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simply color: alissa and ryan

by Lauren

Today’s colors are pulled from the house of Alissa and Ryan of Horne (and our Behind the Bar column). This couple has beautiful taste! In their living room, the lavender and vintage blues mixed with the warm red and orange tones produce a soft and inviting palette. In the dining room, the brighter, more vibrant pops of color are exciting, and nicely contrasted against the dark chairs and cabinets. Not to mention the gorgeous artwork displayed in both rooms. —Lauren

Image 1:
A) Copper Clay (Benjamin Moore ), PMS 181 B) Cool Lava (Behr), PMS 178 C) Spiced Butternut (Behr), PMS 1345 D) Haute Pink (Sherwin-Williams), PMS 508 E) Pinedale Shores (Behr), PMS 5507

Image 2:
A) Beluga (Behr), PMS 433 B) Major Blue (Sherwin-Williams), PMS 2915 C) Jeweled Peach (Benjamin Moore), PMS 1645 D) Sweet Orange (Benjamin Moore), PMS 1355 E) Neon Light (Behr), PMS 114

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