book tables + book cameras

by Grace Bonney

one more quick eye candy post for the morning: how cool are these tables? d*s anicia sent in these images of tables made from old books that her friend tyler made. sometimes i feel like we have so many books in our home that we could practically house ourselves in books alone, but now i’m thinking a book furniture might be the way to go…..thanks, anicia!

*ps: i love the way that orange chair looks next to the book tables. such a nice, warm color combination.

in other book-conversion news, i’m loving these pinhole cameras made from hardback books and cigar boxes. artist erin paysse sent them over last night and they’re so lovely! erin went to school for architecture but is now shifting her focus to photography and building unique cameras. you can check out (and shop) her full collection of handmade book cameras right here on etsy. thanks, erin!

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  • ah, this is the perfect solve for a bibliophile like me. it also encourages me to start adding more charming 1st edition hardbound novels to our collection. the worn edges and faded covers infuse a magical quality to any home library :)
    sylvie of silver lining

  • ohmyGOD those book tables are perfect. Since there are so many garage sales going on, hardcovers are cheap gets…

  • love both book ideas! i wonder if i could just strategically stack my books like so, without having to affix them.

  • Part of me cringes when old, rare boos are defaced… But this are great!
    By turning them into pinhole cameras they cease to enrich us through words and imaginary landscapes to, instead, create tangible visuals, almost tinted with the ghost of the pages’ content!

  • Love the tables! Off to browse Half Price Books clearance section to see what I can find!

  • I feel really weird when books are repurposed when they’re still in really good condition/aren’t at the brink of falling apart, especially old and/or obscure ones.

    And the stacks aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing to me, they just remind me of the messy mounds in my basement exept that no one could read the books if they ever wanted to.

  • A friend of mine used a stack of old books to make a newel post for his stairway. Love the look and the *using* rather than trashing…

  • I love that orange/yellow chair? Where can I find an uphostered, colored accent chair like this? I’ve already tried Antrhopologie.

  • Barbarian idea. if you don´t want to read those books, make a donation to a public library.
    Love the page except for this entry that is very disgusting

  • I find it interesting that more people are upset over using books (produced in multiples) to create a table, than cutting up an original one-of-a-kind painting to make something as fleeting or trendy as a purse.

  • For those that suggest donating books to a public library rather than using in desing/furniture/crafts: many public libraries would use books like this (i.e., older) in book sales, rather than integrating them into their collections. Few public libraries have the the time/staff needed to sort through and catalog older books, not to mention they do not have the space to store them. In fact, public library book sales are often a great place to buy books for crafts/design projects!

  • People and their outrage over using old, outdated books! I highly doubt anyone is putting their first editions in a book table: these might have been rescued and repurposed from the trash behind the local library. Just because it has a cloth cover, doesn’t mean it’s worth a ton of money, or worth reading. (Old science text books that tell us one day we’ll make it to the moon?). And were you really reading those dusty volumes anyway? probably not.

  • I love these ideas & I love books. Many books, like most old library editions, book club editions or old textbooks, have no monetary value & just end up in landfills, when they are not sold. Some books don’t sell at all, even at pennies on the dollar of their cover price. Even the library ends up tossing out the books that it can’t sell. This would be a great way to save them. I particularly love the cameras! Thanks for posting these.

  • Thought I would note that our friend uses only discarded books; they usually have a few pages missing in them, or aren’t readable, etc.

    To Summer: they are totally usable/stable.

    And to Sylvia: I got 2 of those orange chairs at our local goodwill outlet/warehouse, both for $30!