using technology to decorate your home

by Grace Bonney

last week my first guest post for my life scoop (escaping the home office with iphone apps) went up and today my second post is up, and it’s all about design. i’m rounding up my top 10 favorite ways to decorate your home (paint, measure, shop, blueprints, etc.) using iphone apps and great online programs. click here to check it out and please feel free to add your favorites, too- there are great new apps and sites popping up every day, so i’m always happy to hear about what’s new :)

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  • Hi Grace, this is my first visit to your blog and I was so happy to see this article! I’m always wondering how designers can take a room photo, doctor it up with their envisioned design to show someone how good a so-so room can be made to look! I am so non-tech :( and it’s hard for me to visualize a complete project before I even start. Knowing HOW to use one of these programs would really help me to see the complete project instead of only an isolated feature of the room. Thanks for the tips and I’m off to sign up for my deco.

  • Hey Grace, I was curious who makes that black and white chevron pillow featured here.


    • rebecca

      i think that’s the talented miss madeline weinrib. anything with a chevron is usually hers. that’s an old icon from a few years ago i used on our categories page so i’m pretty sure it’s her.


  • Grace, this is exactly what I was looking for! The only problem seems to be that I can’t work MyDeco on IE. It won’t even let me scroll to next pages from countless images of furniture. Is this something that would work better on my Mac at home?

    • myra

      hmm..i’m not sure. i only have a mac so i’m not sure about glitches on the PC. have you tried it with firefox or chrome? IE in general is not the browser that any web developers would want people to use, it’s almost always full of bugs.


  • I will never be that computer savvy but it is amazing to see what’s available to help design… also, that chair on the header is to die for

  • Thanks Grace. I’ll try MyDeco at home on Safari or Firefox with my MacBook Pro. At work, I’m stuck with a PC and IE, what will firewalls and all. Sigh.