print in cursive + faber poetry giveaway winners!

by Grace Bonney

hi guys! i hope this post finds you all back safe and sound from the holiday weekend. three days away from the laptop definitely did me some good and it was great to indulge in my once-a-year flag cake obsession. to kick off this morning i wanted to share some beautiful letterpress stationery from a studio in salt lake city. designer elpitha tsoutsounakis runs print in cursive in salt lake, and specializes in social stationery and print correspondence. she sent over this invite for a baptism she recently created and i instantly fell in love with the dark colors and hand-written style. i love when stationery combines the handwriting look i love with the deep-set, sophisticated style of letterpress. elpitha’s site is still in progress, but you can click here for her contact information and to see more images of her work on facebook.

and, because i woke up to a few dozen emails asking me when i was going to post the winners of the faber poetry giveaway– here are the winners! thank you so much to the 1771 of you entered! that was by and large the biggest response we’ve ever gotten to a giveaway. thank you so much to faber for increasing the prize and giving away three beautiful sets of books. the lucky winners are:

  • alice c. (who just graduated with a degree in poetry)
  • stephanie k. (who loves that books can help shape who her children will become)
  • jaymie (who has a book club with 2 middle school students)

thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to faber for donating these sets!

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