morning artwork: becca stadtlander + karen o’leary

by Grace Bonney

good morning! i thought it would be nice to start today with some beautiful cut paper art and illustration by karen o’leary and becca stadtlander. becca stadtlander is an artist and illustrator whose work caught my eye almost immediately. there’s something about her use of color that reminds me of the jungle paintings of rousseau, who was a favorite of mine growing up. i love the way she plays with colors and seems to balance them so well- nothing feels overdone to me, just perfectly alive and bright. you can check out more of becca’s work on her blog or pick up a piece of her work on etsy right here ($20 for prints).

next up is karen, who creates hand cut city prints using maps of cities across the world. i was really drawn to her baltimore cutting above, but have a soft spot for the manhattan piece below, which is so clean and simple with its white background. karen takes custom orders, and can do pieces ranging from specific spaces (like hyde park) to full cities. karen sells her work in original cut form ($220+), original drawing form ($140), or print form ($35+) at her etsy shop right here.

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