietnamese cinnamon, would do the trick.

  • Hard to choose a favorite dessert, but I’d say you can never go wrong with creme brulee. And any flavor of ice cream is good with me! Sweet corn….Earl Grey tea…..yum:) I’d love the book because I love to bake and my friends and I recently started a dinner/book club and I tend to bring the desserts. I need some new ammo!

  • My favorite dessert is rhubarb crisp or any fruit crisp. I like to experiment with the toppings, adding oats, nuts, or coconut.
    I would love to win this cookbook to experiment on my family and friends. We all enjoy testing each others new recipes when together.

  • Any dessert made with chocolate, almond paste and/or raspberry! Made the Galette recipe from the DL’s Ready for Dessert substituting (yikes!!) in-season GA freestone peaches and raspberries; it was wonderful!

  • Going out and picking peaches and eating them still warm from the sun; or going on a hike and finding wild blue berries; or a good tarte au citron; or grilled pineapple with rum sauce; or …

    Decisions: I am bad at them.

  • My favorite dessert is lemon pound cake. Sweet, classic & simple. But if life is a dessert, I’m definitely going to need more (David Lebovitz) recipes!

  • i need this book! i’ve finally settled into my first place and am dying to entertain. surely this book would provide the means to make it special.

    desserts that i don’t love are few and far between. i am especially fond of a yummy panna cotta with berries. so summery.

  • My favorite dessert are these lovely chocolate cake cookies that my Aunt makes. My grandmother just passed away and left a bunch of her original recipes to me. I am young and just learning how to cook well. I would LOVE a copy of David’s cookbook because these are where I get my best ideas from. I want to be able to observe and make my own new versions of recipes to pass on to my future generations!

  • Favorite dessert…that is so tough! Anything with fresh fruit right now since there are so many wonderful berries and stone fruits.

  • WOW – Dessert is a food group for me! Anything chocolate…I could just grab a spoon and help myself to the front cover of this book! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win – looks like a great book!

  • My favorite desert is a simple mixture of strwberries and a little bit of balsamic vinegar. I would love to win this book because David is an absolute genious with deserts!

  • I’d love to win this book as I’m crazy about desserts. I make a lot of cakes, pies and cookies.

  • Oh, I love David Lebovitz; I endlessly recommend The Perfect Scope to friends who want to make ice cream.

    As for my favorite dessert… hard one! A fresh strawberry tart, probably…

  • I am a great fan of both D*S and David! Such a treat to have both on one page! My favorite dessert is David’ chocolate mousse recipe made with four simple ingredients: eggs, chocolate, coffee, and a splash of liqueur. One must be careful with this dessert though, as it has been known to ignite passion in the heart and soul of unsuspecting suitors.

  • my favorite dessert varies according to the season,lets say in summer I cant live without mint ice cream or frozen yogurt and in winter there is nothing better than good old apple pie !
    why do I want Davids book ? well ,here,in eastern europe people are not used to making their own ice cream and especially the kind David teaches and encourages us to make !I even have ice cream machine ( what is very unusual here ) and would be more than happy to treat my family and friends with delicious recipes made with Davids outstanding experience !
    I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  • Looking at all the favorites listed here makes it hard to think. I want some of each one!
    I’ll have to say anything with fruit or chocolate would be a favorite.
    The video was so much fun to watch. thanks !

  • Favorite dessert: Yellow cake with coffee buttercream (real buttercream, not powdered sugar icing) with walnuts pressed into the sides of the cake; vanilla ice cream on the side. Yum.
    I’d like to win READY FOR DESSERT because I’ve almost worked my way through THE PERFECT SCOOP and I’m ready for more of David’s recipes!

  • My favorite dessert is a sugary coated pound cake with a cappuccino on the side. I’ve always been fascinated by David’s recipes and would love to give this cookbook a go!

  • My favorite dessert would have to be anything with streusel! I would love to win this book because I love desserts and I make them for my friends and family all the time. New recipes are always fun, especially when they are from such a great writer!

  • To each season its favorite dessert! cool, fruity confections in the summer (from David’s book The Perfect Scoop), spicy pumpkin cheesecake in the fall, a rich, moist chocolate orange cake for winter, and colorful, delicious macarons in the spring, as tender as the season itself. All decadent desserts, of course…

  • I love dessert! A favorite would be mixed berries in sweet cream sauce. I have no idea how to make the sauce. I want to try my hand at making desserts (since I love them so much) so the book will be a great first step! Thanks =)

  • ahhhh thanks for bringing me to Paris with you! The book looks amazing and I’d love to receive a copy. My favorite dessert is gingersnap crusted plum and goat cheese terrine. An old williams sonoma recipe that impresses every time I make it. Very easy, can be made ahead of time, tastes great, and can be made with other fruits not just plums, looks super fancy and best of all no bake! It doesn’t use any energy, how green.

