arjowiggins content + new simple song design

by Grace Bonney

i’m a huge fan of what the arjowiggins paper company does to promote its work. remember the paper unicorn and the paper tree? that unicorn is still a favorite of mine. so when i saw this beautiful piece they were sending out (everything in the image above, except for the woman and chairs, is paper) to promote a new design competition for students and professional designers i couldn’t resist sharing it this morning. arjowiggins is looking for a range of entries including illustration, printed artworks, 2D computer generated graphics, 3D sculptures and models that capture the imagination of designers in the UK and across the world. the contest is open to both students and pros, so click here for more info.

also, in beautiful new paper news: suann at simple song just launched a new site with a small, edited line of ready made + custom stationery. i really love the everyday birthday cards- but my favorite are the custom pieces above and below. that father’s day is so gorgeous. click here to check out the new site and collection! [photos by steven redfearn]

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