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sneak peek: anne-claire rohé

by Amy Azzarito

anne-claire rohé left france for new york in 1998 after obtaining a degree in photography and the arts. now, in addition to her breath-taking photo projects – sold via drift(ed) – she works at one of our favorite new york stores, matta. (love their scarves!) anne-claire’s bushwick, brooklyn apartment was actually inspired by nicolette camille’s sneak peek. anne- claire loved nicolette’s palette of soft blues and natural wood and created a similar relaxed, natural feeling that has a her own artistic sensibility. {thanks anne-claire!}amy a

[My home is one of the most grounding element in my life. When I found this beautiful space about a year ago, I immediately fell in love with its details. I loved the openness of the space and the fact that each room peeks into the other one. The high ceilings are also a great feature. I wanted it to become a calming place, something between an artist atelier and a modern country house. I thrive on silence and quietness, that is where I recharge, so I need to be visually stimulated to feel complete at the end of the day. Beauty is very accessible, you really don’t need too much of a budget to surround yourself with it.

Most of my favorite objects are etsy finds or from vintage stores. The wood-blocks book ends are a gift from my sister, she snapped them right off of my etsy wishlist for Christmas. I am always on the look for wooden objects, they make a room look organic. The lamp is an ebay find, the blue bottle is from bluebellbazaar on etsy. The painting on top is my first original painting purchase. I bought it in a gallery in Hell’s Kitchen. It is by a Spanish painter and is a landscape of the city of Madrid.  The multicolor throw on the couch is one of my biggest splurge as far as home accessory. It is from Thomas Eyck and is a striking work of art!]

[image above: The kitchen build-in cabinet was the icing on the cake in this apartment! I was so excited to have this old-fashioned feature to store my kitchenware. I grew up in the country side of France and this definitely reminds me of something very dear to my heart.]

[image above: The ’50s credenza was a gift to myself. I found it on Craigslist for a decent price and it was mine!  Above it is a small collection of original art & prints form books and magazines i accumulated over the years. The framed picture on the far right was a gift from my friend & talented photographer Silas Shabelewska from her series Roads. The top drawing of the pig in the snow was a Salvation Army find.
The antique rug was found in a store called Callalilai in Brooklyn. They have a beautiful selection of kilim rugs.]

[image above: My ultimate dream would be to makeover my kitchen – I’d love new floors, a fresher wall color and a long farm table. However, this is what i have now and I actually quite enjoy eating at this table. It is from Ikea. The mismatched chairs are from different secondhand stores – I like mixing black, white and natural wood. The pillow on the left chair is from Urban Outfitters. The wooden plate is from Crate&Barrel.
I made the hot-pink wire installation above the table as a modest attempt to honor the work of Fred Sandback. I want to play more with it. The industrial lamp is vintage.]

CLICK HERE for more of Anne-Claire’s Brooklyn apartment!

[image above: This gorgeous photograph is from a very dear friend of mine Aurele Hardouin who lives in France and has a beautiful gallery in Nantes called Atelier-A. You will notice that all my colored pencils are all sharp and perfect. Well, this is because i never use them! I don’t draw – I just love the look of them in a jar.]

[image above: This chime was a gift from my mother. It is from Woodstock Chimes.]

[image above: Vintage wine jugs are very hard to resist for me to resist. I would collect them if i could! They just bring an element of “water” to a room somehow. I adore the simplicity of the lines and the soothing color.]

[image above: I use clipboards to refresh my wall art selection frequently.]

[image above: I really enjoy having the couch facing the windows. I spend long contemplative hours on it.  It is from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. The silk ikat pillows are from Matta and the printed one Thomas Paul.  As I said earlier, wood is a bit of a leitmotiv in my home. I brought a lot of driftwood form beaches in Massachusetts last year and used some of them as object of decor. This piece was just meant to hang above my bed and hold a lamp shade. It was just shaped perfectly at an angle. I can’t resist the look of driftwood. I like the chalky color, the fact that some if them almost look like bones.]

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  • ABSOLUTETY LOVE the simple but beautiful wire installation above the kitchen table! I want something like that at home! Congratulations for you beautiful house!

  • I love how you have made “charmingly mismatched” your style! Sometimes I wonder whether I should do that, or try to make things fit some sort of color/style scheme… Your place makes a very good argument for this!

