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diy project: bottle stopper menagerie

by Haylie Waring

a handful of these found-object bottle stoppers would be the perfect quick and easy host/ hostess gift when paired with a liqueur or other potions in a bottle. they are a joy to make and are rather inexpensive too. begin by looking around the house for random odds and ends, such as dice and game pieces, old coins, shells or beach glass from your most recent trip to the shore. you could even venture into your back yard, or  to the park for acorn caps, twigs, and rocks. working with a theme or a color scheme could be helpful, but not necessary- random selection works just as well. they truly make for a charming little mini-bar! have fun. –haylie

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Materials and Tools:

– found objects, preferably ones that are flat on one side, or have an anchor point to fasten securely to cork (buttons, poker chips, gems & costume jewels, small toys, etc.)

– corks, found in an assortment of sizes at most craft stores- an assorted pack of 20 averages about $3.

– all purpose adhesive or epoxy

– florist wire, medium gauge

– needle-nose pliers and wire cutters


Step 1: First, match each object to an appropriately sized cork, making sure there is not too much or too little overhang- these must function as stoppers. You should be able to insert and remove them at ease and without disturbing the decoration on top.

Step 2: Prepare objects by wiping down with a clean cloth, then attach wire for extra security (if needed). The idea is to make a wire stem at the base end of the object to pierce through the center of the cork. If the object requires a stem, then its counter-cork needs a starter hole in the center- this can be done simply with a piece of wire or an awl. For wider stems, just wiggle the awl or wire back and forth to expand the hole.

Step 3: Once object is ready to be attached, apply an even layer of glue to both the top of the cork (minding the edges, you don’t want glue seeping out and spilling over edges) and to the base and wire stem of the object. Now attach your objects to the top of the corks, holding them in place with your thumb and forefinger for a moment, then allow to sit for at least one day (or follow adhesive instructions).

Step 4: Ta-dah… a magical little collection of bottle stoppers for that great host or for yourself!

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  • Love this idea- and the pictures! The results are eclectic and artistic yet somehow professional and finished. Good work!

  • I love these corks!! What a great project for “girls craft & wine night” at Ft. Alafia Country Store & Antiques. Thanks!

  • this is perfect!!!!! i love this and am so excited to try this out! haylie, you are wonderful!!!!

  • Interesting. I often make wine stoppers for friends, but I buy cool cabinet pulls from anthropologie and screw them in to a freshly purchased cork. Sometime they need a little glue at the top. I always give them as a present with a bottle of wine.

  • I have many, many small porcelain animals and objets d’art from my boxes of red rose tea. (they include a small ceramic item in each box.) Right now I have them lining the moldings and chair rails of my house, but I think they would make great bottle stoppers. thank you for a wonderful idea with boundless possibilities.

  • This is such an excellent idea! One of these tied to the handle of a gift bag or the bow of a wrapped gift would be perfect and a trio would make the perfect gift :)

    With college making it impossible to accumulate enough work hours to make any sort of real money, such a money-saving adorable gift idea is just what I needed! Plus – my mom already has a million wine corks sitting around that she has saved over the years!

  • These are so cute! I am going to be making some of these as favors for my December wedding. You can also buy new corks in bulk from ebay. I was wondering though, what is the best size cork to use so that the stopper fits easily into the bottle? I know that corks come in different widths.