grizzly bear card

by Grace Bonney

good morning! the sun is shining here in brooklyn and i’m in a celebratory mood because my good friend llubav just had a beautiful new bambina. besides being over the moon for her and her family, i always love getting to pick out gifts and cards for little ones. it’s so rare that i have a chance to do anything involving babies or children, that i relish the chance to go overboard. lately i’ve been going back and forth between this card (egg press) and this one (small square design) but now i think a new contender has been thrown in the mix: blackbird letterpress’ grizzy bear card. each grizzly card is letterpressed and die-cut so that you can insert a little special something into the bear’s arms. i’m the type of girl that can’t resist a card like that, because it can be used in so many different (ranging from cute to hilarious) ways for friends, so i think i might have to get this one whether i use it for llubav or not. i love the idea of slipping a little flower into the arms, or a sweet picture, or maybe a tiny handkerchief embroidered with say, a new baby girl’s initial? you can check out blackbird press’ new card right here and shop online ($6 each) right here. thanks, kathryn!

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  • Congrats for your friends.
    This kind of a card is very good idea.
    Though, I think I would rather make it as a DIY project… then it would cost less and would be even more personal.

  • I see small square design is taking a maternity break- guess it was something in the cards! Is it catching?
    I’d go for the bear – every child needs lots of bears.

    • i feel like we’re in baby round 2 right now. it feels like everyone i know had babies 2 years ago, and now they’re all about to give birth to their second ;)


  • Love it. Due to all of the babies that seem to be in the works right now a baby spread would be cool. I really enjoyed the nursery makeover the other day. Even a baby shower inspiration would be lovely. Or ideas for nice activities. Just a thought. I seem be the hosting at least two showers in the next few months, and not having a child myself would love some inspiration!

  • Hey, Grace! I believe you that the price is fair, and I’m rather sure it would cost about the same over here in Hungary. Only, unfortunately, I cannot but compare any prices to the money a rather poor university student (me) has in her purse. (a bad habit. :))
    I don’t know how letterpress, either. But I’d love to try it once!

  • Great photo!! I’ve been trying to find more than one good use for those plates! The graphics are so perfectly… perfect!

    And the bear… i love how he just looks like the happy messenger =)

  • These bear cards are great. I think its very different and creative to give someone the bear card that hold something. Normally we just put what we want to give into the envelope but this really does make you think outside the box. I love the idea of giving your friend a small handkerchief with the babies initials.

    The design of the card itself is great too. Without the letterpress on the card it would just be a simple cut out. I think combined, they work really well together.