mariners supply co. + 140 characters video

by Grace Bonney

for years i’ve been stocking my stocking my lone (tiny) utility closet with these open canvas bins, trying to keep our cords, cleaning supplies, and odds and ends in order. but after four years, i’m getting bored, and i’d love a new way to keep my tools and cords together without having to label another bin. so when i saw an email from jane at the mariners supply co in cornwall i was hooked right away. after amy’s living in post on tuesday, i’ve had rope and nautical themes on the brain, so these canvas “ditty bags” from mariners supply are right up my alley. each ditty bag is around $24- $38 (small/large) and comes in a wide variety of colors, all of which will fade beautifully over time and with use. i can already see my tools living in one of these and actually being happy to lug them around the house for projects, so i might have to splurge on one, but if you’re in the market for some extra storage bags, click here to shop online.

yesterday morning i was part of an early morning (8:15, yikes!) panel at the 140 characters conference, and the conference was nice enough to provide a video of each short talk. if you’re interested in checking out our panels thoughts on social media + design, feel free to click and watch above. you can watch other panel talks right here. thanks so much to the people who came to watch in person!

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