  • My favorite dessert is still Tiramisu, also my favorite to make. I also love everything with fresh berries, and ice-cream and chocolate…..
    I would love to win this book. I already have David’s ice-cream book, and the recipes are great.

  • my favorite dessert is creme brulee…….something about cracking the spoon atop the carmelized sugar before digging in has always been gratifying.

  • Living in Montreal, my favorites vary with the seasons. Right now we have some luscious peaches from Ontario (so much closer to the amazing fruit we have in Japan rather than the sorry produce most American supermarkets carry) – so I made a cherry & peach clafouti.

  • My favorite desert is a combination of two recipes. A split layer of decadent chocolate cake with a filling of chocolate mousse, equally decadent.

    I would love a copy of David’s book as his recipes are not only good, but also well written and easy to prepare.

  • I loved David’s ode to ice cream and following him on Twitter lately has been such a trip– through Paris, Rome, and Gelato! My favorite dessert is a Floating Island, but there’s nothing like a simple summer fruit cobbler right now.

  • david lebovitz’s coffee ice cream with alpha donut (my local donut joint’s) french crueller donuts mixed in. SO GOOD.

  • eeee I do love anything with a tart lemon curd but I must go back to my roots and say SUGAR PIE!

  • My favorite dessert? YES.


    Though if I could only have one for the rest of my life, I’d probably say Caramel au Beurre Salé. David knows exactly what I’m talking about.

  • I find crème brûlée difficult to pass up. I just mixed up a batch of David’s fantastic vanilla ice cream from The Perfect Scoop, and would love to have Ready For Dessert as part of my cookbook arsenal, too.

  • this recipe sounds delightful! i can’t wait to try it!!

    my favorite desserts are french macaroons- especially earl grey and raspberry!!

  • I love so many desserts, but one that will always win my heart is a nice fruit pie filled to the brim with the ripest fruits of the season.

  • My favorite dessert is cheesecake but I’d love to win this book and branch out into trying new things. I can’t wait to try the recipe you shared here!

  • I’m pretty obsessed with “the perfect scoop” after recently purchasing an ice cream attachment for my kitchenaid mixer, so would love to get my hands on this one, too!

  • I love dessert so it’s hard to pick just one… My tastes, depending on the season, run the gamut from fudgey brownies to fresh peaches soaking in sweet dessert wine. Currently I am loving anything with berries – vanilla ice cream topped with berries and hot fudge…delicious! I’ve been lusting after this book and now it will be a real treat for the eyes.

  • My favorite dessert? Is that a trick question?! Well, if you insist and I could only pick one, it would have to be La Bete Noire, a dense and delectable chocolate torte draped in lush ganache and served with raspberries and creme fraiche on the side. Gotta go make me one right now!

    As for the opportunity to win a copy of David’s Ready for Dessert cookbook, it would be a dream-come-true. I love his work, and it would be an honor to be able to reproduce his irresistible recipes at home!

  • Good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies (I have an old recipe from the 50’s) are the best!

  • my favorite dessert would have to be a nice, warm, rich molten chocolate cake with a little scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top and a touch of cinnamon!!
    i would be so excited to win David’s cookbook because dessert is really the only thing i’m interested in making.
    enough said. :)

  • Yum! My favourite dessert would probably be a fine peach crumble with some home-made vanilla ice cream. So delicious!

    I’d love to win David’s book because I’m in the learning process when it comes to cooking, and I just love to discover new tasty recipes :)

  • i love anything with gummy bears on top! :)
    i need this book so my fiancee can make me stuff! ha

  • My favorite dessert…..hmmmm. It is hard to narrow down. A bit of dark chocolate in any form while sipping a little coffee with Bailey’s. OR– If I’m in a fruit mood, those little individual sized fruit tarts hit the spot. AND–lastly, if I am going home, I want my mom’s apple pie because like her, it is the BEST!

  • My favorite dessert has to be tiramisu – heaven! I love cooking, and I adore travelling. Since I can’t travel nearly as often as I’d like, I like to explore via recipes. This book would definitely help me do that!

  • We love David :) Our favorite “dessert” are made following the Chez Panisse Gingersnaps Recipe contained on David’s blog…we love the pepper…with warm mugs of tea for dunking :) It is hard for us to call these particular Gingersnaps “dessert”, as our 10yo would be happy to live on these and green tea :)

    Thank you for this post :) It made me smile :)

  • It’s a little difficult to choose. A lot difficult, actually. But my heart melts for a really, really good Tres Leche Cake. I think I’ll stick with that.

