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sneak peek: kirsten voortman

by anne

throughout my life i’ve had these phases where i get obsessed with hot pink.  it’s such an unexpected color to see used so vibrantly in a home, but that’s why i love the way that dutch designer kirsten voortman uses it around her fun amsterdam home.  even better is that she shows what a good coat of paint can do to a discarded piece of furniture on the street (found with special assistance from her dog, mees).  click here for additional, full-sized images, and check in with caravan if you’re ever interested in the possibility of house swapping with this fabulous place! {thanks, kirsten!}anne

[above: I live in a small Amsterdam apartment on the ground floor, in the Jordaan district, one of the oldest parts of the city.  In the smallest hallway ever, I wallpapered the closetdoors with severall vintage wallpapers that I collected over the years.]

This is my favorite place in the house, I can spent hours in this chair. Overlooking the garden, with a cup of tea and my laptop. Perfect.  The dog paintings on the wall are from friends, Karla Doherty and Joep Buys.  The ‘ceramic’ drawing is from my friend Louise van der Veld, I am working with her on a line of interior products, the pillows with the wolf are one of the first products that we designed.

My dog also loves this chair, as soon as I leave it, he jumps directly from the couch onto it!

My apartment is long and narrow, to get to a room you need to go through the other, there is no central hallway. This is kind of typical for a lot of houses from the 1910s. The chairs I upholstered myself, I found them on the street. Also the tables are from the street, I painted them in one of my favorite colours, GreenBlue from Farrow and Ball. Also the mirrored cabinet [image below] is painted in that colour.

CLICK HERE for the rest of kirsten’s sneak peek after the jump!

A lot of my furniture I found on the street. As I take my dog Mees (a parson russel terrier) for a walk around the block every night and people just put their old stuff on the street for the garbage men to pick it up the next day, it is hard not to take it home…someone else’s trash becomes my treasure.  I kind of stopped now, since my house is getting a bit full, and how many chairs does one really need?! Only for really nice furniture I make an exception, I can always give it away to friends or family!

Love to wake up in my bedroom with the sounds of birds from the garden. Especially now, in Spring,  they are very loud and cheerful!  Wallpaper is from Eijfinger, Ikea bedding and vintage bed spread bought on our famous Dutch Queensday, the whole city turns into one big open air fleamarket on April 30st.

Pillows made by me, with fabrics from Ikea, my moms old fabrics from the seventies, fleamarkets, Eijfinger. The wolf pillows will be soon sold on our website: studio happilyeverafter.

Also typical for Amsterdam houses from this period are the tiny bathrooms, only a shower and a toilet can fit in it, that is it.  The tiles are original, very yellow. I didn’t particulary like them but to take them out seemed to much work.  So I decided to make it even more yellow by putting up this wallpaper from Studio Pip.  I think it turned out very well and it makes me happy.

To prevent all the tourists and neighbours to have a sneek peek into my apartment,  I put up my own design of windowfoil.
I try to change it every six months as it is also sort of a window display for my work.

The house at the back of my garden is where I work. It used to be an old shed, which was turned into my studio. So convenient to work so close to home, before I worked in my front room wich was o.k. but I was always surrounded by work. Now I can just close the door and ‘walk’ home!

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