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before & after: amber & kyla’s chairs + stairs

by Kate Pruitt

this past spring i was helping my sister redecorate her home office, and we ran into the obstacle of trying to find attractive office chairs. well, that’s not exactly true. we found some nice looking office chairs, but we discovered it was difficult to locate office chairs that were attractive and had personality. office chairs aren’t usually the statement maker in a room, which is why i love this office chair makeover from amber and kyla in victoria, bc. since opening their interior design studio inoui design collective and moving into a new work space (congratulations!), the pair wanted to freshen up the office with great furniture. i think they’ve accomplished just that. the large scale marimekko fabric works perfectly on the back of these chairs, and i love how each chair has a different part of the pattern. great work, ladies! –kate

CLICK HERE for amber & kyla’s other awesome project after the jump!

when it comes to coming up with creative ideas, i am one of those people who get them right before bed, and they keep going late into the night. this usually leaves me up until two or three am one night a month, wide awake and periodically grabbing the notebook by the side of my bed and trying to scratch ideas down in the dark. it’s nice to know i’m not alone: this project came to kyla in a late night of brainstorming, and i think it’s genius. she and amber had collected a whole bunch of old meter sticks (i know some hardware and paint stores give these away for free, or at least they sell them for close to nothing) and didn’t know what to do with them. thanks to kyla’s late night eureka moment, they are now the front panel detailing on the stairs leading to their studio! apparently it’s a small detail that always makes a big impact on people when they enter the space. another great idea, amber and kyla!

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