  • Favorite dessert…hum… at home ice cream out of the container :) and out to dinner Creme Brulee. Oh… the contrast between the crunchy shell and smooth custard inside…yum

  • My favorite dessert is called “Eaton Mess” and it’s merengue, whipped cream, raspberries and a lovely raspberry brandy sauce. Everything is all smashed together… It’s a great summer dessert but delicious any time.

  • My favorite dessert is a tres leches cake. I’d love to have this book to satisfy my sweet tooth.

  • I’d love to win this ever so-inspiring cookbook to give as a Christmas gift for one of my daughters (will have draw a name out of a hat). My favourite dessert has always been a lemon meringue pie, but I need to find a good vegan replacement.

    Thanks for providing this great giveaway opportunity.

  • my favorite dessert is leche flan. especially when it has a little lemon in it. anything that requires a huge amount of eggs is bound to be delicious!

    i’d like to win this book simply because i never feel satisfied if a meal is not ended with dessert! it’s actually the best part of the meal!

  • Madeleines! Beautiful, simple, delicious. So easy to make and I’ve never met someone who doesn’t want a Madeleine. Or two. Or ten…

  • My favorite dessert is.. ice cream. Nothing better. And I want this cookbook because I love to make desserts, try new recipes, and I don’t have any cook books!

  • I’m half french and just love your comments about Paris which are so on target.
    We have on our kitchen shelf your wonderful recipe book The Perfect Scoop and have been trying a new “glace” per week. Yesterday we collected wild blackberries by the road and will make your berry ice cream today.
    My all time favorite recipe is my mother’s version of a Charlotte Russe. You can get the recipe at
    http://saladsuccess.com/the-glorious-charlotte-russe. It’s light and delicious, perfect for summer or after you’ve had a heavy meal and need a puff of a dessert. Bisous from California.

  • my favorite dessert is a rustic fruit tart. with berries or stone fruit or apples…whatever is fresh. i would love to win ready for dessert because i love david’s recipes–everything i make from him are gold. and if i don’t win, i will look for his books at my local bookstore, because they are all available there, too.

  • In the spirit of the recipe featured, one of my fav desserts would be Boozy IceCream Floats: Tempranillo with dark chocolate ice-cream or cherries with lime sorbet and champers. As to WHY…I say cos I can’t get enough of David and his awesomely approachable, crack-me-up funny writing style.

  • My favorite dessert surely includes lots of butter! Right now it’s peach cobbler, as my mother used to make. During the colder months its probably almond toffee or, if butter is scarse, a good cup of hot chocolate (not cocoa) and a book (a book is integral to the experience). I can’t wait to attempt to get my copy of The Sweet Life signed when David is in San Francisco this Fall.

    Love both blogs. Keep it up!

  • My favorite dessert is homemade banana pudding. It reminds me of my grandmother.

    I’d LOVE to win the cookbooks because I want to be a better cook and where is a better place to start than dessert?

    BTW I <3 D*S!

  • Chocolate. Dark. With a hand full of roasted almonds and a Clementine.

    I would like this book because food and books are my two favorite things.

  • my boyfriend is an aspiring chef and his homemade donuts are my favorite dessert! Everything from the dough to the multiple glazes are homemade!! He makes an apple butter-maple glaze (insane), milk chocolate and vanilla sugar. Some are even mixed together (even better). It is truly amazing.
    I would love to win a copy of this book so he can learn to make some more desserts, and I could taste them!

  • so hard to choose but i guess i would say ice cream/gelato. i have david’s book, the perfect scoop, and i’ve been making all kinds of ice cream. so good!

  • Favourite dessert: David’s recipe for fresh fig ice cream, drizzled with honey. so. good.

  • where else can i find all my favourite things but my favourite dessert: tiramisu. Lucious creamy mascarpone cheese, soft savoardi soaked with coffee with a alcohol, cocoa powder and grated chocolate. hmmmm…. i’ve just made myself hungry.

  • My favorite dessert is hands down my mother’s blueberry peach cobbler, hot out of the oven and topped with vanilla ice cream. Nothing speaks summer quite like my sisters and mother gathered in the kitchen with measuring cups and fingers fumbling to make a crispy lattice crust topper. I would love a copy of the book in order to make nights after art school more delicious!

  • my favorite dessert is definitely homemade apple pie, still warm; this book is an inspiration – I would love to create the recipes & share them!

  • David,
    You are my daily sunshine. Love virtually following you around on all your gourmet outings. Wish I could taste some of the stuff through my screen. Your recipes have made me look like the world’s greatest chef as I often invite friends over to share a meal. I just made David’s adaptation of a Chez Panisse almond cake two weeks ago. It was big and beautiful and could be made in advance (thanks, David). My guests and I just breathed it in. I’d love to win his new book.

