new maps from these are things

by Grace Bonney

back in february i was really excited to hear from jen and omar at these are things. they were debuting a great new line of modern maps, and i was instantly smitten (not only with their work, but i love their website as well). so i was happy to hear from them again yesterday after a new set of usa and europe maps they created. these new us/europe maps are smaller than the original world maps from february, but are available in two colorways for $40 right here (the dark world map is $60). also, if you’re checking out the stationery show (i’ll be covering it on d*s next week) be sure to visit the igloo press booth to check out jen and omar’s debut line of greeting cards. thanks, guys!

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  • wow. these are great. i think the world map is my favorite. these would be so perfect for a child’s room to help them learn geography.

  • That’s a shame that Turkey is not included in the Europe Map. Designs are awesome, but if you are in the map business you should really do your research and do it right.

  • LOVE their maps….. I love the vintage feel both maps have and the yellow map reminds me of the 50’s era advertisements. I will definitely keep their maps in mind .

  • Thank you so much for featuring a US map that includes AK and HI! It’s really annoying to see people create maps and totally blow off 2 major portions of the United States geography.

  • Maybe it is supposed to be on old map of Europe, and that’s why Turkey is not yet included …

  • Maps, especially fun ones like these, are always fun decorating elements. I really like the bright colors that these designers used on the US map and will have to poke around their website. Any other suggestions of where to find reasonably priced map designs?

  • Wow those are spiffy. Or should I even say Swell Maps … My favorite is the black one although I would love to see a few more city names scattered throughout. (Where’s Seattle dammit!? I know, it would be too cluttered next to Vancouver, but still … :)

  • I have the aqua world map and just had it custom framed. It looks stunning. It’s at the end of my bed so I woke up looking at it. Twas a good morning!

  • I absolutely love these maps! Jen was actually a teacher of mine at CCAD here in Columbus, so maybe I’m biased … but I don’t think so! I think they would be an amazing touch for any room in the house :)

  • The map of Europe is georgeous although it seems that Eurasian countries (e.g. Turkey and Russia) are not included, that is somehow strange.

  • These maps are great. The map of the world is fantastic. You really can see all the detail that has gone into creating these maps. I love the use of the grey tones with a splash of red, the colour scheme works really well. I don’t know if this was done intentionally but I love that they have matched the colour of the man’s shirt with the different maps. Considering small elements such as the colour of the shirt really does show that they have thought about the marketing of the maps also.