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sneak peek: best of kids rooms

by anne

because most us here at d*s don’t have children yet, we don’t tend to focus on design for little ones yet. but, when we started building these “best of” roundups, we couldn’t leave out these amazing rooms designed for kids! when i was building this post i couldn’t help but laugh because i could pretty much see myself living in any of these rooms! kids rooms sure have changed since i was young. enjoy and have fun with these spaces for children! –anne

[image above: joy thigpen‘s daughter’s colorful room]

[image above: max & linda of walter get creative with space in they boys’ room]

[image above: emily henson’s bunkbeds save space]

[image above: colorful bunk from carol of basic french‘s lyon hideaway]

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[image above: letters for anna of dutch door press‘s daughters]

[image above: erika of delphine‘s son goes surfing]

[image above: heather balliet believe’s her children’s rooms should reflect their personality]

[image above: julie murphy of jack & lulu‘s son’s room]

[image above: julie murphy of jack & lulu‘s girl’s room]

zoe of cloth clothing‘s daughter’s alcove bedroom]

[image above: xenia taler‘s daughter’s room with cheerful mobile]

[image above: an urban twist for karen barlow‘s son]

[image above: a punch of plum for barbara berrada]

[image above: colorful panels from jill dupre]

[image above: john murphy‘s daughter gets a flea market find bed]

[image above: joy thigpen‘s son’s roaring room]

[image above: a transition-ready kid’s room from cara or ore studio]

[image above: IKEA bunks for nicky crowley of pulp creative‘s kids]

[image above: sandra of feinedinge painted her daughter’s room white to make it feel bigger than it really is]

[image above: whimsy & spice‘s room and board bunks]

[image above: dave & surya of wee gallery have an eye for color]

[image above: simon and rebecca finger brings the outdoors in]

[image above: heather chontos creates a colorful girls room]

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  • Such a great post! Kid’s bedrooms are sometimes the hardest thing to decorate the right way; Emily Henson’s bunk beds are amazing (as is the bird house mural on the wall). Any kid would be lucky to have these bed rooms!

  • These are all so beautiful! The use of color is really inspiring for non-kid rooms, too. The only thing that is difficult for me is to see anything with substance hanging over a child’s bed. I grew up on the San Andreas fault line w/ many earthquakes and like everyone I know from home, we can’t see things over beds (especially at the head!!) without wincing and worrying! Just a gut response.

  • Hi-
    As a mother of three, these really are not kid lived in rooms. Kids have stuff–kid stuff. Not one stuff animal but 35 and most will be gifts, crayons, blocks, dolls, cars, and tea sets. Unless you make all the toys live in only one spot in your house–really will not happen and not their room these are fantasy and not livable. And aside from that–where are the kid collections? The rocks, sticks, butterfly cocoons, and assorted things that make a childhood a huge part of life?

    • beth

      as we’ve seen over the years here at d*s, not all children are the same- hence, not all children’s rooms are the same. i can assure you that children most definitely live in these rooms. often, the rooms have storage you may not see, or have been cleaned for the photoshoot. most people feel the need to tidy up most of the things you’ve mentioned above, as this is a site meant primarily for adults. adults who sadly tend to complain and leave snarky comments if a room looks messy. so i understand why most parents tuck away the plastic toys, etc when the cameras come out.


  • YAY! These are so awesome….very inspiring! And that’s the key here. These rooms are meant to inspire. I totally understand BethC’s comment but Blogging is a little bit like reality TV—everything isn’t always what it may seem. I love seeing a beautiful room and personally would rather not see a place that’s sloppy (hey, this is escapism, right??). I think we, as readers, have to know that most people don’t always have a home bursting with fresh cut flowers and coffee tables arranged “just so.” To think that people live with nary a magazine/stack of mail/straggler shoe in sight is putting a lot of pressure on yourself! We clean and tidy and edit like crazy to present a space at its best.

    I will say that Beth raises a good point about children’s rooms. I think because it is such an ongoing “true life” challenge that we parents have to deal with mounds of toys, that I truly appreciate seeing clever ways to store toys and clothes and bits of rogue Legos.

    Anyway. I loved this post. Very fun!

  • Thanks for posting this. These rooms are so full of color and whimsy they are perfect for young dreamers, yet chic enough to capture an adults heart as well. This post has definitely creatively inspired my day.

  • This post is so great!! I love all of the ideas and space saving thoughts. Super creative and beautiful photos!
    I like seeing things in place myself rather than cluttered as well. We keep our clutter in bins in closets and under the bed. Its easier on the eyes and creates less stress.
    Thanks for this post. We are in the process of re-doing our kids’ rooms and I am super grateful for all of these ideas.

  • Whimsical and fun. Lots of adorable ideas. Liked the shots with kids in their spaces – adds to the realism. Just wondering, as I look at these rooms and the sneak peaks – what is the name for this type of interior design? Design sponge style?? Eclectic – vintage paired with contemporary is how it might be described, but what is it called? One thing is for certain – it works well for both adults and kids!

  • Oh, come on with the “if you had kids, you’d know” comments…there are never complaints when we get a kitchen sneak peak without “real life” dishes in the sink and crumbs and butter smudges left by husbands on the counter top. I look at enough at my own kids’ toys and other crap that I’m happy not to see it on design sponge. This is what great kids’ rooms look like right after clean up, for about 10 minutes, and they’re beautiful!