  • Thank you for a great interview.My favorite dessert is German chocolate cake.Who doesn’t like an owy gowy coconut pecan goodness sandwiched between two layers of devil’s food cake?.And I would love that book because that book is on my wish list but unfortunatly I didn’t have a chance to buy it yet.

  • I love a silken, cool, meltingly tender panna cotta, preferably flavored with lemon and blueberries. Bonus points if there’s a wafer-thin gingersnap on the side. Heaven!

  • PS – And I would like to win this book because Mr. Lebovitz’s recipes are impeccably tested and written. It’d be a wealth of good recipes to have in my arsenal.

  • My favorite dessert is creme brulee ice cream!! I make it homemade. I am also a huge fan of the salted caramel ice cream from David’s book The Perfect Scoop. Hence why I want to win his new book so much– I’m a huge fan of him!!

    Love the video as well!

  • Pavlova! Some pretty desserts seem to be anti-climactic; it looks so beautiful but when you take that first highly-anticipated bite, you find it too dry, too…something. My talented friend Kali (http://busybeastie.livejournal.com/) made a white chocolate raspberry pavlova once and it looked so angelic and did not disappoint!

  • My favorite dessert is crepes filled with ricotta and peaches, or Nutella and bananas! I would love to win this book so I can share the recipes with a group of women who cater in Costa Rica. When I worked there as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I taught them how to make cookies, biscotti, and pies. Before that, people just made bread and cakes!

  • My favorite dessert is an affogato made with chocolate-swirled raspberry ice cream! coffee, chocolate and raspberry… what more can i ask for?

    i’d love to win one of david’s cookbooks because:
    1) i love david’s writings.
    2) i’ve never won anything for myself online, although if i join something for someone else.. that person tends to win.(raffle tickets bought for friends from “menu for hope” and they won! my tickets were never picked.)

    well.. here’s hoping!

  • My favorite dessert is apple pie a la mode! Loved the video, love Paris….would love the book:-)
    PS My Birthday happens to be Monday so that would be a great present!!!!!

  • There is nothing more comforting for me than peanut butter and chocolate. Smooth, nutty, and salty flavors intertwined with rich, deep chocolate- what could be better? My current favorite combo: dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

  • Any kind of ice cream, really! And this from someone who did a brief stint as a pastry chef before I changed careers two more times!
    Now I would love to win the book to bake super desserts with my little boy who loves to help me “stir” when we bake together.

  • Ah, I succumb to a tart that has a flaky crust with crushed almonds in it, filled with a cream cheese/heavy cream and touch of Grand Marnier, then topped with sweet summer fruit: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, then lightly glazed with a fruit glaze. It’s easy to make, and goes down even easier.
    I fell in love with David Lebovitz even before I heard him speak at Omnivore Books in San Francisco. He has a generosity of spirit and intelligence (plus humor) that comes across in his writing. Plus his cookbooks are so well organized. And I’m not even his mother!

  • ICE CREAM…and anything else that David think is worthy of my attention. I faithfully follow his blog and love his descriptions of French life as a transplant and adore his recipes. Ice cream, a glass of champagne and a copy of his latest book for inspiration and I’m set for an evening on the deck…

  • My favourite dessert is flan with dulce de leche. Very sweet, melts in your mouth and every time I eat it I get transported back to childhood.
    I would love to win David’s book simply because I have yet to find a recipe of his that I don’t like, and I know I would try to make each one of them at least once.
    Love from Argentina

  • Hmmm… my favorite dessert would have to be Creme Brulee. It’s creamy and has that dulce de leche taste with the caramalized sugar on top (I like mine to have a slightly… burnt flavor). The one’s at Central Market are to die for! I literally think I might die if Creme Brulee didn’t exist!
    David, I love your blog and so does my older sister who checked it every day while she was in Paris!

  • David’s Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream is my favorite dessert. I’d love to win this cookbook as a gift for my daughter, who is just settling into her own apartment and starting her own cookbook collection.

  • I’m currently besotted with Alice Medricj’s ‘Really Raspberry Coconut Tart’.
    Why would I like to win David’s book? Because I’m always Ready for Dessert’.

  • My favorite summer dessert is peach shortcake, especially when the shortcake is warm, the peaches are at room temperature and the unwhipped heavy cream is cold. Yum! The different flavors meld so nicely with the different textures that this is dessert heaven.

