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D*S Summer Slide Show: Kids Edition

by Caitlin Kelch

It’s summertime and that means we find ourselves spending time with friends and family – and in some cases, their children. While our team is sans kids at this point in time, we can get down with some Monopoly or water guns from time to time. For our new Slide Show series, we were inspired by the days when friends and families got together to watch slide shows showing off the exotic and fun places they had traveled to.

This week, in honor of all the kids who’ve yawned their way through slide shows from the Kodak carrousel or the iPad, we’ve rounded up some kid-centric supplies (and one super cute desk) to keep the summer rolling along kid style. Now we’re prepared when we’re greeted with chortles and high pitched ‘Aunty’ & ‘Uncle’. Bonus Tip: We always carry fruity Tic Tacs which are in high demand with the younger set!

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