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darling clementine cards + watermark wallcoverings

by Grace Bonney

tonje and ingrid from darling clementine make the most beautiful cards. they recently launched a new series of woodland cards consisting of eight different designs that celebrate scandinavian folk style. you can check out (and shop) the full collection online right here.

thanks, tonje and ingrid!

*click here for a sneak peek of tonje’s home, and here for a sneak peek of ingrid’s home!

i also wanted to share these pretty wall coverings from taylor kincaid of watermark wallcoverings. they’re to-the-trade-only, but i’ve seen more and more designers and d&d buildings across the country offering these services (call and they’ll place an order for you for a fee) so i thought i’d share them anyway. all of taylor’s wallcoverings are made without the use of solvents and with only water-based paints and stains. i really love the way they mimic natural materials- and the vibrant colors available. i’d love to see the photos styled a little differently, but the papers themselves are pretty cool. click here for more info. thanks, taylor1

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    • turnip

      i’m not a fan of the way the photos were styled for these- things like the cat accessories, etc just don’t mesh well with those designs for me. i think the wallpapers are so cool and modern, that if they were styled in a more contemporary way with fresher accessories they could appeal more strongly to a wider (and younger) audience. i understand that may not be their goal, but i always like to see a great product styled to its full strength.


  • I totally agree that the wall coverings are styled poorly. Even though the coverings are interesting, I found the pictures physically difficult to look at because of the clashing colors and patterns (especially the blue and green).

    I love those cards by darling clementine! Great find.

  • i disagree when it comes to the first work. i love the look of that guitar print. my eyes are instantly drawn to it. maybe it’s bad because it overshadows the wall, but i think there’s nothing wrong with a little diversity in style and based on the above posts it seems to appeal to your audience. any info on it?

    • alison

      i don’t mind the guitar image, which is why i lead with that one ;) it’s the others (and the others on the site) that don’t seem to fit the style of the papers for me.


  • WOW – the Wallcoverings are so unique * Very talented – works of Art . . . . “Watermark Wallcoverings” – Great Name *
    These designer wallcoverings will appeal to the discerning!
    Thanks for sharing / posting this new Art Line . . . . .

  • Love the tile look. My boyfriend wants a red brick wall (don’t we all). I guess this could be the actually doable option. Although the silver looks very elegant! How do you find somebody who still knows how to put wallpaper up though? :)