zed & bee

by Grace Bonney

if i had to pick one area in the world i’m most interested in exploring more deeply it would be australia, hands down. there are so many exciting shops, designers, and students working there that i’ve already starting saving up to travel there next year for the d*s book tour. australia, here we come! ok, back to the point: i love hearing from australian design teams, so i was excited to hear from sisters billie and zoe about their new stationery company: zed & bee.

based in leichhardt (a suburb of sydney), zoe and billie specialize in modern invitation designs, focusing on using unique concepts and techniques whenever possible. i really loved the layout (and photo styling) on their site, and enjoyed being walked through the invite suites like a story, from start to finish. the kitchen and “guy’s retreat” are my favorite styles, but the watercolor package is gorgeous as well. if you’re looking for a little paper art inspiration this morning, click here to check out zed & bee’s website and here for their blog.

CLICK HERE for 12 more images (and 3 different “themes”) of zed & bee’s work after the jump!

papercut project below features a beautiful papercut design by julene harrison:

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