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before & after: ted’s bar + cindy’s kitchen

by Grace Bonney

today’s final post comes from a former street hockey teammate of grace’s, designer and builder, ted kilcommons. ted worked on creating this amazing custom bar for the bodega wine bar in bushwick, brooklyn. the previously empty, white space was completely transformed and the mix of textures (penny tile, plaster walls, and concrete counters) really adds a nice sense of warmth to the room. click here to check out more of ted’s work online. –kate

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

CLICK HERE for cindy’s kitchen makeover after the jump!

i love looking at vintage kitchen ads, so when i saw cindy’s kitchen renovation i was so excited! while it was a lot of hard work, apparently the project was not without its fun discoveries: under several layers of old flooring, cindy and her demo team discovered pink glittered linoleum! cindy was determined to find a nice, indoor oil-based paint for her cabinets, and it really paid off – the color went on nicely with just one coat. the whole process took about five months, and the results are beautiful. great work, cindy!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

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  • Fantastic!! I want to redo my kitchen as well. Have any ideas on how to resurface particle board type cabinets?!

  • Incredible bar, and the kitchen is great. It’s inspiring to see how little money is needed when there is vision and creativity.

  • These are both amazing. I love the detail on the ceiling in the remodeled bar. And the reuse of the old cabinetry, talk about sustainable. Great job guys!

  • Can you tell me what indoor oil-based paint you used on the cabinets? Did it take a few days to ‘cure’?

  • Cindy, I am dying to do the same thing with my kitchen. Do you have any resources you found invaluable?

  • I’m wondering what kind of paint she used, too!
    I adore that penny tile on the bar. Just gorgeous!

  • This kitchen is evidence that you don’t always have to take a sledge hammer to the cabinets and add (yawn) granite countertops to a perfectly functional and charming vintage kitchen! I cringe everytime I see the shows on HGTV where this happens, so wasteful and unimaginative!

  • What a big difference and inspiration for us all when faced with a sad old kitchen and little funds! Someday…that floor will be mine too!

  • the kitchen is adorable and some much more cheerful. ted k has some pretty great work on his website…love the bar reno.

  • Thanks you guys! For the paint, I made sure to use oil-based primer and indoor oil-based paint. They told me at Home Depot that they didn’t make oil-based indoor paint anymore, but I found some at Benjamin Moore. It went on really smoothly and is a super nice paint.

    The linoleum is new as well. It’s a whole sheet from Congoleum, not vinyl tiles. It cost a little more to put it in on the diagonal, but I like it better that way.

  • We just did a similar re-do of our out-dated kitchen, and it IS a lot of work, but worth it in pride alone. Great job- love the green color! Here in Illinois, there is no oil-based paint to be had, so we used Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint. This is the best (and most expensive) paint I’ve ever used, but it went on so smooth! I highly recommend sanding and priming. This Old House has an EXCELLENT tutorial that was invaluable to me to get near-professional quality results without using a paint sprayer.

  • The before on the bar looks like 8′ ceilings, and the after looks like 10′. I’d love to know how they pulled that off!

  • Goodness, that is just the cutest kitchen ever! I think it would be a fun place to cook in. Great job!

  • oh neat. i randomly ended up at the bodega last month when i was in town. it’s very inviting from the outside as well.

  • That kitchen is totally cute. It looks like the paint has some shading to it, is that just my bad eyesight or is the effect caused by the new black and white floor. I like it!

  • Both of these makeovers look amazing. The use of the colour orange has added a real warmth to his bar. It is still stylish at the same time, with all that dark wood to compliment. Cindy’s kitchen also looks great, I love the 50’s/60’s diner look which works really nicely with the green and the patterned lino floor.

  • I think that kitchen is incredible..just paint and a new floor made the jump from a gloomy mishmash to lively and fun. I am wondering about the oil-based paint…is that better that latex water based paint? Why?

  • I too want to know why all the trouble for oil paint. And why is it not readily available anymore if it’s so good.

    Smart of you to put the floor all angled like – perfect! Now I want ta new kitchen floor.

    • sarah

      oil paint goes on BEAUTIFULLY. i wish we could still use it, but the gasses they give off (and the chemicals in them) are highly toxic. that’s why you see a lot of water-based paints on the market now. but man, the smooth glide you get with oil based paint is amazing.


  • Wow – what I’m impressed with is Grace playing hockey! Out here in Santa Barbara we have roller hockey and a women’s league and ice if you want to drive a bit. We’re a few donations away from our own ice rink :) but I love that girls into design-y girl-y stuff also like to play hockey. It makes me like Design Sponge even more now!

  • Best kitchen reno for ages. Black and white flooring is perfect and the green is refreshing. It makes you wonder why they made those gruesome kitchens. Unfortunately when you rent like me, they are everywhere.

  • Both Gliddon and Behr still make oil based interior paint. I buy it from Home Depot in Tx.
    I used Gliddon’s glossy oil based porch and floor paint to re-finish my 1940’s BeautyKraft metal cabinets for my retro-kitchen. It did a very good job, and latex paint would never hold up to the wear and traffic they get from my 3 kids.

  • Is the ceiling in the bar painted or paneled with laminate flooring strips? If that’s paint, it’s remarkable!

  • THANK YOU for not tearing out those cabinets. What a lovely kitchen. I share Julie’s opintion regarding the ‘yawn’ factor of HGTV and I’m now entering the ‘gasp’ stage as I see demos again and again. It’s just such a waste.