    • hi guys

      quick note- you need to answer both aspects of the question to be considered for the giveaway. a dessert with no explanation of why you want the book is not a full answer.

      thanks :)


  • Favorite dessert would have to be cheesecake. Usually plain with some fruit. OR Pumpkin cheesecake. It sounds strange, but it the perfect combination of pumpkin pie and cheesecake.

  • Gosh. Favorite dessert? For me, anything called “favorite” HAD to have chocolate in it up until recently, and although I’m starting to branch out a little bit, chocolate is always a selling point. I especially love anything that combines gingerbread and chocolate. Along the lines of gingerbread (but without chocolate this time), here’s something we had at a restaurant recently : creamy (unsweetened) yogurt with some (very sweetened) raspberry coulis swirled in (when we tried it at home, we added some whole raspberries too. Obviously a plus) and then on top, a layer of speculoos crumbs. Speculoos are crunchy Belgian gingerbready cookies. Why I’d love to win David’s book? Because I’m a fan of his blog, and as an American in Paris, feel the need to wow my friends and neighbors with fantastic desserts to dispell myths about what Americans cook and eat!

  • Maple walnut ice cream! An ice cream maker is a great investment.

    I would love to win David’s next book because I am currently working my way through the recipes in the Sweet Life in Paris. We live on a remote island in the Bahamas, and I am pleased to find that I can still make most of the recipes despite our lack of access to fresh, local ingredients. David’s recipes are not only yummy but also very practical.

  • My favorite dessert is the Passion Fruit meringue tarte at Ottlenghi’s in London and I wish David would go there and try it.
    Loved the promenade around Paris with David.

  • My favorite dessert is German chocolate cake. I’d love to have this book because I’ve heard so many good things about David, but never actually tried one of his recipes.

  • Narrow down to just one dessert?! Well, I guess I’d have to go with Tres Leches, very Latin-American and my fave growing up. It’s a vanilla cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk: whole, evaporated and condensed. You eat it really cold, typically with nuts, frosting or fruit cocktail on top. It’s out of this world! I’d love to win David’s book because I’ve heard such great things about his previous ones and I haven’t had the chance to buy one yet. Since I looooove sweets (so far as to skip dinner so I can just eat dessert!), this could be the perfect one to start my collection.

  • My favorite dessert? Would have to be fresh made strawberry cheesecake ice cream. My reason for wanting the book is my addiction for new recipes. I love trying out nw combinations and finding new favorites.

  • What a wonderful interview! I’ve been reading David Lebovitz’s blog for over a year, but I was saving the pleasure of buying his book for my next trip to the States. I would love to win it and surprise my family with more of his fabulous recipes! Although I love to experiment with desserts, my favorite is the lemon tart on David’s website.

  • I’m surprised you got the lighting and the camera in that small space. This is a wonderful interview and a tasty sounding recipe.

  • My favorite dessert? Cheesecake with fresh fruit.

    I would love to win a copy of the book because I loved A Sweet Life in Paris and read David’s blog regularly. I love the recipes and his sense of humor!

  • Crème brulée is probably my favorite, but when I need a quick easy dessert, Symphony Brownies are my go to choice. Just place 3 large Symphony bars in the middle of your brownie batter and voila! You’ll have a dessert that people rave about!

  • My favorite dessert during the summer months are lime meltaway cookies — so refreshing and they look so pretty in the tin. I’d love to win a copy of this book to experiment with other desserts — one of my favorite things to cook for friends/officemates. And thanks for mentioning David’s other book on life in Paris — it’s been added to my must read list.

  • I love anything with fresh berries – berries + ice cream/creme brulee/cava – or just by themselves!

  • My favorite dessert is crêpes, probably because I’m French and as long as I remember I’ve always been making and eating them which such a joy I thought even the most sophisticated thing would be less good than crêpes, the simplest and easiest thing to do.

    I’d love to win “Ready for dessert” because I’m though still looking for the dessert recipe that would beat my crêpe one!

  • Great interview David. I would love the book because before eating dinner, my wife asks, “What’s for dessert?” What way, she makes sure she does not overeat and has room for dessert.

  • I’m from the South so dessert is part of my genetic makeup. That being said, it’s not too hard to say that hands down, my favorite dessert is silver coconut cake like my Grammy used to make. Not cream cheese frosting, but boiled, glossy, seven-minute frosting. And toast the coconut you put on the sides and top. Also, no self-respecting Southern cake has fewer than three layers (but four is even better!)

  • Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my favorite, tho molten chocolate cake is pretty close. I also love the Almond Cake on David’s blog. “The Sweet Life in Paris” was wonderful and I’d really like to own “Ready for Dessert”, as I am always ready. (for dessert, that is!) As far as I’m concerned, the meal is what we must eat in order to qualify for dessert.

