molly hatch + palo samko

by Grace Bonney

yesterday was a mess with server errors, so before we dive into today i just wanted to apologize for the server time outs and slow loading for yesterday. our server tech made some upgrades so hopefully today will be smooth sailing. if you couldn’t view the site yesterday, please scroll down and check out the gorgeous homes from the end of the day. i’m still reeling over that beautiful australian home with the metal siding. but, it’s a new day and time to plow forward with fresh posts (and hopefully no fresh server problems). i wanted to kick off the day with some new work from artist molly hatch and designer palo samko. first up is molly, who has a new show of her ceramic work opening this saturday the 24th at LOLA in berkeley, ca. i love the loose, hand-drawn feel of the illustrations on molly’s ceramics and would love to see them in person. if you’re in the bay area this weekend, be sure to check out the show!

next up is furniture designer and my pick for “best of show” almost every darn year at bklyn designs, palmo samko. i interviewed palo at last year’s show and always find him to be as friendly and fun as his work. it’s hard to capture the joy of palo’s work in words, but if you’ve seen his furniture in person, you’ll understand. he always finds ways to hide tiny drawers and hidden details (like wooden birds swiveling on a dowel) in his work and that, combined with truly expert craftsmanship, makes for the closest thing to a “perfect” piece of furniture i’ve ever seen. i could gush about palo’s work for days, so i’ll stop myself now. bottom line, if you’re in brooklyn, go visit palo and his work in person at bklyn designs next month (some of his new pieces are above and below). you won’t regret it. if you’re outside of nyc, you can check out palo’s work online right here.

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  • I was fortunate to happen upon a show by Molly Hatch at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, VT, while I was there for one day in the middle of a road trip. Her ceramics are gorgeous in person, plus the exhibit had a lot to do with how the ceramics were presented – there was one whole wall that combined a wall drawing and ceramics. It was really a great show and I’m sure the one in Berkeley will be, too.

  • H, Josie! You got to it before me… I was just gonna say that I’m doing one better than seeing her work at LOLA- I’m taking her class this weekend!

  • Dare I ask how much Palo Samko’s tables cost? Anyone know? I LOVE them (esp. the dining table with the clock gears) and am wondering if I can realistically dream about owning one someday.

  • I once sat in one of Palo Samko’s rocking chairs at BKLYN DESIGNS, and it was incredible. So comfortable, so beautiful, so perfect.