serie stoccolma bikes from note + abici

by Grace Bonney

every year i tell myself i’m going to buy a bike and explore brooklyn on two wheels, and every year i get terrified that i’m going to get hit by a car or chased down the street by an angry driver (the stories i’ve heard are crazy!). but this year the weather is too lovely not to give it a try. and these bikes might be just the thing i need to inspire me. stockholm based design studio note recently designed a series of bicycles in collaboration with italian bike producer abici. inspired by the colors of classic stockholm buildings, note created these bikes that combine classic frames with clean, modern colors. i’m tempted by the blood orange color (i’m always drawn to that color), but the white and black are perfectly classic, too. there is a great blue, olive green, purple, and yellow model as well, but you can check out more right here. abici bikes are distributed in the states and canada via fourth floor, so if you’d like to order an abici bike, shoot them an email to find a shop near you. thanks, cristiano!

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  • Wow these are wonderful. I love the pared down look. I am so envious of the cyclists in Europe who are given entire bike paths to themselves throughout the main cities. I’m a bit afraid to cycle in the city too Grace. These bikes are fabulous – may make me rethink my fear!

  • I’m arriving in NYC tomorrow! Plan to immediately scour Craigslist for a folding bike upon which I plan to explore your exciting city for six blissful weeks. Can’t wait!

  • Oh yes, I was looking at these a few weeks ago. They sure are pretty…! Too bad they are nearly $1000.00, which doesn’t include assembly.

    • margot

      yeah, those fancy bikes tend to be pretty pricey. but if you factor in what you’d save on gas/subway/bus costs, it becomes more reasonable. especially if you’re a car driver…


  • I finally bit the bullet and decided that this beautiful weather was worth lugging a bike up to my 4th floor walk up in the slope! Ride Brooklyn on Bergen has beautiful Linus bikes (I got the cream Mixte!) and wonderful staff that walked me through the whole process of finding the right bike for me. Highly recommended.


  • I feel so fortunate to live in a city where it’s so easy to get around on a bike and where the cyclist culture is so strong. I love the fact that so many people here choose the bike over the car, and that it comes naturally, without even thinking. But since I also lived in Brooklyn for a while, I totally see what you mean. Wear a helmet! You can get pretty nice looking ones nowadays :)

  • those are gorgeous. absolutely freaking gorgeous. however, certainly out of my price range at this point. i agree with grace that compared to a car the price is VERY reasonable, but there are so many fun used bikes available for a fraction of the price. i bought a great 1970’s schwinn cruiser over the weekend, in an orangey red rust color, with the wheel fenders, a riveted seat, etc, and when i traded in my mountain bike i got it for only $100! certainly not as chic as these beauties but it has its own charm :)

  • As one of your most bike-snobbish readers, I must say I approve! Classy looks, well-made, *and* utilitarian.

  • Lovely bikes indeed!

    Also check out candycranks.com, another blog written by and for women riders.

    For new riders looking for some confidence behind the handlebars, look for a cycling advocacy or coalition group in your city. They often provide free or low charge ‘cycling in the city’ courses.

    Check out this survey, too. It reflects the comments here in terms of safety concerns of female riders:

    I whole-heartedly recommend getting on your bike – it will change your life! You can go anywhere, anytime. No waiting for buses and trains, no idling in traffic. It’s a wonderful way to live.

    Oh, and cycling really does wonders for your legs!

  • Love these bikes! I received a vary sturdy Pink Bike and like you feared navigating Brooklyn despite having biked up and down its streets when I was a child – it’s different – no you need head gear LOL!

  • If you’re looking for a bike to do serious commuting/errands with (e.g., to replace a car)….these aren’t those bikes. Your butt will be killing you after any sizable distance, and they won’t go very fast. Get a road bike if that’s what you want.

    With that being said, I personally have two bikes (one for toodling around the neighborhood and one for commuting) and I really wish my “toodling” bike were this hawt…

  • those bikes are darling!! i love love them! inspires me to go out and start riding!
    thanks for sharing!!

  • Love! I have an Electra that my hubby bought me for my birthday a couple years ago. A bit cheaper than these, but still full of style and best of all fun to ride! I’ve even had people stop me for pics hahaha

  • Grace, I can’t recommend biking around Brooklyn enough. I actually lacked the courage for years myself until a friend and lifelong biker (and the person who introduced me to your site so many years ago) was killed in a bike accident in Texas. Rather than letting that deter me (she really was very careful and it was a completely freak accident) I found strength in it. I wanted to see the streets of New York the way she did when she lived here, cruising absolutely everywhere on her foldy bike. While I’m not the strongest or bravest biker I’ve found a few paths I enjoy and started venturing into Manhattan last year. It’s really lovely, refreshing, and makes you feel SO GOOD even if the Manhattan bridge can feel SO BAD the first few times you do it :)

    I’m in Park Slope as well and found the Ocean Parkway bike path to Coney Island to be a fun challenge distance-wise for a beginner but also a SAFE intro to biking (you’re separate from car traffic except at intersections). Please consider it some time!

    • coco

      thanks so much for sharing your story – i think it’s inspired me to get off my behind and rent a bike in a few weeks :)


  • These are simply beautiful. I live near the ocean and would love to take one of these cruisin’ near the marshes, docks and gullies.

  • These bikes are GORGEOUS! I just started biking to/from work everyday and it is fantastic! I am fortunate enough to have the Trolley Trail in Kansas City for my commute (with minimal street and car interaction) and biking every morning makes you so much happier when you arrive at work! I had to get over the fear of crazy drivers as well, but now I’m hooked. Plus, I got a tres chic helmet from nutcase online!!!

  • Angie-I just picked up an old schwinn and i’m about to start commuting to work, too! glad to hear another person with a positive experience. (i’m also going to get a nutcase :))

  • My particular favorite, and the bike I have, is the cheapest Dahon folding bike. With it’s slightly smaller wheels it has a little bit of a futuristic look while still being classic somehow. Perhaps it’s the cherry red. I’ve brought it on the bus and though cumbersome to carry on, it folds down in under a minute. Highly recommend it.