  • can i move in? please? :-)
    i pinned half of these gorgeous photos to my “interior calm” pinboard. i too love to create space in my home that serve the purpose of grounding me & my over-creative mind. love love love all the hues you utilized here… my newly decorated office has a similar mood. congratulations of a beautiful home!

  • so many great ideas! love the light around the branch, the mixed wood bookshelves on industrial brackets, the string/nail geometric art, just lovely!!

  • How lovely and peaceful. *One of my favorite tricks for covering ugly kitchen/bathroom floors is to buy a large, relatively inexpensive sisal/sea grass rug and cut it to size with some heavy carpet shears ; ) This has saved my design aesthetic in numerous abodes!

  • ps – Can I ask how you found your apartment (friend, craigslist, broker)? I’m looking to move back to NYC for the first time in 10 years and am totally overwhelmed! Looking for something in your general area (maybe closer to Williamsburg) w/charm and detail.

  • I *love* your Fred Stanback inspired piece! The landscape architects used that pink string to lay out poured-concrete pads in my back yard, which I thought looked really cool itself – I photographed it to remember. You’ve inspired me to bring it inside and play.

  • Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why there is toilet paper in the kitchen cabinet?

  • Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
    TPS: thank you for the tip, hell yeah my kitchen floors need to be hidden ;-) it’s in the process –
    I found this apartment through Craig’s list. Classic. I got very lucky though and i was on a budget. If you want a spacious place don’t stay too close to williamsburg. Everything is overpriced over there…! my advice.

  • I must say, I love the disorder of the built-in cabinet. Some of the homes shown, while beautiful, make me feel like I’m walking around in a museum and shouldn’t touch anything. This one makes me feel that I am invited in for a cup of tea and a good conversation. Lovely.

  • This apartment took my breath away, too! So, so thoughtful, calm, and beautiful; just marvelous!

  • your lamps are all gorgeous! I love how they have so much personality. I used to have the same white pitcher… it’s a good one and I miss it!

  • What a wonderful, relaxing space! I especially like the patterned blue table below Aurele Hardouin’s photo. Where did you find it?

  • GORGEOUS–love the wood and water elements along with the neutral colors and personal touches.

    The “Sneak Peeks” section is just getting better and better! I look forward to each post.

  • PS. If you like built in kitchen cabinets like the one in the second picture, I’ve had one in about every inexpensive apartment I’ve had in St. Louis.

    Thanks for the inspiration with the clipboards! I have loads of them at work and I also collect paper ephemera that just stays in its bin…. until now!

  • It sure was nice to see such a lovely Brooklyn apt.– like TPS, I am moving back to NY at the end of August , and have been totally bummed poring over hundreds of cruddy looking craigslist listings. It is very heartening to know that nice spaces do exist there (now if I could just find one, please?!)! I’m guessing the wood floors were probably painted by a landlord that was too lazy to refinish them, but they do look great with your aesthetic! Nicely done home!!!

  • I was wondering which sneak peek you were referring to? Nicolette Camille? The link doesn’t seem to work.

  • That is a BEAUTIFUL house. Every room is amazing! (I especially loved the built in cabinet, it was great.) I wish I lived in your house ;)

  • I love the idea of hanging a clipboard on the wall and switching out the photograph. This way you’re not “stuck” with one picture, you can change it out based on that day’s inspiration.


  • Beautiful Apartment.

    Can you source the table lamp on the console table in the photo with the guitar? Thanks


  • I love your apartment! Can you tell me where the white bowl on your kitchen table is from?? And what is the name of that Ikea table… it looks like it would be perfect for my kitchen, but I’ve never seen it before.

  • I have just found your blog in an etsy forum, I only have a min to spare, but will be back later!
    Very inspired writing and images ♥

  • Preston: the lamp is from wunderworks. These guys are based here in nyc. I love this lamp.
    Alison: i got the table from a hand-me-down so i don’t know the name, it must be on the Ikea website unless it’s been discontinued. i got the bowl at a flea market.

  • summerbl4ck : I agree about the toilet paper, i don’t mind that the pix aren’t totally “styled” but the tp seems a bit odd in that lovely cabinet…. otherwise totally beautiful home! it has actually inspired me to look at apts in Bushwick since Ican’t find a 2-brm in Williamsburg!

  • Argh! You have the credenza that matches my china cabinet and dining room table (also off of craigslist)! I’m very jealous. It looks great!