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icff 2010 trends: inspired by nature (part 2)

by Grace Bonney

good morning- ms. jackson would like to welcome you to the end of my icff 2010 coverage. she and our other cat turk are currently battling it out over who gets to sleep in their new cardboard cat house from loyal luxe (she won the battle for this picture). today i’m wrapping up my trend posts with part 2 of the “inspired by nature” designs i saw. yesterday i touched on 15 of my favorite flora/fauna pieces, and today i’m posting the last 20, ranging from a deer-inspired bike to a giant room that looked like it was made from a wall of metal flowers. i hope you’ll check out the full selection after the jump, because these were, hands-down, my favorite crop of designs at the show. nature always provides some of the best inspiration. [image above: this flat-packed cardboard cat house was my favorite part of the designboom mart. i bought one for the cats and they LOVE it. everything comes in little perforated sheets of cardboard that you pop out and put together. genius. bonus? cutest website EVER]

[image above: i think just about every icff visitor took a picture in valentina gonzalez wohlers‘ prickly pair chair. and why not? it’s adorable]

[image above: this antler-meets-bike piece by sung kug kim was so darn cool. the antler is actually made from wood, not horn, and had such a beautiful shine.

[image above: there are no words to describe how cool these animal-inspired false eye lashes are. let’s just say that if i had ANY excuse to wear something like this, i would. design by paperself]

CLICK HERE for 14 more flora & fauna inspired designs after the jump (be sure to catch the light-up egg lamp!)

[image above: sweet porcelain bird candlesticks from lladro]

[image above: an AMAZING installation by amuneal]

[image above: this piece by tomomi sayuda was incredible in person. her “oshibe” design (named after the japanese word for stamen) was inspired by eggs, plants, light and the moon. when you pick up the egg shapes the lights change and the piece makes sounds.]

[image above: beautiful hand-drawn wallpaper patterns from camilla meijer]

[image above: i loved these mixed-wood and cork furniture designs from michael iannone]

[images above: handpainted wallpapers by kevin dean]

[image above: one last full shot of the awesome bike by sung kug kim]

[image above: beautiful succulent arrangements from the icff press room. ok, so this is nature and not nature-inspired, but they were too pretty to not run]

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