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new at papa stour

by Grace Bonney

how badly do i want that blanket? really, really badly. if combined with our dotted green couch i would explode with stripe and dot joy

good morning! i’m writing from ac’s computer this morning, as mine decided to make the three beeps of death that signify RAM problems. i’m going to be blogging from tekserv today where hopefully a mac genius can fix things and have me reunited with my laptop asap. until then, i’d thought i’d start the day with something happy, like some new eye candy at papa stour. i always love seeing a collection of designers from a certain part of the world gathered in one place. it’s a fun way to see if there are common themes, styles, and tools used, and get a sense for their unique regional influences. a quick browse through the new designs added to the shop has me wanting to hop on a plane to scotland where i can bundle up with some of these gorgeous blankets and scarves and have tea in the amazing ceramics in the shop. i also really got a kick out of the scottish spin on “keep calm carry on”, which involves haggis. click here to check out the “new” section at papa stour, and here and here to check out papa stour owner rosie brown’s beautiful homes.

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