  • My favorite desert is Lavender Honey Ice Cream….yuuummmy! I also am a huge fan of creme brulee. I would love to win this cookbook:)

  • My favorite dessert is creme brulle.

    I recently got an ice cream maker and David’s blog has come in so handy for ice cream recipes and ideas. I’d love to get this book for hardcopies of his recipes.

  • My favorite dessert of all time would have to be my grandmothers chocolate cake that she would always bake for us on our birthdays. She’s gone now and what I would give for a big ol’ piece of that cake! She was one of those a pinch of this and a dash of that bakers so we have very few actual recipes from her. I’d love to win one of these awesome books b/c I love love love baking and desserts!

  • My favorite dessert is peach-blueberry pie because, to me, it tastes like summer feels and reminds me of summers spent with my family. I would love a copy of “Ready for Dessert” because I’m an avid reader of David’s blog and a big fan of “The Perfect Scoop.”

  • Lovely recipe and video. Picking a favorite dessert is like, picking a favorite child. I simply cannot do it!

  • Dessert is awesome! I love brownie or chocolate chip cookie sundaes, and my mom’s Jewish Apple Cake is incredible. Thanks for the contest! Good luck everyone!

  • My favorite dessert is chouquettes, as mentioned in this article. I’d love to win a copy of “Ready for Dessert” because I love baking and David’s blog. I’m a poor college student who has been wanting a copy for ages now!

  • My favourite dessert: matcha icecream.

    So far I have done quite a few recipes of David´s and all of them turned great.
    I would love to have his latest book!

  • My favorite dessert changes with the seasons, and right now I’m loving lemon bars, which are delightfully refreshing on hot summer days.

    I would love to win a copy of “Ready for Dessert” because I am constantly making desserts for friends and family, and I would love a reliable “bible” to consult when I need a recipe that will “wow” a crowd.

  • My favorite dessert is orange (or mango) sorbet with hot fudge sauce. Magnificent!

    I would like the book to give to my daughter who is a great fan of David Lebovitz.

  • Wow, favorite dessert? I don’t think I could ever choose just one, but for the brevity’s sake, I will say green tea ice cream. David is a genius, and I have been following his blog and using his recipes for years. I would LOVE to win this book!

  • My favorite desert – La Citron – a lovely crepe doused in lemon juice with just the slightest hint of powdered sugar on top.

    My husband & this book would be wonderful source of inspiration!

  • My favorite dessert is pie. Mmmm pie. The specific pie variety changes, but the format must be pie-like. I’d love to win the book because I love David and his recipes, and also because I’ve never won anything, especially not a race, and it would help my self esteem.

  • I love really good chocolate cake (sometimes I feel like such a stereotype…) I would love a copy of David’s newest book because his recipes are always amazing!

  • Oh dear lord, I am “dieting” so right this minute I am in love with any dessert…pure sugar….with chocolate on the side!

    My daughter loves David…he is her cooking God…..it would be oh so wonderful to win his book….I did win a toilet years ago………

  • My current favorite dessert is gianduja ice cream from David Lebovitz’s ice cream book. I’m sure I’d love the recipes in his latest book!

  • My favorite dessert is Lime Lace Cookies. A recipe from a catering company I worked for, while in college. My son & I are taking a culinary class from our local community college this fall. It would be so special to come home and start cooking out of David’s book together after class. I would love to win this contest. Thanks

  • David – everything you do is “simply” genius! Thanks for inspiring all to take something so seasonal and lovely and make it even more irresistible! And thank you Anne for giving us all a taste of Paris! :)

  • My favorite dessert is tiramisu, and I would love to win these books because I love making desserts and always welcome a new book to try out making new and unique desserts!

  • Never met a desert I didn’t like. Cookies are my favorite comfort food. Store bought, homemade, choc chip, oatmeal, lemon, etc., etc.

  • My favorite dessert is flourless chocolate cake, particularly any recipe that includes hazelnuts!

    I’d love to win a copy of the new book because I’m tired of staring at it longingly every time I go to the bookstore!

  • Pie-Always pronounced like sigh. Any kind, better if it’s warm but o.k. for breakfast the next day. (especially if it’s fruit, cause it’s practically healthy,no?)

  • Favorite dessert at the moment is crème brûlée (apologize if the accents are wrong – I’m going off of wikipedia) – and I’d love the book since I’ve been reading the blog for years and am using some of his recommendations to plan our honeymoon in Paris!

  • Right now I think my favorite dessert is cherry pie, but it changes with the season. Id love David’s new book because I love his icecream book and I can’t wait to try his latest recipes!

