d*s at my life scoop: escaping the home office

by Grace Bonney

good morning! before we break into regular d*s content i wanted to take a second to share a post i wrote for another site. for the next few weeks i’m going to be guest blogging a few posts over at life scoop about technology. i’ve never considered myself a very techy person, despite spending about 90% of my life online, so it was fun to get a chance to examine all the ways i use technology in my day-to-day life.

my first post is live now: escaping the home office with iphone apps! despite the fact that i’ve formed a comfortable divot on my sofa from sitting in the same place all day, i do occasionally have to leave the house and so i thought it would be helpful to talk about the apps i use to make that possible (without having to beg everyone i know to answer my email and man the site). if you have apps you use to run your small business while you’re out, i’d love to hear about them over there. xo, grace

*my next post will be about using the web/iphone to decorate your home…

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  • Great Post!
    I’d like to add the Netnewswire App to the list. It is great to stay up to date with all news feeds you are interested in (both work and pleasure ;-)). I use it all the time, whilst I on the move and even whilst breastfeeding! it syncs read items with your computer so you don’t have to plough through items you have read already and you can also mark articles and feeds to keep and file for future reference.

  • I’m also waiting for VERIZON to get the iPhone. I love all the information that you put on this site.