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before & after: stefanie’s brooklyn limestone

by Grace Bonney

i’ve been admiring stefanie at brooklyn limestone for some time now. along with her husband, stefanie has been undertaking the renovation of a 100 year old limestone in brooklyn. to say that they had their hands full would be an understatement. some of the rooms were in better shape than others, but many (check out the pink bathroom- ack!) would have had me turning around going “nope! can’t do it!”. it’s with great pleasure that i get to share 16 of my favorite before & after photos from stefanie’s MAJOR project. i hope you’ll enjoy this tour through their renovation as much as i have- they’ve done a great job and from everyone here at d*s i’m sending stefanie and her husband a huge virtual high five and “well done!”. click here to read more about the renovation process on stefanie’s blog. thanks, stefanie!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

[images above: the bedroom, before & after]

[images above: kitchen before reno, during reno, and after]

CLICK HERE for the rest of stefanie’s renovation after the jump! (including a seriously scary bathroom and office!)

[images above: parlor bathroom, before & after]

[images above: office, before & after]

[images above: hall bath, before & after]

[images above: guest bedroom, before & after]

[images above: living room before & after]

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  • Wow you must have put so much blood sweat and tears into this beautiful home. It really has paid off. I love the kitchen and the hall bathroom. Something to do with being English and not getting those ‘american’ showers over here. Congratulations on your lovely home.

  • her house is amazing. i find myself going back to the kitchen + bath photos (okay, all of the photos) again and again when looking for inspiration.

    she has quite the eye, combined with the ability to execute!

  • Gosh – I think this is the prettiest reno I’ve ever seen – the house still feels the same, but it’s so beautiful. Truly inspired, and very impressive, on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow!!!!! What an absolutely lovely transformation! The wood floors in the kitchen–are they original to the house? If so, what a GREAT refinishing job! Really inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  • having lived through renos that looked a lot like this, and made me cry in frustration on more than one occasion, I want to say congrats and well done. Your finished home looks spectacular.


    Even it it’s not all to my taste (well, mainly that zebra print rug would go) I can appreciate how spectacular a remodel job this is. Thank you for sharing with us! Now I’m going to walk around my condo, alternately hopeful, depressed, and deluded. :P

  • Really incredible. They must feel so satisfied! The bathrooms are the most impressive I think…my god they were scary before.

  • this place was the ultimate diamond in the rough. this transformation is astounding! such vision and talent!

  • This is the best reno I have seen.

    I am desperate for that bedspread…so lovely! Where is it from?

  • Stunning! One question – where did the owner get the prints above the master bed (yellow flowers, I think)?

  • Thanks very much for being so nice!

    Erin: The headboard is from Candace Olson but I bought it secondhand from a bedding showroom clearing out their stuff via Craigslist.

    Laura: The duvet is from Anthropologie.

    Janet: The countertops are soapstone.

    Nicole: The accent pillows with the big flowers are from Target. I sewed the yellow and gray dot pillowcases myself using an Amy Butler fabric.

    Theresa: The floors in the kitchen are not original to the house. (We removed a wall here so there was no hope of keeping the originals without having a huge ugly mismatched patch). So we intentionally didn’t try to match the floors in the dining room – instead we stuck with a simple skinny plank going the other way so it wouldn’t compete with the nicer floors in the adjacent room.

  • elli – above the bed I just framed some fabric I had. Its only temporary – I want to replace it with some real art but for now it did the job.

  • Yes, would love to know where the gray and yellow pillows and shams came from!

    Amazing transformation!!

  • I adore the kitchen and bathrooms. So classic and inviting. I want to move in! All going in my inspiration folder.

  • Must have spent a fortune. Love the bedspread. What a lovely job they have done. Thanks Design Sponge for sharing.

  • The tiles that you chose in both bathrooms are beautiful. I especially like the historic looking black and white tile. The hardwood floors are wonderful too! You are lucky to have such great floors to work with.

  • WOW! I am moving in tomorrow! Bravo! please share the paint brand and color name for guest bedroom walls (green) and those creamy-dreamy kitchen cabinets. Thank you!

  • Gorgeous renovation, everything turned out wonderfully. The kitchen is just about perfect!

    Does anyone know where the guest room bedspread with the lace pattern is from?

  • What a beautiful home! I absolutely love everything they did. I especially love the headboard in the first room. I love that it’s not just a padded headboard, but it also has the two little ends sticking out. It’s so pretty!

  • I do this for a living, and this is easily a $250 000 renovation.
    (labour plus materials).

    Beautiful transformation.
    Way to recycle an old building!

  • Liz: The comforter in the guest room is from Walmart (purchased for $15 online clearance)

    Laura: The stools are made by a company called Lyon. You can purchase them at various places online. They come in gray but I spray painted them this aqua color.

