d*s wallpapers

new july d*s desktop wallpaper: mike perry!

by Grace Bonney

today is the first day of july (why is the summer flying by so quickly?) and it also marks the 11th month of the d*s desktop wallpaper series that kicked off with deanne cheuk last august. i’m thrilled to have one of my fellow design by the book team members joining us for this month’s calendar: mike perry!. mike is one of the most talented, hard-working, and versatile artists i know and it’s such an honor to have him contribute a colorful design for july’s desktop calendar. i hope you’ll enjoy his design! thanks so much again to mike for sharing this wallpaper with us. click here to check out mike’s work online and here to shop his collection of artwork and books.

CLICK HERE to download mike’s free wallpaper design (with and without calendars)!

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  • Any plans to continue offering wallpaper downloads? I know this started as a celebration of your D*S’s 5th anniversary, but a new wallpaper every month really brightens up my work space. :-) I’ll be sad to see it end.

    • bethany

      i’m still trying to decide what to do. i want to keep something going as a monthly “gift” that’s art-based (and that supports and draws attention to independent artists), but i might try to think if there’s another format in which to do that. but if i can’t think of another one, i might just keep with it ;)


  • Like Bethany, I look forward to the first of the month to see what would be on my desktop.
    I love it… please keep it.

  • Haha! That is perfect for July. Thanks for providing these lovely calendars. I also hope they will be offered continually.

  • Whoa! This is my favorite of all the wallpapers! Gorgeous!

    Please don’t end the free wallpaper! I love to meet the new artists and it’s pretty fun to rock the coolest wallpaper in the office!

  • Wouldn’t this month be the 12th month, since you started last August? August-July is a full year! :-)

    The colors are so explosive and lovely. One of the best ones yet. Keep these calendars coming!

    • joanna

      oh man, you’re right. i guess i always planned to do it from august-august. lol. guess that’s why i better stick to blogging and not math ;)


  • I love the variety of designs and styles that you have each month. This one is so colourful. I totally agree with the others that my desktop is a lot jollier at the start of the month when I have a new background to admire :o)

    Thanks for the freebies so far, Grace – I’d love it if August had one too (and September, and November, and December….)! I’m sure you wouldn’t have a shortage of volunteers to submit their designs as backgrounds? ;o) Please keep it! x

  • I love the wallpapers, but the calendars always seem to drift below the taskbar. It wouldn’t take much to place the calendar just a half inch or so higher for those of us who don’t hide our taskbars. Pretty please? :-)

  • can regular struggling artists like me contribute to the collection of wallpapers too? if it’s up to your standards of course:D

  • What happened to the monthly desktop calendars? I’m disappointed that you’ve stopped doing them. They were so fun!

    • caitlin

      i’ve addressed this several times before. people started stealing these for commercial purposes and we weren’t able to protect the artists from that happening. we’re trying to find away around it, but unfortunately some people chose to abuse these free gifts.