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we like it wild: strawberry/chocolate wreath centerpiece

by Grace Bonney

To celebrate all the warm weather we’re having and the beginning of Spring this week, we decided to make a living wreath centerpiece for a sunny weekend brunch party. This is also a fun project for DIY event centerpieces because you can make them well ahead of time. You can use any small plants of your choice that come in in 6 packs or 4″ containers available at your local nursery. We used Sequoia Strawberry plants, a viney chocolate mint herb, and petite clusters of our favorite honey smelling Alyssum in a “pastels” mix. Because of the way this wreath is planted (unlike hanging wreaths each plant is not individually wired onto a moss frame and given time to root) it is best used laying flat on a table as opposed to being hung from a ribbon. It should last about 4-6 weeks if watered every few days and gets bright indirect light. You may also choose to replant the strawberries and mint into pots or your garden when your wreath outgrows its shape.

CLICK HERE for the full wreath centerpiece how-to after the jump!

For this project you will need:

Floral snips
8″ wreath made of floral foam or Oasis
Sharp small knife or pairing knife
Tarp or plastic garbage bag (to protect your worktable from dirt)
a 6 pack of Sequoia Strawberries
a 6 pack of Alyssum plants (we used the pastels mix)
2 4″ Chocolate Mint herbs (remove from plastic container and separate the plant into 2 pieces)
10 oz bag of green natural sheet moss
10-20 U-shaped pins

1. Begin by soaking your Oasis ring face down in a bucket of water. Let it soak thoroughly- at least 15 minutes.

2. Using a sharp knife cut a 2″ section out of the wreath or if the wreath is large enough you can carve out a hole.

3. Take one strawberry plant from the pack and remove some of the dirt and roots, enough to fit it into the empty space you’ve created in the wreath.

4. Once you have the first plant placed, cut out a second section from the wreath leaving a small piece of Oasis, (about 1″) between the next empty space. This will help support the structure of the wreath and will also hydrate the plants once the wreath is complete.

5. Continue in this same fashion cutting out 2″ sections from the wreath and placing in strawberry plants.

6. To give your wreath variation and depth alternate by placing in pieces of the Chocolate Mint; fill in holes or small areas with the Alyssum. Continue doing this until you have completed the wreath or have come back to the first plant you placed.

7. Next cut pieces of sheet moss into 3×6″ strips and pin onto the oasis/into dirt to support the sides of the plants and hide oasis. Continue placing moss and pinning until the sides of the wreath are completely covered.

8. To water your wreath place it into a sink or plastic tub filled with about 4″ of water for 5-10 minutes.

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