  • My favourite dessert is classic chocolate cake… slightly warm, fresh out of the oven with a tall glass of ice cold milk (or homemade vanilla ice cream!) I would love to win David’s book to read the witty stories he includes with his recipes and because I’m willing to be challenged with any recipe and… I’m ALWAYS Ready For Dessert!

  • My favorite dessert is ice cream, hands down. I love using seasonal ingredients to make my own year round. My favorite is coconut chip, but most recently I tried the mint ice cream recipe from The Perfect Scoop and it was a revelation, not to mention a great way to use all of that mint in my garden! I’d love a copy of Ready for Dessert purely to enjoy more of David Lebovitz’s accessible, interesting, and always delicious recipes.

  • I’m a sucker for a rich, warm brownie or chocolate cake with good-quality vanilla ice cream!

  • My favorite dessert is a hot and cold combo – warm chocolate brownie and ice cream. I’m a huge fan of David’s blog.

  • My favorite dessert is an ice cream sundae, and I’d love ot win so I can make my guests something more sophisticated than an ice cream sundae!

  • favorite dessert? homemade pie; just about any fruit will do.

    why the book? it’s got to be wonderful!

  • Hands down, my favourite dessert is mocha cheesecake.

    I’d love the book because my second favourite dessert seems to be everything David has ever created.

  • My birthday is on July 4th and my favorite dessert on this day is Strawberry Shortcake. A close second is mixed berry slump, warm with vanilla ice cream!

  • an indulgent piece of dark chocolate and a good glass of wine is my perfect dessert…

    my grandmother taught me the joy of baking but i’ve been living in korea where an oven is not a common household item and non-local ingredients are near impossible to find.

    david’s book would come at the perfect time as i am about to return to the states… to my oven and to my home.

  • what a great piece! as for favorite dessert, with the sweltering florida heat, it has to be this sorbet. how can you beat summer fruit meets red wine? as for why i’d love to win this book…david is brilliant in his simple and humorous approach to food. In a word, I want more (ok, in 3 words.)

  • I’ve gotten this book from the library and have really enjoyed it so far. I’ve tried the coconut cake and raspberry, peach upside down cake. Upside down cakes and other plain weekly cakes are my favorites to make and eat.

  • Really I love anything with chocolate, and my favorite dessert is dark chocolate cake with ganache and raspberry coulis sauce.

  • Definitely bread pudding with bourbon sauce. I’d love to add this to my cookbook collection since I don’t have any good dessert books!

  • My favorite dessert is gelato di crema, and I would love to win the book because I love The Sweet Life in Paris and The Perfect Scoop, and would love to add his new book to my collection!

  • mmm self saucing chocolate/orange pudding is always great in winter, but in summer blood orange sorbet with something like an almond praline for some crunch. I”m going to Paris soon and I’ve found the posts from David Lebovitz and Dorie Greenspan more helpful than any guidebook. The thing i am looking forward to most is the cheese!

  • My favorite dessert is toasted cinnamon ice cream with salted caramel sauce. It is especially good with toasted almonds on top. I would love to get this book because all of the recipes that David has are wonderful!

  • I’d love to win this because I love cookbooks, especially the baking and dessert varieties!

    Currently, I’m obsessed with making all things frozen. Sorbets, froyos… my favorites so far are strawberry balsamic sorbet and dark chocolate cherry frozen greek yogurt. YUM. Basically my ice cream maker is my bff in the summer.

    So have no doubt I’ll be making this red wine raspberry sorbet tomorrow!

  • Mmmm well I have many. But one thats always a winner is Custard Tart with fresh Mangoes on top. Looks great and is really satisfying to make – the creamy custard with a hint of vanilla bean and gorgeous fresh fruit – yum

  • I’m the type to have dessert first, it’s so hard to choose my fave! In the summer, I love desserts with seasonal fruit, so right now it is blueberry crumb bars. I’ve been reading David’s blog for years and would love to have this book!

  • I love too many desserts to pick an absolute favorite but one great cookie that comes to mind is the russian tea cookie. It looks like nothing much, at least the ones sold at Whole Food, but they are really fantastic. I was inspired to make them and they were equally delish.
    I would treasure a copy of the book because I don’t have it yet and I enjoy reading David’s blog. If I win I promise to put the cookbook to good use.

  • My favorite dessert is macarons! I’ve been obsessed with making them for several months now. I would love to win this book because I always turn to David Lebovitz’s recipes when I want something that will turn out right (but I have no money to spend on recipe books right now!)

  • Favourite desserts seem to change capriously depending on what’s on offer! But I can’t imagine ever turning down a trifle (especially one made by my mum) or a creme brulee. Would love, though, to have a lovely shiny new cookbook to broaden the repertoire…

  • i’m a sucker for a good new york style cheesecake, particularly if there’s a raspberry reduction nearby!