  • These rooms are beautiful. Absolutely love the birdhouses! As an adult, I would happily have these above my bed. Thanks for the delightful inspiration. And for the mum of three, take a walk in the sunshine and relax. This is a design forum for design and a wonderful escape from reality. Isn’t that what we all need?? It sure cheered me up…!

  • What a lovely mix of kids’ rooms. I have a boy and a girl so I’m always looking for ideas, especially if they are colorful and eclectic. Even better if I haven’t seen them before. I, too, live in California so I could never hang anything substantial over a bed but there are always banners, Chinese paper lanterns, etc.

    As for the comment about these photos not being realistic, yes, these blogs are definitely for escapism but also most importantly inspiration. On my own blog, I would rarely post a photo of an ugly interior because that’s not what most of us want to see on blogs. I’ve got two little ones myself and right now my entire house looks like a tornado hit it. But each night I (and whoever else I can cajole to help me) clean up almost everything, into bins, closets, baskets, etc. If at least for the night, the house is uncluttered and pretty enough to relax.

  • I’m currently in the process of decorating my baby’s nursery (due September) and I’m all about nurseries right now. Thanks for the eye candy, these are such great rooms! My favorites are Ore Studio and Whimsy & Spice.

  • So nice to see so many adorable boys’ rooms! Proves there are options other than just sports or vehicles.

  • It’s so nice to have a collection of inspirational rooms where individual personality shines through. I also love how each of these rooms have really taken advantage of using the height in the room – particularly the gorgeous birdhouses on the wall creeping up the roof. It’s also great that these are rooms that will grow with the kids, and won’t seem too young or be grown out of too quickly. Thaks for compiling a beautiful collection.

  • They are all so beautiful. I love the tree on the wall and ceiling with the real life bird houses. They bring the tree to life while adding another dimension.

  • It’s true these rooms are not designed just for kids. They are designed for US! :) Personally, I get more design inspiration out of kid’s rooms than any other. I don’t why we have to be “designing for kids” to have so much fun. Food for thought…..

  • Love these rooms—and I agree with Marcelle that if shouldn’t be *just* thee kids who get all the fantasy and fun. These pics are making me rethink design for the whole house. Thanks!

  • Oh my….the tree house with little bird houses in it….aaaAAHHHH!!! So darn cool, I can’t stand it!

    I want ALL these rooms for myself!

    Gives me inspiration for my own interiors, thanks!


  • I remember when I was younger painting my bedroom bright green and bright blue, thinking it would look amazing. Weirdly, my parents agreed…they made me keep it till I was 16 as punishment.

    I think you’ve always got to remember the dangers of trying to make a kids bedroom really cool though. I regularly view design blogs and came across 4 good things to look out for at http://www.designshell.com/articles/bedding-for-kids.html.

    I think when I have kids I’m really going to fear what can happen when they play, I guess thats why they shouldn’t be unsupervised till they’re old enough to understand the dangers.


  • thank you for these beautiful shots…so inspiring! i hope you’ll continue to share more ideas for kids’ rooms – it’s amazing how creative all the parents are!!

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!! after a fruitless hour browsing the net for kids room ideas… this is by far the best, so much inspiration!! thanks for posting it – makes this tired parent very happy!

  • Great Ideas, especially the Board Bunks!!

    I would like to see a sneak peek of Teenagers bedrooms and see how many have their walls painted black with Vampire posters on them! ;)

  • Do you know where the green and white labyrinth rug came from in Simon and Rebecca finger’s room? I adore it!

  • realy such a beautiful ………i just love each n every thing inside the room .thnx

  • I absolutely love Emily’s photo of bunk beds saving space. I hope I can replicate that with my kid’s bedroom. Bunk beds have been great for them and they now actually have some room to play in their bedroom.

  • Beautiful rooms..I particularly like the second one down how they have used the space with the little ladder going up onto the shelf..my son would love something like that as he is forever climbing onto his wardrobe and sitting playing up their with his Buzz Lightyear!

  • Awesome site – actually inspired us to build a tree in our kid’s jungle-themed room out of plywood and heavy duty cardboard with real magnolia tree branches. I posted a how-to on our blog (www.wanderbebe.com) if you’re interested in checking out the results or using some of the pics… which reminds me that I need to get a better camera.

  • wakeupfrankie.com has a ton of really cute ideas. My niece, for her birthday, I let her pick out a bunch of things she really liked, she went crazy for the Be Magenta With My Heart set so of course she picked out pretty much everything with that collection, and re-did her room that way. It’s fun, and colorful, and it’s that border between child-like and young adult. This way she can keep her room for as long as she wants without getting teased. It was a win win.

  • I love these posts I am a mother of 3 and work. I think they are inspiring I was reading previous post i think it’s only logical that rooms would be cleaned up for photo’s i mean I clean and pick up every day prior to going to work if you want you house and rooms to look tidy you have to pick up on a daily basis I must be living a fantasy but its hard work.
    I know that it can be done keeping a tidy place. Thanks for the inspiring photos and rooms.

    • kinderkamerstylist

      there are kids rooms in peeks every week, but we only do “best ofs” every year or so, we have to let them build up ;)


  • I owe a sincere thanks to this post. The designs are so beautiful and colorful.The kids would definitely love them.Great inspiration.

  • wow just superb… i just love the interior of the room…thanks for posting this…i got lots of information for designing.

  • Wow, absolutely loved this blog post. So many ideas for children’s bedrooms that look so stylish and fun, yet cost effective. Really enjoyed reading this thank you. Ruby