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sneak peek best of: kitchens

by Amy Azzarito

The kitchen is certainly one of my favorite rooms in the house. After all, that’s where everything yummy lives! We’ve been lucky enough to feature some beautiful kitchens on design*sponge and today I’ve selected 30 of our favorite sneak peek kitchens from Brooklyn and Hawaii to Paris and everywhere in between! [We even have my hometown of Siloam Springs, Arkansas representing!] To learn more about the kitchen or to see the rest of the home, click on the link under each photo for the full peek! Hope you feel inspired!  –amy a. [image above: alyson fox’s airy austin kitchen]

[image above: love the huge farm sink in this brooklyn brownstone kitchen from fitzhugh & lyndsay of brooklyn home]

[image above: fiyel levent’s blue and orange brooklyn kitchen]

[image above: the east village, new york kitchen of andy pratt and sarah coombs]

[image above: open shelving showcases emerson’s ironstone collection in the emersonmade kitchen in new hampshire. below, their well-stocked pantry]

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[image above: other example of the blue and orange color combo in the chicago kitchen of sue and matt daly of timber!]

[image above: everything (except the fridge), in amanda orcutt‘s kitchen in siloam springs, arkansas, was purchased from eBay]

[image above: love the chalkboard paint on the fridge in amanda orcutt‘s kitchen in siloam springs, arkansas]

[image above: open shelving in rachel saldaña‘s kitchen in kansas city]

[image above: love the calming color palette in the los angeles kitchen of kelly osbone from see jane work]

[image above: conn and john’s island kitchen in hawaii]

[image above: breakfast bar in conn and john’s island kitchen in hawaii]

[image above: love the wine box storage system in gabriel wick and olivier’s paris kitchen]

[image above: gabriel wick and olivier’s paris kitchen]

[image above: great antique rug in the athens, georgia kitchen of lucy allen gillis]

[image above: fantastic tile in the sausalito, california kitchen of cathy and robin of heath ceramics]

[image above: nancy neil’s rustic kitchen in capinteria, ca]

[image above: simple open shelving in michael and sara hunter’s kitchen in chicago]

[image above: adelle robinson’s west yorkshire, england kitchen]

[image above: plenty of countertop space in cheri of scout holiday’s paris apartment kitchen]

[image above: diana from the jewels of ny – kitchen in her prewar apartment in red hook, brooklyn]

[image above: plenty of color in kajsa aronsson’s stockholm kitchen]

[image above: love simon and rebecca finger‘s black and white kitchen in new orleans]

[image above: danielle deboe’s cleveland, ohio kitchen]

[image above: danielle deboe’s cleveland, ohio kitchen]

[image above scott engler’s san francisco kitchen]

[image above scott engler’s san francisco kitchen]

[image above: love the ceiling in samantha reitmayer’s dallas kitchen]

[image above: chicken wire cabinets in rachel thurston’s los angeles kitchen]

[image above: san francisco bay area kitchen of max and linda of wallter]

[image above: san francisco bay area kitchen of max and linda of wallter]

[tec and chelsea petaja‘s nashville, tennessee kitchen]

[image above: rosie brown’s pittenweem scotland kitchen]

[image above: catherine hammerton’s london kitchen]

[image above: bonnee sharp’s dallas kitchen]

[image above: basak aydin notz’s san francisco kitchen]

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  • Beautiful kitchens!! My cousin, a real estate agent, once told me that the best room to work deals out in is the kitchen because most people generally feel at ease there. I think all these kitchens would be definite real estate winners!

  • SWOONING… seriously, I almost wrote ya’ll an email yesterday requesting a “Best of” for kitchens. I am so excited to get cracking on my own!

  • Thanks for putting together the best of’s…the kitchen is one of the most important rooms for me and you’ve given some fabulous ideas here. Love the pantry in emersonmade kitchen..wow!

  • Love this series, Grace! So many beautiful and amazing homes and it’s fun to rediscover some of my d*s post faves (like the gorgeous spaces from Samantha at style/swoon, emersonmade – that pantry! – and The Brooklyn Home Company). Hoping there are still more to come…

  • @Margaret- haha- I was just thinking “Okay, I get it, you like open shelving!” Personally, I’m not a fan. I’ve saved a ton of D*S kitchen pics, but only a couple of these made it to my file. To each his own. have a great weekend!

  • Fun, thanks. I appreciate that they’re not all $60k with architect & designer renovations; just some great ideas. I’ve seen the gray & white polka dot oil cloth (Rosie Brown’s kitchen) before and it’s great – where can you get it?

  • I’ve been wishing, hoping and waiting for a best of kitchens. Thank you, Thank you!

  • I am very much loving these Best of’s! Great timing, as I’ve just moved into my new apartment and in need of inspiration.

  • Yum, TGIF much!? Do you suppose heaven is a never-ending slideshow of gorgeous kitchen photos? Or is it, rather, getting to live and cook in any kitchen of our choosing?

  • Thank you! And right on the cusp of my own personal kitchen overhaul… :) (and I agree, Mackenzie- emersonmade’s kitchen is super enviable!!!)

  • Thanks for the inspiring post. From someone who spends a lot of time in her kitchen I couldn’t decide which kitchen was more perfect. I would like a different one for each day of the week :)

  • Honestly, I’m with Laura. Not very many of these kitchens appealed to me. 1) I have kids. Some of the ideas just seem unlivable. 2) Because I have kids, I am aware of how much work kitchens generally are, even if you are an avid cleaner. Some of the ideas make me feel faint at the thought of keeping them clean. I suppose I am picky with kitchens but there’s lots here to avoid: dark, tight, bland, unkeepable, or not enough storage. Admittedly, none of them are all of these and some are quite charming– admirable attempts at making something where there isn’t much. But each of them violate one of these aspects, if not several. In some ways I feel we’ve gotten too far away from the kitchens roots’ –a fire, a stone floor, long counters, loads of baskets and cupboards, and one long plank of a table for kneading bread, teaching children, and enjoying some respite after all the work is done. I realize some of that must be replaced by ovens and dishwashers and most of us live in apartments, but we might all do a little better if we dug down to the essentials and celebrated them.

