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Our Favorite Dogs in Homes Part 2

by Amy Azzarito

combing through the sneak peek archive, it was hard not notice a pet theme. it’s not surprising homeowners gave their pets a starring role – a 4-legged member of the family can really make a home. so indulge me, as we look back on sneak peek dogs. (do you even know how hard to refrain from dog puns right now?!). and for cat lovers, don’t worry. i’ve got you covered too. soon. promise. –amy a.

[image above: olive on the orange sofa from erin heath’s home in chestnut hill, massachusetts]

mees welcomes visitors to kirsten voortman’s amsterdam home

in her pet friendly home, morgan satterfield never buys anything over $100

banjo hangs out in the living room of rosetta santucci’s home in australia

CLICK HERE for more pooches!

hanging out with chill-e at zoe van de wiele’s brooklyn home

sascha loves the carpet from istanbul in aun and su-lyn’s signapore home

comfy spot on the floor in this portland home from molly of life + limb

from sara hick malone’s home in nashville

casey relaxes on a chair in betsy maddox’s chicago home

more chair relaxing! in nicole gerulat’s living room

henry was only allowed on the bed for this one photo in caitlin williams and james freeman’s san francisco home

oscar in karen hill and frank marshal’s home

olive poses in fitzhugh and lyndsay’s brooklyn home

van gogh takes a break in julie murphy’s bedroom

one of diva’s two dogs (henry and nico) on her bed in berkeley, california

corbin lee gurkin has three dogs in her charleston home – truman, waldorf and eloise

greta poses in front of a screech owl design bench in currie person’s austin home

biscuit loves jorey hurley’s antique oriental carpet!

striking a pose in audrey romano’s home in central pennsylvania

molly in her favorite spot in abigail ahern’s home

elvis, jill robertson’s foster dog, seems to loves the modern furniture in her san francisco home

michele michael and patrick moore’s pup chills out at the couple’s maine country home.

morran hangs out in a hans wegner papa bear armchair in camilla engman’s home in sweden

moses inspired maxine sutton’s move from london to the seaside town of ramsgate, kent

eli in katie kirk’s minneapolis, minnesota home

these pups love the vibrant rug ingoil amornvivat’s home in williamsburg, brooklyn

penelope and willa in their favorite room in kristen bach’s home in athens, georgia

george matches the amenity home bedding in kristina de corpo’s california home

tired pups! sneak peek: ally of from the right bank to the left coast in seattle

laurie mee’s pup wally stands guard!

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  • Best Sneak Peek Best of Ever!

    I have angst over getting a new couch since my pooch likes to lick the ratty imitation leather one I have now… splotches of dark, I’m not sure what she would do to a nice couch!

  • pups! they are the charmers of every home decor photo i find, so naturally this post has me smiling. i was also delighted to watch the awesome “man shops globe” and see an episode dedicated to dogs. keith has a duo of pembroke welsh corgis – the same breed as our darling dog napoleon :)

    sylvie of silver lining

  • While house hunting, I immediately wanted to look at properties that put dogs in their listing photos – whether or not it met any of our search criteria. Ah, puppy love.

  • Wow cowhide must be a major trend! It’s a lovely addition to the rooms along with the dogs!

  • When I shoot locations for my site, I love when dogs or cats place themselves in the picture. Owners are always shooing them away and I always say, No! Please, I love to have dogs in the pictures on my site. They warm it up and give it life. I am always amazed at how some dogs follow me from room to room posing so perfectly. Leave it to you guys to appreciate it!

  • This site makes me happy every day, and especially today. There aren’t many things that rank higher on my list than cute dogs in beautiful homes. Thanks!

  • What’s the deal lately with all the animal-skin rugs? Am i crazy, or are they everywhere you look these days? Hope this isn’t becoming the next ‘in’ thing.

  • LOVE all Sneak Peeks with dogs in them. You didn’t show the one with the Border Terrier! I can’t remember whose it was tho…

    All of these dogs are beautiful!!! And the owners are fab for including them in the shots!

  • I think dogs give life to a home Loved all you have presented I have a Jack Russell and he has special places in our house

  • seeing the extremely cute dogs and then all the cowhides made me feel lucky for the dogs…and feel really sad for the cows. would any of the cowhide owners have dog hides on their floors? what’s the difference, really? might as well add a few cat-hide pillows, a puppy-ear ottoman, canary-head garlands draped over a lampshade made from the skins of baby seals. seriously, isn’t there enough cruelty in the world? i don’t care how good it looks or feels. try a little compassion in your design choices next time, eh?

  • laurie mee’s pup wally looks so much like our pupper bindi lou here in the deep south of edenton nc. all those dogs were so cute! Thnaks!

  • dog lover, i don’t think that cow hides are the same as fur coats etc. because if i’m not mistaken the hides are used after cow is killed for meat and so even i am a vegetarian and i don’t approve killing of animals, if the animal is killed for food and then the rest of it is used for something else, it is only good as there is no waste. killing animal only for decoration purposes is indeed murder

  • Pfft, so where are all the loose dog fur, mummified chewing bones and cotton from the broken plush toys? You’re leaving important essentials off from the pictures. Surely homes can be decorated nicely despite you have a dog, but at least make the pictures look more realistic and not so dreamy. Many dog owners will have their dreams crushed if they believe those sofas, armchairs and beds to stay hairless or as cleaned and made as they are in the pics.

    • natasha

      i think most people reading understand that people style and clean for photoshoots. if they didn’t, the commenters would trash them for being messy. believe me, after 8 years of moderating comments on a daily basis i can guarantee you WAY more people complain about messy or non-styled rooms than ones that are cleaned up ;)