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sneak peek: lula aldunate

by Amy Azzarito

lula aldunate was one of last week’s design on a dime content winners and we were all so smitten with the buenos aires studio she decorated with her sister and brother-in-law that we asked to see a little more! although, lula now lives in new york city, she grew up in buenos aires and has done everything from styling parties to interior design to magazine styling. now she creates her own line of products. (love her pillows!) this space was furnished almost entirely with vintage and found objects. with sisters of my own, i love the idea that these two worked together to create this magical space! {thanks lula! and thanks to marcelo setton for the lovely photographs!}amy a.

[I come from a creative family – I have 4 siblings and they are unique and talented individuals. My sister, Rocio, and I always dreamt of having our own work studio, so after a lot of fantasizing about it and looking for a place for months we found a huge raw warehouse in Almagro (an old neighborhood in Buenos Aires).  It was the perfect – it was a blank canvas just made to have fun and create whatever we wanted. The space was really empty and gray – and we are all about color! So we started by painting a wall pure pink with our own hands (really with our hands!!) We loved doing it, it reminded me to my aunt’s house when I was a child, which was the same shade of pink and it also made me think of a big candy house. The rest came together as spontaneous inspirations that we shared and made real little by little.]

[photo above: The living room had a set of antique soft pink velvet sofa and armchairs that we found at an antique store. We piled it with flowered colorful pillows made mostly by me. A rounded glass-topped 50s coffee table held magazines for our “brainstorming/ inspiration” moments. There is also a small oriental rug, two little old black leather and wood structured stools (on one of the stool is one of my blanket designs), an amazing antique vitrine cabinet filled with a collection of vintage tin cans,  a huge lamp we put together, hanging Indian sarees and our antique gold framed blackboard where we wrote our manifesto (it is all about freedom, love and happiness!)]

[photo above: – This was our dinning and living room where we hosted meetings and parties and received our clients and  friends. We created an eclectic style as we paired the vintage/ antique furniture with oriental rugs and sarees from India (my mom travels a lot for work and bought them for us!), which we used to accent the walls and as curtains on our huge window. We also hung Chinese paper lamps all over the ceiling]

[photo above: Antique French-style big table and a set of different chairs – from the 50s, country style and an unique turquoise leather from the 60s – all found in junk stores!]

CLICK HERE for more of Lula’s fabulous Buenos Aires studio!

[photo above: This was our vintage market set-up! (I always wanted to have my own store!!). The collection includes hat boxes, cookies cans, wire baskets, 70s men underwear, kitchen oilcloth accessories and some wool woven clothes. It is arranged on a table and tablecloth that I styled for a photo shoot.  We loved the arrangement and kept using it!]

[photo above: The hand-painted pink wall! We actually gave it the raw look on purpose to look like our childhood memory of our aunt’s house! And one of the most important pieces in the studio: our foosball table!!! It is from the 70s. My brother-in-law bought it as he loves football (as do all Argentine men!) and we use to have soooo much fun with it. We would challenge anyone who came to our studio! It was our work break entertainment! The stair is an old painter wood stair we bought very, very cheap at an auction and on the wall is hanging a wire magazine exhibitor]

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