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summer beach bouquets

by Grace Bonney

[today i’m thrilled to welcome sarah brysk cohen from blossom and branch to d*s! the studio choo girls are swamped with wedding season, so they’ll be taking every other week off this summer. on their off-weeks the lovely and talented sarah will be joining us with a fun floral post. welcome, sarah!]

Hi everyone! This time of year has me thinking about the beach and wanting to bring the carefree charm of a summer vacation into the designs I create at Blossom and Branch. I love the idea of taking a “sunbleached” floral bouquet and incorporating shells. You can do this by getting a little crafty with a thick silk ribbon or integrating the shells right in with the flowers, themselves! This makes a sweet hostess gift for a friend’s dinner party/BBQ or a just a special something for yourself. Enjoy!

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-bag of shells from your favorite craft store

-thick silk ribbon (something with textured grooves works best)

-sharp ribbon scissors

-mini glue gun and glue sticks

-floral stakes (can also substitute any kind of wooden craft stick here)

-floral tape (in a pinch, duct tape or rubber band will also do!)

-a gathering of your favorite summer blooms

Shell Ribbon Bouquet Wrap

1. Start by preparing shell ribbon.

2. Cut a fairly long length of ribbon, leaving a loop in the middle for wrapping a hand-tied bouquet.

3. Use a glue gun to coat the inner edge of a shell.

4. Immediately affix the shell to the ribbon in the desired location and hold for a few seconds – the glue dries quickly and holds well, especially on textured ribbon.

5. Create a matching pattern on either side of the loop, all the way down the ribbon.

6. Set ribbon aside and gather together your “beach bouquet.” Here, we used a mix of our seasonal favorites like peonies, hydrangea, freesia and astible but in washed out colors, evoking a summer feel. We added things like thistle and scaboisa for summery wildflower texture.

7. Use floral tape or rubber band to wrap and secure the bouquet – this will make it easier to ribbon wrap and will help the bouquet sit in a vase nicely.

8. Take your shell ribbon and wrap around the bouquet several times until the shells on the ribbon are right at the base of the bouquet – you can even use a pearl pin to help the ribbon remain in place.

9. Place your bouquet in a vase tall enough to let the ribbon cascade down to the table.

Shells in the Bouquet

1. Start by preparing the shell stakes.

2. Use glue gun to coat the top of a floral stake.

3. Immediately affix to the inside of shell.

4. Prepare as many shells as you wish to incorporate into your bouquet!

5. Set shell stakes aside and begin to gather together your “beach bouquet.”

6. Now that your shells have “stems,” they can be used just like flowers – for every few flowers you gather, pull in a few shell flowers. We like to group them for dramatic effect, but you can also dot them throughout the bouquet.

7. Use floral tape or rubber band to wrap and secure the bouquet – this will ensure that your shell flowers stay in place and will help the bouquet sit in a vase nicely.

8. Place your bouquet in a vase squat enough so that the top of the bouquet is at eye level – you want everyone to see the details in your creation!

Complete flower list:

Scabiosa, peony, thistle, hydrangea, scented geranium, freesia, astilbe, dianthus “grass”

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