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diy project: summer lobster bib + trivia ribbons

by The BBB Craft Sisters

summer means late dinners, seafood and lots of summer drinks. we recently partnered up with après fête to put together a lobster bash, and when we couldn’t find pretty throw-away bibs, we made them ourselves. simple linen cutouts—no sewing needed! we added some lobster triva (listed below for you) and printed it onto iron-on transfer paper. we found some (free!) decayed fonts on dafont.com that looked sort of salty sea dog to us. our favorites were requiem, stamp act, quincy and white tie affair. to see the menu and other party details, head over to après fête. –bbbcraft sisters

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump (including TONS of lobster trivia to include at your party!)

what you need:

•    tracing paper
•    pencil
•    scissors
•    straight pins
•    fabric scissors
•    fabric (we used inexpensive white linen from jo-ann fabric)
•    iron-on transfer paper
•    iron
•    ribbon
•    seaside rubber stamps (there is a great crab stamp at paper source right now!)

what you do:

1. fold a piece of 24” tracing paper in half and then in half again.

2. draw a quarter circle on the folded paper, like a pizza slice with the folded center as the pizza tip. cut along the pencil line.

3. unfold the paper and assess if you think this is a good bib shape and size (we had to do this about 3 times before getting it right).

4. fold it back in half lengthwise and draw a head cutout. we made ours about 2” down from the top of the bib and followed along at this same distance from the edge, then cut in sharply after about 10 inches (see photo).

6. now you have your pattern! slip the tracing paper bib over your head and make adjustments here and there. we even taped on extra tracing paper in a spot we thought needed to be filled in.

7. fold the tracing paper in half lengthwise again. fold your fabric in half, match the folded edges up, and pin the pattern to the fabric. cut out the bib.

8. stamp the front of the bib; we used a simple seashell for ours.

9. print lobster trivia onto iron-on transfer paper (remember to reverse the text before you print!) and iron on the trivia answers to the questions on the back neck of the bib.

10. cut out long pieces of white ribbon, and iron on the matching question on the ribbon.

11. tie the ribbons around the rolled-up bibs.

you are ready to be a messy eater!

lobster trivia:

q. How can I tell how old a lobster is? a. Multiply the lobster’s weight by 4, then add 3
q. Do lobsters eat before or after sunset? a. After sunset
q. What do lobsters primarily eat in the summer? a. Lobster bait
q. How many years does is take for a lobster to grow one pound? a. 7 years
q. What happens if a lobster loses a leg, antenna or claw? a. They grow back
q. Are lobsters’ left or right claws larger? a. Lobsters exhibit “handedness”, so either
q. What is a male lobster called? a. A cock
q. How long is a lobster’s life? a. 100 years
q. Where are a lobster’s teeth? a. In their stomach
q. What body part does a lobster listen with? a. Its legs
q. What does a lobster taste with? a. Its feet
q. How many Red Lobster restaurants are in the United States? a. Nearly 700
q. Do lobsters really scream when boiled? a. No, they don’t, as they don’t have vocal chords
q. How can you tell the difference between a male and female lobster? a. The tail: the female has a more flattened and broadened tail.
q. What are the two main lobster types? a. The American and the Spiny
q. How long can a lobster live out of water? a. Two days
q. What U.S. state produces the most lobster? a. Maine
q. How many pairs of legs to lobsters have? a. 5
q. What do you call a female lobster? a. A hen
q. When is a lobster a chicken? a. When it weighs about one pound
q. When is a lobster a pistol? a. When it has no claws
q. Why are lobsters claws banded? a. They become cannibalistic in tight quarters
q. What is the biggest lobster on record? a. 43 pounds

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  • the trivia ribbons are fantastic! this is perfect inspiration for our upcoming beach wedding…as we’re having a clambake for the reception. love! thanks design*sponge :)

    sylvie of silver lining

  • Such a clever idea! I love the trivia ribbons. However, I’m dismayed to see punctuation errors in the trivia questions and answers. I know this is a blog about design, not language, and I hate to be the English police, but Design*Sponge is too intelligent a place to have simple punctuation or grammatical errors. For instance, question one should read, “Multiply the lobster’s weight…” and question six should read, “Are lobsters’ left or right claws larger?”

    Grammar, spelling and punctuation reflect the credibility of the writer. Proofreading is worth it.

  • I LOVE the idea of the trivia ribbons! I can’t wait to think of a reason to do some. It’s reallyreally cute, and I can picture everyone sitting down to the table, picking them up with interest, and reading them aloud to each other. What a clever, not-at-all-contrived conversation starter.

  • This is such a perfect idea!
    I don’t know when I’ll be cooking up any lobster but I might just have to find a reason to have guests over to wear bibs! Love this!

  • I love lobster but it makes me a bit sad to read it takes a lobster 7 years to grow one pound, and that a lobster’s life can be 100 years- a very good reason to stop eating lobster really..sorry to be a spoilsport