  • I love green tea ice cream! I made one from the recipe I found in The Perfect Scoop and it was tres yummy!

  • tiramisu and all things dark chocolate!

    mmm and that cake on the cover is sure to be a favorite soon…

  • Cookies and milk are my all time favorite. I would love to win this cookbook so I could learn to make other desserts! Chocolate is a basic food group in this home.

  • I love dark chocolate gelato or chocolate chip cookies with milk. I’d like the book so I could try other recipes!

  • My husband makes the world’s best Lemon Delicious – which is sort of a cake and sort of a custard and a whole lot delicious (hence the name I guess!). He makes it with various citrus all in together as well – very very seductive. It’s super quick to make which is nice it you are a wifey often struck by food whims……

  • Favorite dessert of all time…fruit cobbler…with any fruit in season! I’ve made it with apples, berries, peaches and even mango /pineapple. It’s an easy but delicious dessert to make on a whim, with kids and while even camping!
    Pick me to win a copy of Ready for Dessert S’il vous plait!!! I loved reading David’s A Sweet Life in Paris novel, enjoy his blog immensely, and I’m saving up to purchase his cookbooks . Winning this would allow me to use the money I’ve saved to purchase the ingredients to make the delicious treats that I’m sure the book has to offer!

  • I live in Marseille and my favorite dessert is faisselle, which is a chilled white cheese, sometimes served with fruit. I’d like to win this book because I love making desserts … I even took an advanced pastry class during my last holiday.

  • Good ol’ creme caramel.
    I’d love to have David Lebovitz’ new book because “Ready for Dessert” sounds like a good first recipe book to own :) I’m always ready for dessert.

  • favorite dessert ? cheescake, dark chocolate mousse with raspberries, chocolate fondant cake, summer berries with sorbet…. I love desserts ! I’d love to receive this book because I’m a recipe’s book addict !

  • Favorite dessert? Chocolate-Apricot Torte from “The Village Baker’s Wife”. Your interview with David introduced me to your site. Where will the book lead?

  • well……I like any type of dessert…I have never met something sugary, buttery, or carb-y, that I didn’t like….

    right now, if I was forced to choose a dessert, it would be a cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake…

    or a boston cream pie…

    or 32 layer chocolate hazelnut crepe cake (I made it once, took forever to make, took seconds to eat, amazing)

    or anything with a super soft buttery cake with a berry filling and a buttercream frosting with coconut….

    or just a plain white chocolate macadamia nut cookie…with milk for dipping…

    or a cranberry pear charlotte….(sad story about that, I made it once for thanksgiving, took forever to make and as i was taking it out of the oven with one hand….it flipped over on the oven lid, ruining all of them, but the one i manage to scrounge up, was delicious!)

    or deep fat fried ice cream sandwich…never had one, never even heard of one before, but doesn’t it sound amazing?

    I could use a new book of dessert recipes, and if I win, I promise to always use both hands to take anything I make out of the oven…

  • My favorite dessert? That’s like asking a mother which of her children is her favorite. I love them all! It just depends on my mood. Some days it’s the perfect slice of chocolate cake, others its pie, then there are crisps and crumbles, and don’t even get me started on homemade ice creams!
    And because David’s book covers it all, I must have it! :-)

  • I so should NOT have read these comments in the morning…my taste buds are tingling! Favourite dessert…as well as EVERYTHING that has been mentioned above, my favourite has to be good old reliable carrot cake!

  • Do have to pick one? My favourite at the moment would be fruit tart with almond cream but there might be a new favourite in David’s book. I would need to test them all.

  • That’s a tough one to pick, but I guess chewy chocolate chip cookies are my fav. I’d love this book, it would bring me lots of baking adventures :)

  • Mmm.. favourite dessert would have to be a chocolate trifle (with chambord!).

    I’ll love to win the book because I’m in the midst of writing a Master’s thesis and making desserts with David would be the best escape I could imagine at the end of a long writing day!

  • My favorite summer time dessert is a lemon lavender mousse, it’s so refreshing without feeling heavy.

    I’d love to win David’s book because I have nothing in my dessert repetoire. I’m pretty sure David’s book would remedy that pretty quickly.

  • My favourite dessert is florentines drizzled with some chocolate, and served with some nice creme catalana or something like that :)

    I want David’s book because I can’t find it here in Dubai :( And ordering through Amazon is sometimes painful since they have weird rules here, brought into action as and when they please.

  • Lucky you, visiting David in Paris! AND Dessert? How fabulous! My favorite dessert is homemade mint sorbet!

  • Chocolate Cookies- they are the ultimate comfort food :)

    With David’s book, I hope to learn more and share the love with more people!