  • Wonderful! As someone who is in the midst of restoring a 100+ year old victorian I can appreciate all of the hard you have put in. Love the results!

  • gorgeous!!
    would you mind telling me the color of the hall bath? thinking of something like this for our master bedroom. thanks!

  • I am … speechless. Wow. WOW. The entire reno is unbelievable, but when I saw the new kitchen I actually exclaimed aloud, to an empty house, “Shut the front door!” Dang, woman! That’s some inspired design.

  • May this beuatiful renovation inspire the great many. If everybody did so with their houses, it would be a boost for the economy and for a positive thinking. Congratulations

  • Katherine: Thanks. The color in the hall bath is Benjamin Moore Beach Glass. The color in the master bath is one shade up on the chip and its called Quiet Moments.

  • Beautifully done! What is the paint color you used on the walls in the living room?

  • LOVE IT!! And I love that you used a table I’m considering buying as your side table in the living room. Gives me a good idea of the proportion. And looks great in your living room!

  • holy gorgeous, esp. that kitchen. My favorite feature has to be the ceiling medallions though. Would be curious to hear about a source for those.

    Thanks for such an inspiring look!

  • that looks like a.lot.of.work! It looks like you saved the sink in that second bathroom? Love that! The rooms are stunning. The floors in the kitchen and just outside (inlaid wood) look great.

  • Amazing! I can only imagine how much work went into your home. It looks incredible.
    I just spent the last five days plastering, sanding and painting my dinning/living room so I have a small understanding of the intense project you undertook.

  • Overall I love this… but I like the old tub so much more than the new one! Not convinced that couldn’t have been reglazed/salvaged.

  • I am from England and have followed Mrs Limestone for months, she and her husband have a beautiful home, Stephanie is one of the few bloggers who take the time to reply! She is an inspiration so happy Design sponge have recognised all her hard work!

  • So inspiring! I would love to know the colors you used for your living room walls and your kitchen cabinets. Thanks!

  • What is the name of the color you used for the master bedroom? This is all absolutely GORGEOUS!

  • I am curious to the dimensions of the kitchen. I have a kitchen I believe to be similar in size and am remodeling this summer. I’m just trying to find some inspiration… Thanks!

  • I also live in a 100 year old house but luckily it was mostly remodeled when we bought it. I have looked at the pictures several times and I am stealing your ideas!!! WOW!

  • Absolutely stunning, Mrs. Limestone! Would love to know where the guest bed frame is from. I’ve been looking for one just like it. Thanks!

  • This is breathtaking. I would have been so intimidated, but you took this project on bravely. Beautiful work!

  • What a talented eye and mind to create such a gorgeous home from a frightening mess, this is beautiful!

  • Jenn: The guest bed came from JCPenney.

    Katie: I don’t remember the dimensions offhand – if you email me I’ll look up the exact dimensions – but I want to say 13 feet long x 8 feet wide (exluding the room next to it which is the dining room).

    Julie: The paint color on the walls in the master bedroom is Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin.

    Elizabeth: The color on the living room walls is Benjamin Moore Silver Fox. I don’t know the paint color on the kitchen cabinets – they came with that color already painted on. I believe it was called Buttercream but who knows what the real paint color was.

    Levina: Yes, the tub was just moved to the downstairs bathroom. We wanted to save it but it worked a lot better in a room that didn’t require everyday use.

    Emily: Got all of the ceiling medallions (the original plaster ones were long gone by the time we go there) online. Don’t remember the name of the company but a google search will find them. They work great and are not too expensive.

    Cassidy: Thanks but no – I don’t do this professionally. One giant stressful renovation is enough for a lifetime :)

    Magda: The mirror is in the dining room (you can see it in the photos). No, we didn’t strip the trim. I prefer it painted.

    Thanks so much for the kind comments!!

  • disappointed that it doesn’t seem to keep with the character of the original. shame to toss out the claw footed tub…

  • I love that you used the original sink from one bathroom and claw foot tub from another. I never understand why people throw away things like that when they can just refurbish them! You home looks amazing. Good for you.

  • You did an absolutely STUNNING job. Could you tell me what color paint is in the office? Also, where did you get that great silver desk and black dresser/cabinet?

  • Sarah: The tub wasn’t tossed out. It was just moved to another bathroom.

    Perry: Thanks. The office is painted in Benjamin Moore Waterfall. Both the desk and the sideboard are from Ikea.

  • What you did takes a lot of courage and persistence,
    The thing is that the result came out lovely!
    Not only that you created a home from this mess, but also designed it beautiful!

  • This is incredible! What a transformation! The pink bathroom was a total nightmare before and it turned out beautifully. I love the clawfoot tub from the other bathroom in there. Ohhh and the kitchen. So beautiful. Amazing work! It definitely paid off.

  • loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these renovations. I am in the process of renovating my Brooklyn limestone and way over my head. Could you pass along the name of the contractor that you used???