    • elena

      i understand your point about practicality, but i think a lot of this is colored by having or not having children. having children is a wonderful thing, but not every home owner has children, or plans to have children. so if their home or kitchen’s purpose moves away from catering to them, or teaching them around a table, i don’t think that means they’re inherently less functional or meaningful. some people focus on other aspects of the room (entertaining, cooking, etc) because their lives have a different focus and different needs.


  • Grace,

    I think Elena’s comments are valid and I appreciate a comment every once in awhile which is not just “OMG – LOVE.” The parenting issue is just one of a handful of reasons she listed why these particular kitchens are not her cup of tea. You’ve made a couple of responses lately voicing your annoyance/disappointment at parents posting their concerns that something wouldn’t be kid-freindly. Yes, some of them are unecessary and sometimes simply judgemental, but I hope you continue to encourage discussions where varying views on form and function – for whatever reasons.

    • avril

      i will always love and appreciate disagreement and discussion, but i’ve noticed a real increase in the number of parents who seem to be imposing their beliefs and concerns on homeowners without children. in the same way i’d defend those parents from child-free couples not understanding their lifestyle, i want to defend homeowners who don’t have children. i think a lot of times parents jump in here pretty aggressively to point how how unrealistic or unsafe their homes are. i could do with a little less judgment and a little more understanding that children aren’t the main focus of everyone’s homes.


  • fantastic! amazing! inspiring! thank you for such a great collection of kitchens…..and as a childless woman with no little ones in the near future i have to say i would be beyond thrilled to call any one of these my own. and maybe it’s just because all of the “proofing” that’s been done in our house has been for puppies, but i don’t get how plenty of these kitchens aren’t kid friendly? giant chalkboards, color, warmth, globes… to me they seem like a great place to make cupcakes (or or bread, or celery sticks with raisins as it may be)! :)

  • Great showcase for kitchens – don’t like black boards on entire walls – the chalk is impossible to remove once you want to erase your message. I’m too much of a neat freak for that. I’ve just moved into a very 70ies style kitchen and was looking for some inspiration for change! Thanks.

  • All I can say is with kids or without all of these kitchens are welcoming, unique, inspirational, functional and frankly making me quite green with envy! :)

  • Grace, thank you for defending design here… on the design blog. I do have children, and didn’t see a single kitchen here that couldn’t be 100% child-friendly with a couple minor moves or modifications (i.e. knives off the edge of the counter, or a different type of canister if you do not let your children handle glass). It certainly takes vision to see how your kids might fit into one of the spaces above, but it doesn’t render these spaces unlivable by any means, and I am glad that you step in when “not my cup of tea” crosses over to “you have no style”. This is a very broad range of kitchens with different looks and functions, and it seems like any incendiary comments are coming out of difficulty managing. It’s an attitude thing, not a kid thing. Onward brave moderator!!

    • thanks renee

      i just think it’s important for people to remember that not all families live alike. i’d hate for someone to come into a busy family’s home and say “wow, what a mess” or “man, you guys really didn’t take the time to hide the toys” etc. i think everyone could be a little more understanding of different people’s lifestyles without assuming that differences mean “better” or “worse”.


  • They are just stunning pictures! I recently spruced up my kitchen with new cupboards and worktops and it has just made the whole house feel like it is worth so much more. Granite worktops are a darn sight better than the horrid wooden ones I had previously.

  • I love the kitchen from above images (love simon and rebecca finger’s black and white kitchen in new Orleans), it’s marvelous. I really like it. Especially the cabinets which look solid and sleek like German kitchen. I personally using German kitchen in my home. German kitchen appliances creates cool, smart and warm atmosphere in your home. Earlier my kitchen design was old model backward finished. But after installing German kitchen by the best service provider of kitchens from Netherlands (keukens uit Netherlands), it appears a trendy look every day. Anyway, I like your all kitchen designs, specially that one.

  • I love these kitchens! You can never have too much inspiration when it comes time to decorate your own cooking place.

  • All of these kitchens are so unique. We just made a few small changes to ours and it’s reinvented our kitchen routine for the best.

  • Love the blackboard thing lots of these photos have going on; but I’m not sure about the mixing of unpainted timbers- if they are too close in colour, they don’t compliment each other. In Alison Fox’s perhaps the different timbers used in close proximity don’t sit as nicely together as may be possible. Still, love the vaulted ceiling and the bright space.

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  • Some really beautiful kitchens! I love the freestanding look some of the kitchens have. It makes a change from the very straight lines of modern ‘euro’ style kitchens.

  • There just so many nice ideas for my kitchen I could use from here. I want to have something unique yet classy. I hope I could get some inspiration here and work on it.

  • Wow!! Really amazing kitchen pics. All sneak peek kitchens are very beautiful..Thanks for sharing.. I am follow some sneak peek and use for my new kitchen.

  • I love all the designs! But I love the woodie designs better. I am a big fan of wood everything. I love wood flooring, wood framing, basically wood everything. I love my kitchen to be all wood. I know that different country would have different styles and preferences. By looking at this collection, we have the insight of what people from different part of the world designed their kitchen. Which obviously can make an idea pops up! Maybe mixing each of the styles to make a new one, that sounds great! Thank you for the collection and maybe you can visit us to get your new kitchen stuff!